Week 5 : Division 3 Predictions by J

Maps: ns_tanith / ns_orbital


Week 5 is here, and I can’t wait. The last four weeks have been quite something, we have seen it all really, but I can feel that this weekend were going to see something special. With the maps being NS_Tanith / NS_Orbital, tanith the map that everyone loves :) and good old orbital (boo!!!) what can I say really the map is so balanced and Great to play, and unlike most maps anything can happen. So good luck to all teams in week 5.


Newstyle (3-0-0) vs. TeaM Fantasy | (1-1-0)
Impact Players:
is newstyle[d]: Mjay (Fade), TerRaKanE (Lerk), Saebel (Fade)
TeaMf: Kuo (Fade)

What can I say really, match of the week for div 3, Newstyle with there 10 point lead (OMG) handing out cans of ownage like no ones seen, With Mjay and TerRaKane owning it up I can see newstyled taking all four rounds, There team work is strong and individual skill great, should be no problem for Newstyle (GO TEAM!!).And as for TeamF, yeah there ok sorta.

Newstyled 3 – 1 TeamF

Madas.ns | (0-1-1) vs Brotherhood of Steel (0-2-1)
Impact Players:
Madas: J (Fade) B (Fade) Yurka (Skulk) RazorRick (Gorge)
[BoS]: gourang (fade), tomes (lerk), xman (comm.)

Madas vs BoS, Its my match and this is going to be fun, I cant wait :D. madas got off to a bad start this season, problems with people not making the matches and just RL stuff, but now the team is active strong and looking to play well for the rest of the season. With J (me) as fade well what can I say, hes just the ownage, and with his home boy B as the 2nd fade theres no stopping them. Yurka, Razorick, Woot, Path, Micke as the follows of the great J we cant lose.
But BoS on the other hand are pretty good, watched them a few times and this going to be a hard one. There fade gourang has the skill and experience to do some serious damage, and I can see BoS winning all alien rounds. There an old team there smart and they have a plan.

Madas.ns 2 – 2 BoS
aA on 10 November 06 16:15



Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

hmpf you could atleast mention me in the lineup! ;-). And pls first try to handle a sg before writing we can play a 2:2 !

10 November 2006, 17:39


Blank B1 | iMAGINE


10 November 2006, 19:33


Blank atman

Bos will win all marine rounds too as James is going to egg on a slope and leave his team without a fade (or possibly drown in double on tanith). Bos 4-0 madas.

newstyle vs teamf is going to be an alot more tight game - as newstyle have something unusal for this div - a strong marine round with SaperioN as commander and D0$3 (Judas, right?) as shotgunner. I can definately see newstyle win a marine round. newstyle 2-2(3-1) teamf

10 November 2006, 19:33


Blank aA

teamF tied symbiosis, don''t undearate them

10 November 2006, 19:55


Blank frG | TROLLS

like you allways said, its a PCW, they are way under our skill level.

10 November 2006, 20:38


Blank Jimmis

aA we tired teamf every1 does

10 November 2006, 20:47


Blank Tk-

newstyle 0 : 4 teamf

10 November 2006, 23:02


Blank hdahda

i second Tk. our team doesn''t give a shit no more.. no one really wants to win anymore..

10 November 2006, 23:03


Blank Bacillus | Quaxy

TeamF should be pretty much div 2 team if they can get their top notch lineup with marines like NsN and ekri (both inactive, but still quite impressive players for a 3rd div team.)

10 November 2006, 23:22


Blank Hammond | coolclan

TeamF pretty much 4-0 everyone except the premier division clans!

11 November 2006, 06:56


Blank NsN


11 November 2006, 19:09


Blank smokealot

pitchfork should be in prem!

12 November 2006, 06:17


Blank Monk

i agree smoke :)=

12 November 2006, 16:53


Blank scratchie

yeay! newstyle keep it up!

12 November 2006, 16:55


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

omfg! bos 4:0 Madas. Nice rage quitting james! ;-)

13 November 2006, 16:51

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