Week 6 : 3rd Division Predictions by nE|Bu

Maps: ns_orbital / ns_eclipse_ensl


Hey, week 6 is here and some things has change in division 3. Firstly, last week newstyle got their first lost match vs teaMf (good game) and secondly, madas folded, so TeaMf is the top clan in div 3. This week there are 2 matches...but no match which could show ambition to become interesting.


Newstyle (3-0-1) vs. PITCHFORK(1-1-1)
Impact players:
is newstyle[d]: Mjay (Fade), TerRaKanE (Lerk), Saebel (Fade)
Pitchfork: Skulkinator? (Fade), Taurus (Lerk), Touko (Fade)

This game will be very balanced. Newsyle will show us theír full lineup, but they wont get a round on orbital. However, they will show us a good tactic on eclipse and they will win this map.

Newstyle 2 - 2 Pitchfork


Brotherhood of Steel (0-2-1) vs. AFK (0-0-2)
Impact Players:
[BoS]: gourang (fade), tomes (lerk), xman (comm.)
AFK: Bac (Fade), Arren (Comm), Rapsu (lerk)

This game will be very easy for BoS cause their lineup is much stronger and their teamplay is very good. BoS will dominated orbital, because they played this map the last 2 years and AFK doesn´t even know this map. Maybe AFK can get a round on eclipse, but I don´t not think so.

Brothers of Steel 4 - 0 AFK
B1 on 19 November 06 11:39



Blank scratchie


19 November 2006, 16:55


Blank nEBu

ok, this predictions were not written in the best english, but i thought J wants to write them.so b1 ask me to write them and i did it in something like 5-10 min, so im sorry for that english, but my predictions were right!

19 November 2006, 16:58


Blank B1 | iMAGINE

thats all that matters :P

19 November 2006, 20:36

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