Week 3 Division 1 Predictions

Welcome to the third week of ENSL Division 1 Predictions, and another exciting week in the top division. As usual, in addition to my own, lump and Pizza will also provide their predictions for the matches. Next week's predictions will be released around 19:00 CET on Wednesday, as usual, so keep checking this space. This week's maps are ns_origin and ns_nothing.

Important message to the teams:

Please note that if you haven't got a referee for your match, you have to give the IP and password of the server to Mike or Naxo before the match to get an HLTV.

Week 2 recap

Definitely not a good week for predictions last week, as our predictors took some heavy hits. With only 2 out of 9 predictions right, we're hoping for better luck this week.

BoonSquad took a tough loss to Lessthanthree, losing all four rounds even though it was a lot closer than the score suggests. The same applies for Ownage losing 4-0 to Levitacus, in another match that was very close at times. Knifegaming took home the only 3-1 this week, winning against the Spaniards of netpoint.

knifegaming (5 / 3) vs. Levitacus (7 / 1)

lump's prediction

Impact players (knifegaming): morphz (Fade), b1 (tactician/motivator),
Impact players (Levitacus): Invasion (Fade), LeoN (Marine), Scale (Lerk), Talis (Shotgun)

Knife have not been looking as strong, losing rounds where people wouldnt expect them to. However I have a feeling registry and lag had a say in this last week, but yet they still came out with a comfortable win and are definitely dominating their pcw's as usual.

Levitacus yet again suprised a few people with their 4-0 win over Ownage last week and they seem to be playing lots to improve more and more. I fully expect them to finish in the top 3 of the league.

Nothing and origin are both quite large maps making them both hard for marines. Nothing has many long thin windy corridors which are heaven for skulks to ambush in and also it is not a very regular map for competitive play. This will make it very hard for marine teams to take rounds. Origin is in the top 4 for competitive maps and most clans will have developed tactics for it long ago. I expect a 3-1 win for Knife as they are just a level above Levitacus but Levitacus can definitely take the nothing alien round if they practice it enough.

knifegaming (3) > (1) Levitacus

Pizza's prediction

Impact players (knifegaming): Fana (Fade)
Impact players (Levitacus): Invasion (Fade)

All the teams played as predicted last week, though Levitacus had a surprisingly strong victory over Ownage. This match will be definately worth watching, and it will be interesting to see how these two teams do in rarely played map, ns_nothing. Although Levitacus has been performing a bit better than knife giving them the first place in Division 1, knife will be too strong for Levitacus to beat, but a tie is possible and I doubt the match will end 4-0.

knifegaming (3) > (1) Levitacus

netpoint.EoD (3 / 5) vs. lessthanthree (6 / 2)

Fana's prediction

Impact players (netpoint.EoD): kArtmAn (Marine)
Impact players (lessthanthree): Bugstah! (Commander/Lerk), Zallvan (Fade/Marine)

netpoint lost to knife last week, only winning their metal alien round, although putting up strong resistance on their veil marine round. Lessthanthree had a much better week, taking out BoonSquad without losing a single round. Lessthanthree's game seemed a bit shaky in the early parts of a few rounds though, and they're definitely going to have to get working on their early game.

Lessthanthree seem to have a solid game going, and their marine game has definitely recieved a facial lift with the addition of ex-knife Zallvan. netpoint also seem to be jacking up their game, trying to get back into their old performance levels. This is going to be an interesting game, although Lessthanthree definitely have the upper hand on both skill and form.

With ns_nothing and ns_origin being this week's maps, this is actually a very open match. ns_nothing will probably be decided by who practices it the most and gets the best tactics, while origin has a very noticeable alien bias. If Lessthanthree bring their best game, they could 4-0, but netpoint could also turn it around and 2-2 if they're on form. With that said, I'm going to have to go for the middle value and predict a 3-1 to Lessthanthree.

(1) netpoint.EoD < Lessthanthree (3)

lump's prediction

Impact players (netpoint.EoD): kArtmAn (Fade), Tripas (Marine)
Impact players (lessthanthree): Bugstah! (Commander/Lerk), Zallvan (Fade/Marine)

Lessthanthree recruited Zallvan to their roster last week and this fact alone makes them a much stronger team to play against with his excellent marine aim and fading. Lessthanthree always having strong teamwork which is improving greatly in the last few months raise their game to another level and are now strong contenders for the top spot and are definitely giving knife a fight for the place everyone would of said was comfortably theirs.

Netpoint last week took a round off knife which if I'm honest I'm suprised about as their teamplay and individual skill hasnt been close to that of their old abilities. I suspect they are playing lots to improve even further and are definitely looking closer to their old form. Within a few weeks I imagine you will be seeing a different netpoint to what we saw in the 1st week.

With <3's new recruit and ever improving teamwork I think this will be a nice win for them taking both rounds on origin. Nothing marine will be a challenge for them and I think netpoint can take that round with a bit of a fight. Just have to hope they can find a server with nice registry and less lag spikes for both teams which is always a challenge when playing the spaniards. I predict 3-1 for <3 only losing their marine on nothing.

(1) netpoint.EoD < Lessthanthree (3)

Ownage (2 / 6) vs. BoonSquad (1 / 7)

Fana's prediction

Impact players (Ownage): ashrak (Lerk)
Impact players (BoonSquad): G (Skulk), mst (Lerk)

BoonSquad failed to perform yet again last week, as they took a harsh loss against Lessthanthree without winning any rounds at all. BoonSquad did do well on two rounds however, almost to the point of winning them, but their efforts were in vain as they landed short on both occasions. Ownage also took a bonegrinding loss last week, losing all four rounds against Levitacus. Just as in BoonSquad's match, Ownage looked like they almost had two of the rounds won, but fell short in the end and lost everything.

This is this week's match of the jumbos, as these teams are holding the bottom two spots in the division. Both these teams desperately need to win rounds to avoid dropping down to Division 2 after this season, and the motivation to win should definitely be there. Both these teams have skilled players that can make it happen for them, although none of them have been perform that well so far. With nothing being one of the maps this week, activity could decide this, and Ownage is definitely going to have to step up their practice habits if they want to have a chance at winning this.

Honestly though, I have no idea who's going to take this. Both teams seem very similar in skill, and this could swin either way. Alien ties seem to be the safe way to go here, which is exactly what I'm going for.

Ownage (2) < BoonSquad (2)

Pizza's prediction

Impact players (Ownage): Cid (Fade)
Impact players (BoonSquad): mst (Lerk), Mt (Marine)

Ownage and BoonSquad are the two last teams in Division 1 and they haven't really been performing as expected. This match should prove to be hard for both teams and I don't see any gap between their skill as they both have solid alien teams including good lerks and fades. I doubt this match will end in anything else than an alien tie.

Ownage (2) < BoonSquad (2)

Top predictors

So far Guito (currently 11/24 right) has been rocking up the charts, keeping his first place for almost two weeks running. Competitors such as NellA (currently 9/23 right), TahMurda (currently 9/23 right) and mC; (currently 9/24 right) are closing in, however, and whether or not he'll be able to keep his first place after Week 3 is an open question.

Of our Division 1 predictors, avl (currently 8/19 right) has been having the best luck so far, closely followed by Fana (currently 7/23 right), lump (currently 4/23 right) and Pizza (currently 2/5 right).

Remember to utilize the built in user prediction system on this site. Vote for whichever team you think will win, and dominate the predictor charts if you have a knack for predicting winners! Click on the match you want to predict a score for, such as knifegaming (5 / 3) vs. Levitacus (7 / 1) for example. Click on the clan names with percentage signs next to them, and go crazy!
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