Week 1 : 3rd Division Predictions - by nE|Bu

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 1 for the 3rd Division:

Maps: ns_lost / ns_origin

First of all I am going to present the clans.

==E / Pitchfork

Pitchfork is one of the minority in this division and with minority I mean, its not a new founded clan. Besides Brother of Steel and Team Fantasy, Pitchfork is a clan with a strong lineup for division 3 and they have been playing together for 2 years. So I would say that they will probably be one of the better clans in this division.

X-trem~~ / X-trem

I do not really now very much about this clan, but I know some members and they have some good skilled players for divsion 3. This clan is one of the major group in this division. It was founded this year before season 5 started.

got a newstyle[d] / newstyle.ns

Newstyle is a member of the "new group" and was founded before season started. The lineup consists of some very good skilled players (syl,tk,iddqd) and they have a chance to win the 3rd division. However, it will be hard, because they did not play very much together and their lineup is quite big.

[BOS] / Brothers of Steel

BOS played 2nd division last year but they were quite inaktice, but they have the condition to play and to win the 3rd division, because of their division 2 experinece. Their lineup is nearly the same as last year, so they have played very often together.

TeaMf | / Team Fantasy

teaMf is a very good skilled team for the 3rd division and they have ambitions to win this season. Their lineup is more than a year old and they know how to handle their opponents!

MwMx / Meowmix

I dont know anything about them and didnt know anyone of their members, but I wish them good luck!

Madas.A | / Madas

Madas is a new clan founded before this season. They consists of players from inaktice clans and they can all play ns, but they have to play more together, to see how to handle their teammates. I see them having the ambitions to win this.

AFK / AFK.ns

This clan consits of some players from fightclub (arren,rapsu,bac?) and they will reach the last place cause they are definitively in the wrong divsion (without attacking them), so we will see. Maybe I'm wrong!


Brothers of Steel (0-0-0) vs. Team Fantasy (0-0-0)

Something like Poland vs. Finland. This game will be very interesting because both teams have the ambitions to win the Division, but Team Fantasy is very strong at alien and will win the alien round on lost. However, they wont get the rts down in the marine round. So [BOS] will have a hive, fade and Lerk very fast, making it easier for them to win the alien round. On origin [BOS] will get the rts of team Fantasy down, so they get pressure on TeaMf and when they got Heavy's they will win the marine round. But [BOS] will probably lose their fade very fast. Meaning, TeaMf will have an easy game to kill the alien rts and will win the round! At least I would say it will be a very balanced game!

Brothers of Steel 2 - 2 Team Fantasy


Meowmix (0-0-0) vs. Madas.A (0-0-0)

I do not know anything about MwMx so i just can't say who is gonna win but I know that, madas have some good skilled hihger lifeforms. This will help them win the alien rounds. Madas will win the Marine round on lost and Gobot (Comm) will probably do some mistake on origin, giving MwMx the oppertunity to rush their base!

Meowmix 1 - 3 Madas
B1 on 13 October 06 19:13



Blank SlayerX | Team Poland

Despite lack of spellchecker killing my eyes and even misstyping some of the clan names, everything is good, for a first time.

13 October 2006, 19:21


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Pitchfork together for 2 years? Are you sure? Surely it's no more than 1 year.

13 October 2006, 19:30


Blank GoUrAnG

lol teamf have to pray to gods for mercile i think to get 2-2... i dont remember when they do that last :D... anyway... maybe... bos had long break.

13 October 2006, 19:31


Blank tjo

Good job

13 October 2006, 19:50


Blank Tjul

o0O Hi from Hungary :) INGE
Gl Hf men

13 October 2006, 21:10


Blank atman

Pitchfork havent played together for even one year i belive

13 October 2006, 21:28


Blank nEBu

ok I was wrong sorry for this mistake :<

13 October 2006, 22:09


Blank TrC | Exertus

RAWR BoS is going down !!!

14 October 2006, 00:14


Blank Varathar | Quaxy

Rawr, Nana promised he (she) is gonna rape me if I dont command 4-0 for teamf ;D

14 October 2006, 00:19


Blank Arj | Ant

GoUrAnG, waky waky!
Teamf recruited players from el'pheer.

Teamf will win 4 - 0 (unless GoUrAnG wakes up :P)

14 October 2006, 03:33


Blank TrC | Exertus

Thats interesting, who ?

14 October 2006, 14:01


Blank Varathar | Quaxy

If u mean ekri.. oh well.. he is life b00n right now.
And if we get he in our ensl matches its totally luck.

14 October 2006, 14:08


Blank GibbZ | 9L


Meowmix have V|4D!

so 4-0 mwmx

14 October 2006, 18:23


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

Pitchfork are like 6 months old but I believe BoS is about the oldest team in ns

15 October 2006, 21:00

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