Predictions of Beginners Division´s Final


The first final of ENSL season 5 is about to start! When other division were making drama over nothing these guys kept it real.

The activity in this division isn´t that high. Clans like Come get Some, ADreNaLiNe and contra-Gamers e-sports in particular. I haven´t heard of Hells Militia since they were out of race to become EU´s best beginner clan. All I know is that they are playing in the American Natural Selection League, open division at the moment. They are doing fine on a 5th spot over there. Big thanks for joining our league and I hope to see you next time in a higher division!


Lets take a look at the final for today, Friday 24/11/06 at 20:30 CET:

Teams: mpr-crew vs aDreNaLiNe
Maps: ns_veil ( aDreNaLiNe ) / ns_orbital_cal ( mpr-crew )

Impact players:
mpr-crew : Vlad Dracul (lerk) & (fade) + teamwork
aDreNaLiNe: Kuiwaz (fade) & Darou (fade) + their optimism?



The german team plus are most popular for winning this division. They havent lost a single alien round. Of all clans in hte beginner division they have the most experience and activity then any other clan here. With Vlad Dracul pancaking the marines to their grave and slashing the marines in pieces they are sure to win the alien rounds. But without those lovely gorges there are no fades. They have Snix dropping the RT+MC, silence dropping the hive and skulking instantly. That is a strategy that needs to be explained to me. So with a decent hive pressure those lifeforms cant be healed leading into serious trouble. g0d and Death Angel are dropping the 2 MC´s. Their marine also has some standard tactics. Two, three marines do pressure with 1 shotgunner,, and a cap team. Their comm Vlad Dracul knows what do do in most situations and is for beginner terms an experienced commander.

Some words with their captain Vlad Dracul.

scratchie: What are youre predictions for the final against adr?
vlad`on: we hope for no forfeit tbh
vlad`on: orbital 2-0
vlad`on: veil 1-1 ( maybe 2-0 )



Their opponent aDreNaLiNe comes from spain. They have 13 players instead of 6 like mpr-crew has. aDReNaLiNe hardly played any pcw lately. They surely are the underdog of this division by low activity and skill experience but the power of being an underdog should not be underestimated. I´ve only seen them play on there spanish server playing against other spanish guys. They get a lot of advise from players like PiraiO and such. Which a big help for them. They improved loads by playing in this ensl. I can still remember first seeing them in a pcw, it was uhmm unique. Now they make teams fold by pure pwnage and outnumber CgS! Kuiwaz and Darou as fades will be trying to get some marines cry after having no serious threaths because of the no-lerk 2-fades tactic. Beunri as RT-onos for the finish off. YoMoSuCiTH as rt-Hive and bKr RT-fade. This results in a weak start but a strong end if they manage to stay alive. The same is for their marine squad. No shotgun leads in more res to spend on upgrades. YoMoSuCiTH is in the chair and tries to make the best out of it. Although they tend to do unlogic things such as a baseguard and such. These things really makes it impossible to get a marine win.

Some words with their captain MeDi:

scratchie: What are youre predictions for the match?
MeDi: 4-0 for adrenaline
scratchie: be serious plz
MeDi: yes
scratchie: why do you think it will be 4-0 for you?
MeDi: i need win 4-0 for win the ensl
MeDi: YES!
MeDi: my team play at 200%
scratchie: why do you feel stronger then mpr?
MeDi: adrenaline WIN!


scratchie: ok, i hope it is optimism not sarcasm, Good luck with you´re match!
MeDi: thx!!!
MeDi: ;)


ns_orbital_cal ( mpr-crew )

mpr-crew has showed good teamwork and a strong alien which will make it impossible to lose any alien round vs aDreNaLiNe. And aDReNaLiNe not knowing anything from orbital_cal this will be a total crush. Mpr will also get their marine round here by good pressure on nodes and I´m 100% sure one fade will die soon. Makes it easy to shotgun the hive down with no lerk aswell. Mpr-crew will be swimming in all the res they get.

ns_veil ( aDreNaLiNe )

Both teams now this map well so aDReNaLiNe has more chance here. There are less walls to bump against for aDreNaLiNe lifeforms so they have more chance of surviving. mpr-crew will once again crush their marines but the other round is unsure to me. It depends on the spanish lifeforms and mpr`s pressure. I have to go with vlad here so this map will result in a tie. If the 2nd hive is cargo or sub I think mpr-crew will win the round.

I wish both teams good luck and a sportive match!

mpr-crew 3 vs 1 aDreNaLiNe
B1 on 24 November 06 20:12



Blank zeDracul

nice predictions xD
well amusing gj scratchy !

24 November 2006, 20:14


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

If ANYONE in ANY team says they chose orbital because their clan plays best on it is talking TRASH.

The ONLY reason people pick ORBITAL is because NO-ONE knows it like the back of their hand which is a HUGE disadvantage in COMPETITIVE ns.

That''s a DIRTY, ROTTEN, UNDERHAND tactic and I will get SUBLIME to MURDER the CLAN LEADERS who chose orbital.

"Caps lock is autopilot for cool."

24 November 2006, 20:26


Blank smokealot

yeah gj scratchy,

and sherpa you beter "§$"§$"§$ !!!!

gl to both teams

24 November 2006, 20:28


Blank frG | TROLLS

sherpa, your hand is so fat that you cant even see the back of your hand.

24 November 2006, 20:29


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree


24 November 2006, 20:33


Blank zeDracul

lol what are you talking about sherpa? xD

of course we chose orbital, because some teams lack expierence there, but tbh they had 6 weeks to train it :O

and where do we say that we are "best" on it xD
we just won some of our marines rounds their, thus we were just happy and chose this lovley map :>

beside we are beginners div. dont scold us being noobs, dirty and rotten :(

24 November 2006, 20:34


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

I didn''t call you noobs! I think one of the 2nd division clans is playing orbital, too- and I feel exactly the same about them.

It''s too hard to learn orbital- I''ve NEVER seen a Euro public server play it; no-one PCWs it outside of orbital match week; and I don''t enjoy NS enough to go put it on a listen server and run round the map on my own.

24 November 2006, 20:45


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon


24 November 2006, 21:19


Blank aA


24 November 2006, 21:26


Blank zeDracul

im not a yo clanner

i am mPr.Vlad Dracul
not this gay fake nicker YO | Vlad


24 November 2006, 22:13


Blank scratchie

i dont see it as lame at all, its in the maplist of the ensl. youre an admin of the ensl making fun of youre own rules...

25 November 2006, 02:01


Blank Monk


26 November 2006, 02:28


Blank smokealot

i got hltv demos, its well amusing and entertaining, "spanish ppl" in full action!

26 November 2006, 07:15

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