Week 4 : Premier League Predictions by Maxx!!

Maps: ns_veil / ns_tanith


Hello, Maxx!! here filling in as predictor again (this is getting to be a habit).So lets get to it:
Last two weeks had a forfeit each and hopefully this week will bring an end to this bad streak.Week 4 looks to bring us some great matches, including what may very well be a preview of the final, I'm referring to the game between Nine Legends and Reflect of course. This week also features the two map favourites ns_tanith and ns_veil, I doubt there is a team in the league that would feel uncomfortable on either of these maps, so we should be seeing everyone play to their full potential.


flatline-ns(0-0-2) vs Levitacus(0-2-1)
impact players
flatline-ns: skipjack, phil(lerk)
Levitacus: Invasion(fade), LeoN(marine)

flatline have had a rather unfortunate start, with their star marine playing soldier in real life and an unfortunate forfeit to Xensity they really need things to pick up if they hope to land a place in the top three at the end of the season, the addition of frG will definitely give them a much needed boost, however not until next week. Leviticus aren't without casualties themselves though, losing Tane to 30 fps (at least that's what I've been told),however despite this loss they still remain the stronger team in my opinion. Levitacus's above average marines like LeoN and Talis combined with Invasions fadeing and some top notch teamwork should prove too much for a weakened flatline.

probable outcome: possible outcome:
Levitacus 3:1 flatline-ns Levitacus 4:0 flatline-ns


Testicules(0-1-2) vs Xensity(1-1-1)
impact players
Testicules: Nirgal,tutu
Xensity: Arctic Joe (Fade), Elfkiller(lerk)*

*taken directly from Ben's IPs from last week as I don't know anything about Xens players yet.

Xensity tied with Levitacus last week proving they can go head to head with the top European teams despite the ping disadvantage,their next opponent is that wacky clan filled with those insane frenchmen,Testicules, but just because they have a nutsack hovering above their roster doesn't mean they should be taken lightly. Testicules have had a rather disappointing run this season, but I'm hoping that some of that euro patriotism will kick in this time around and give them the motivation to take on our American guests at full force. Assuming both teams go at it to their full potential this should be a close match.

probable outcome: possible outcome:
Testicules 2:2 Xensity Testicules 1:3 Xensity


Nine Legends(2-0-0) vs Reflect(3-0-0)
impact players
Nine Legends: b1(skulk/marine), aA(skulk/marine)
Reflect: Makaveli(fade),Milo(Lerk)

What is possibly the most anticipated match of the season (excluding the final). nL are the ensl favourites but so far its Reflect topping the table. This however, could all change if the Legends play a flawless game, but because Reflect have only let 2 rounds out of 12 slip so far, an outright win seems like a long shot even for an excelant team like nL. Id be lying if I said I expect anything less than 3:1 from nL though, as they posses great teamplay as well as some amazing individual skill. I know very little about Reflect on the other hand, but statistics show that they definitely should not be underestimated.

probable outcome: possible outcome:
Nine Legends 3:1 Reflect Nine Legends 2:2 Reflect
aA on 04 November 06 04:10



Blank Nirgal


4 November 2006, 13:50


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Well written predictions, Maxx- great job.

Though Bobbi''s marine only works if it has a shotgun, lol!

4 November 2006, 13:53


Blank ben

Well written, zamma. Oh wait, you''re too fucking retarded to do this. My preds will return next week innit blud.

4 November 2006, 14:12


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

Maxx is better at writing preds than either of you, lol

4 November 2006, 16:37


Blank XMadness

Artic Joe doesn''t like to play aliens and Elfkiller I think left the clan.

4 November 2006, 19:52


Blank skipjack | miau

i think flatline wont be able to play beacuse levitacus doenst let us use our new recruited players :(

4 November 2006, 20:49


Blank ben

levitacus should grow up and just play.

and lol at frg and mu in flatline I didn''t see that coming!

4 November 2006, 21:19


Blank Fana | Archaea

possible outcome:
Nine Legends 4-0 Reflect


Preditions is risky business :P

6 November 2006, 03:30

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