Week 3 : 3rd Division Predictions - by nE|Bu

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 3 for the 3rd Division.

Maps: ns_metal / ns_veil


In week 3 we have some very interesting match-ups. This week could show which clans that will play in upper-half and the bottem-half. So I am very curious of the results for this week, Gl & HF !


Xtrem (0-0-2) vs Madas (0-0-2)
Impact Players:
Xtrem: HanDaiRsuN (Fade), ChiBi (Lerk)
Madas: Jesus aKa "J" (Fade)

Madas lost the last 2 weeks 1:3, but I hope they show ambitions to win another round so they will reach a draw. This will very hard in the Marine rounds, because the good fading of HandaiRsuN! At least I think Madas will win a alien round on veil, because they will hold 2 rts and Jesus will pwn them with his fade. Xtrem will win the alien round, too. They will hold all alien rt's and hold Madas on a low res level. Xtrem will win both rounds on Metal in my opinion.

xtrem 3 - 1 Madas


Pitchfork (1-1-0) vs TeaM Fantasy (1-1-0)
Impact Players:
Pitchfork: Skulkinator? (Fade), Taurus (Lerk), Touko (Fade)
TeaMf: Kuo (Fade)

I think this is the match of the week for 3rd Division. Two teams with good skilled players and the ambitions to win the Division. I cant really say something about the rounds. Both teams will probably try to get alien rts down or save res for Heavys but I think Pitchfork is a little better on alien than marine and they got a new member.... At least I have to say we will see!

Pitchfork 2 - 2 TeaMf


Newstyle[d] (2-0-0) vs AFK (2-0-0)
Impact Players:
is newstyle[d]: Mjay (Fade), TerRaKanE (Lerk), Saebel (Fade)
AFK: Bac (Fade)

Newstyled will dominate this match so I think there is not very much to say about this match...

Newstyled 4 - 0 AFK


Brotherhood of Steel (0-2-0) vs Meowmix (0-0-2)
Impact Players:
[BoS]: gourang(fade), tomes(lerk), xman(comm)

BoS will dominate the whole time on veil, because they know how to handle their mates and they have a very good and long played tactic... I think they will get the alien rts down with gourang's sg and so the aliens won't have much res control. On aliens, Bos will hold 2-3 rts and wait for their fades and hold MwMx on a low res level. On Metal BoS will lose the rine round, because they won't get the rts down and MwMx will get very fast 2nd hive and the fades. But MwMx won't win the rine round because they wont get rts down or hold the rine rts so they dont have a chance on metal.

[BoS| 3 - 1 MwMx


The ENSL Staff apologizes for this prediction not being uploaded yesterday when MwMx was playing BoS. Good Luck with the rest of your matches this week!
B1 on 27 October 06 08:13



Blank GoUrAnG


27 October 2006, 08:37


Blank tomes


27 October 2006, 11:55


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

BoS only lost alien round on veil, u was far away from showing which round will be for who but the score was predicted correctly ;]

27 October 2006, 12:06

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