Week 4 : Beginners Div Predictions by scratchy

Maps: ns_veil / ns_tanith


This week contains alot of ups and downs. New 3.2 coming out and on the other hand clans are folding because of inactive players. Some clans dont play as well as they hoped for, and lose interest and fun in the game. The active players have to deal with the problems the inactive cause. Luckily for the beginners division Madas-B was the only one to fold, resulting in 100% activity in this division.

{H|M} have to sit out this week. After surfing the waves of the internet i found out that, Hells-Militia was recruiting some above average skill (USA terms). Golden`, a member of sphere.ns was trying to join this clan. This only shows weakness of Hells-Militia, indeed a nice try but i think keeping it on 1 sphere-ns member is enaugh (Star-Hunter).


aDreNaLiNe (1-1-1) - Come Get Some (0-2-0)
Impact players:
CgS: oma,MagMa (fade)
aDreNaLiNe: Kuiwaz (fade), Darou (fade)

aDreNaLiNe showed good improvement over the last matches. They won 3-1 vs cG concluding cG is out of the race of because the best beginner clan. aDreNaliNe did well and took 1 marine round. This match will be very exiting because the loser of tonights match will probably be out of the race aswell. CgS has more change in winning this because of there strong alien round, although it is a question if they will get any marine round from aDreNaLiNe. They should not be underestimated since they showed they were able to get a marine round against cG and Come Get Some wasnt able to in there first match vs cG. I hope the best for both clans and may the best win.

aDreNaLine 2 - Come Get Some 2


contra-Gamers e-sports (0-1-1) - mPr-crew (1-1-0)
Impact Players:
cG: Darkmoon (lerk), Jack the Dipper (fade)
mPr-crew: Vlad Dracul (lerk), GuMMI.dk (fade)

In the last match of {H|M} 2 - 2 mPr. it was mPr being the strongest of the two with the best marine push. {H|M} has showed a very weak marine team, which didnt have any change. mPr is the most favourite of winning this division. I hope cG will bring the best they can to draw against this clan for a moral victory. My faith in this is slowly fading away as mPr is getting stronger with every match. My apologies in the late prediction, I had the feeling no one really cared about it. I will give you an extended version next time ;).

contra-Gamers e-sports 1 - 3 mPr-crew
B1 on 04 November 06 13:04



Blank scratchie

CgS vs aDreNaline . Offcial CgS clan starters didnt show up and we lacked 2 members. aDreNaline took the forfeit after 15 minutes.

4 November 2006, 13:25


Blank zeDracul

lol @ HM recruitment

4 November 2006, 14:14


Blank skipjack | miau

nice pred!

4 November 2006, 19:53


Blank phil | Flatline-Ns

shit preds!

4 November 2006, 19:53


Blank Nirgal

I read all divs preds and i don''t think i m the only one.
Nice preds.

9 November 2006, 05:57

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