Final Changes!

Just a heads up on some small changes:

- xensity added to Premier League
- !mpulsive added to 2nd Division
- meowmix added to 3rd Division

Unfortunatly, this means that all clans must re-schedule their matches on the website. We won't be taking in anymore teams now, but you are still free to register on the site and create a clan.

We apologize to all our writing predictors that might have already started their predictions for their matches. Since there are new schedules up now, you'll need to re-check the weeks (If you already done some predictions, then save them until that week comes along).

Let me just clarify here, since I know some people won't go through the rules, even though they should. CAL Screenshot plugin is forced on all ENSL matches (not combat). This is taken directly from the rules:

After each played game you will have a number of captured screenshots placed in your ns folder. You MUST save these screenshots for atleast 1 WEEK.

The Division Managers for each Division may choose to randomly select one or two players from each team to send him their screenshots from that specific match.

If you fail to give the Division Manager your screenshots when he asks for them, you will be suspended for 2 weeks and forced to send the Division Manager screenshots from every match you play after that. There are no excuses.

You can find out what Division Manager is in charge of your Division under "Staff".

With that said, PLEASE hurry up and book your matches! Your division manager will also contact your team on wednesday-fridays and make sure you haven't missed or forgotten to do so. Thank you and good luck!

B1 on 11 October 06 07:00



Blank frG | TROLLS


11 October 2006, 07:14


Blank ben

If someone can hit me up on who half the fakenicked americans are and I can write about them. :[

11 October 2006, 14:21


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Not a chance. Americans love their fake nicks more than us. Their fakenicks are also really shitty, if g4b2s is anything to go by!

11 October 2006, 14:37


Blank scratchie

ÃŒts called smurfing not fakenicking!

11 October 2006, 17:01


Blank tjo

You're a smurf. The Silly Smurf.

11 October 2006, 17:33

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