ENSL Reforms!

Season 5 was a pretty good success all in all, except for maybe the forfeit win in Beginners Division and Google taking back all our money funding based on "fake clicking". Either way, big thanks to all participants this season and I hope to see you play next season aswell, if not with the same clan, then in some new clan.

I'm glad to have been working with ENSL as much as I could, from the very first season and now this last season. I've learn alot and had heaps of fun even though it's been a great deal of work. Thanks to frG for helping out so much and also bob_slayer for making this website possible with us.

With that said I'm leaving ENSL, mostly because I'm going on a 3 month vacation in asia, around feburary, with a couple of friends of mine, backpacking ftw. We're also bringing the french baguette FreeZe to come along with us, so that's gonna be fun.

Since ENSL will be losing 2/3 (lazy bob_slayer) head admins, we are now looking for new head admins to help take care of the competitive european NS community. If you're the person for the job, talk to Jiriki on IRC #ensl @ QuakeNet.org, since he'll be the person taking over the show with hosting and such. Thanks alot to him and for the shoutcast we managed to set-up in the last minute for Division 2 Final :).

Well, see you around I hope and good luck with 3.2 in season 6!
B1 on 05 December 06 02:41



Blank dugi

Nice new ;)

5 December 2006, 22:01


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

have fun with asian girls ;-)

5 December 2006, 22:55


Blank Talis | Quaxy

omg i want in :(

6 December 2006, 11:57


Blank Arj | Ant

ty b1!

8 December 2006, 19:17

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