New Rule Added!

- Any sort of combined script or spamming of "impulse 100" a.k.a flashligt will be warned. If the user continues using it, they will be suspended from the league for a period of time. (The amount of time will be decided by ENSL Head Admins).

This new rule applies from today. Anyone cought using this (on demo or by admin/ref) will be punished, see above. Good Luck in your week 2 matches!
B1 on 22 October 06 02:00



Blank GibbZ | 9L


22 October 2006, 02:37


Blank scratchie

whats the advantage you get from doing that :S

22 October 2006, 04:34


Blank kurze | Velvet Coat Squad

ye call me a noob for asking, but what u on about b1, spamming flashlight? :O

22 October 2006, 08:42


Blank ReD

try biting a rine spamming flahlight when u have hivesight on

22 October 2006, 14:22


Blank scratchie

:o , wtf flashlight only makes my fps drop a bit, but a spamming flashlight... Never seen it with hivesight . Gonna try that

22 October 2006, 14:42

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