Let the games begin!

Hi Guys,

The new season is officially started and the Season 5 sign-ups are now closed! If you didn't have enough time to create a clan, there is always a next season or combat ladder to play in! ;) Remember that, new recruited players will have a 7 days waiting time before they can play in officials. This however, does not apply to the first week of ENSL. The first week will begin this monday (9/10). You can start booking your s5 and combat matches by then. There will be 1 match per week with 2 maps. You can find your clan and all the Divisions under "ENSL Season 5 - Divisions" in the left Site Menu.

If you have problems finding a server for your match, you can use one of the following servers:

[NL] zanith.nl:27026 frG's server #2 - powered by www.zanith.nl
[NL] zanith.nl:27027 frG's server #3 - powered by www.zanith.nl
[UK] #ensl - powered by BOB_SLAYER

Contact an admin in #ensl if you need the password.

The ENSL Combat Ladder is also open and ready to go on monday! About 16 teams are ready to play. You are free to make a combat team at anytime, during the season, to play in the ladder! It will end around the same time as the Season 5 and a ranked number 1 winner will be announced.

This season will have prediction coverage for all Divisions. Great thanks to the people that are helping us out!

ben - Premier League
Zamma - Premier League
Slizer - 2nd Division
Entropi - 2nd Division
nE|Bu - 3rd Division
J - 3rd Division
scratchy - Beginners Division
Judas - Beginners Division

Have a fun season everyone!
B1 on 09 October 06 03:20



Blank ben

b1 & zamma can I have your emails for friends please so I can get in contact whenever I need as I lack the IRC!

9 October 2006, 03:22


Blank aA


9 October 2006, 03:53


Blank Fana | Archaea

Good job dudes, let's hope we can get a good season without half the teams quiting after two weeks this time!

9 October 2006, 04:11


Blank Nirgal


9 October 2006, 12:58


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

lol zamma and ben best friends forever xxx

9 October 2006, 15:00


Blank vara

great :D

9 October 2006, 15:59


Blank Xur | Netherlands

gl&hf everyone ^^

10 October 2006, 17:48

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