Another 3.2 changelog preview

Hi guys!

Thanx to the hard working ns developers we now got another snippet from the changelog for 3.2.

All of the information detailed in this preview is subject to change.

User interface changes

* Scoreboard
o The scoreboard now shows the player's team first
o Added resource counts for each alien player
o Added primary weapon type as a sprite for each marine player
o This column shows the player's level when playing combat for both teams
o Added map name and round timer to scoreboard
o Fixed a bug where team score was being displayed in the kills column with mp_tournamentmode 1

* Added transparent minimaps
o cl_labelmaps 0: unlabelled minimap
o cl_labelmaps 1: labelled minimap
o cl_labelmaps 2: transparent, unlabelled minimap
o cl_labelmaps 3: transparent, labelled minimap

More structure hitbox changes

Here is a screenshot showing the hitbox changes for a turret factory

Here is a screenshot showing the hitbox changes for a phasegate

frG on 22 October 06 22:15



Es GrN

Now i love the interface =]

22 October 2006, 22:42


Do w4lt3r

I think armory and some other structures need a new/better hitbox too. maybe someone could post this suggestion in the official forum?

22 October 2006, 23:22


Uk howdeh | minions

Cool, transparent labeled minimaps, should help out the new players alot.

22 October 2006, 23:41


Eu scratchie

i think youre very smart coming up with such an idea. I believe youre the only one so i'm gonna register asap and make a new topic about that one!tnx

22 October 2006, 23:42


Fi Bacillus | Quaxy

I love the old tf hitbox

23 October 2006, 00:16


Dk atman


creds to nimbus (some yank i suppose)

23 October 2006, 03:46


Fi weezer

haha that's good

24 October 2006, 23:28


Eu scratchie

haha thats pro

25 October 2006, 01:53


Dk uso

The old is tf ftw :D holes 'inside' the outer hitbox ^^

31 October 2006, 03:24

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