Summer Break and Newcomers Tournament

As most of you have certainly noticed, things have slowed down over the summer. We had two small Tournaments, the Open Tournament #10 and the Community Challenge won by Gorges Gone Wild and The Pig Pen respectively.

Here are the VoDs:

Open Tournament #10:

Community Challenge:

But the end of summer is in sight, so things are picking up steam and we start everything off with:

The NSL Newcomer Tournament

Newcomer Tournament Banner

This Tournament is for everyone who has fewer than 500 hours of playtime in NS2 on Steam OR has never participated in any prior NSL Tournaments or both (Hive hours may be checked in special cases). Anyone who fits those requirements can apply either with a team or without. Players who don't have a team can find one on their own or be assigned to one before the tournament.

Sign-Up Here:



Some quick Details:

  • Sign-Ups will be open until August 20th at 6pm ET / 24 CEST.
  • Tournament will be played on August 21-22 at 12pm ET / 18 CEST.
  • Day 1 - Round Robin Bo3.
  • Day 2 - Bo5 Semis / Bo 7 Finals.
  • Teams are again capped at 7 members.
  • Coverage for the even will be available at .tv/NSLTV.

 More details can be found here and on our Discord linked below:

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