Natural Selection Night Cups

Hey Guys,

First of all you all know about frG and b1 sadly departing us. So I want to open on some positive news - ENSL has always been a team effort with many members calling shots - but frG and b1 always did the core work. They truely made ENSL what it was. After the departure we have now promoted a few people to higher roles so we can carry on the great work and keep ENSL going.

Right. We have been planning some more nightcups in the meantime of the off-season so that NS does not completely die. A Night Cup is a cup which teams can sign up to and then compete with other teams in a knockout fasion. Teams are picked randomly from a hat and then put against each other fighting their way to the top! It's fun for all.

The first Night Cup will be held just after Christmas on the Friday after - the 29th December. (maybe subject to change - check poll!)

Sign Ups are now open in the ENSL Forums - sorry for the delay!

Also the site is not functional or up yet. Please wait patiently as we can still function perfectly well without!

Zamma` Out!

p.s. The rules will be added later!
GibbZ on 19 December 06 00:15



Blank cream

o god , zamma is a head admin ! wtf ! xxx hehe

19 December 2006, 01:55


Blank GuiZ

God bless Zamma for the news !

19 December 2006, 17:53


Blank csm

i heard liam is called liam

19 December 2006, 18:25


Blank Johs

Zamma as headadmin... ENSL is doomed!

I think having the nightcup on a friday is a really bad idea. most people go out friday night so not that many will be able to play if its on a friday.

Saturday or sunday is much better.

19 December 2006, 19:18


Blank weezer

saturday isnt any better

19 December 2006, 19:27


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

Thurdsday ftw!

19 December 2006, 19:36


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Sunday is new year so I can't play then. Friday/Saturday would be best for me.

19 December 2006, 21:14


Blank Arj | Ant

what makes you think we care about you sherpa? :P

19 December 2006, 21:33


Blank B1 | iMAGINE

lol ns on new year

19 December 2006, 21:55


Blank vara


20 December 2006, 02:58


Blank cream

csm is officialy gay!

20 December 2006, 05:04


Blank scratchie

Ppl go out on saturdays aswell whats youre point entropi. Its useless to ask for opinions because everyone has his own preverences. Set a date. and if youre willing to play the league you keep those hours free and go out the next day

20 December 2006, 15:30


Blank cream

NS > RL !

20 December 2006, 16:28


Blank GibbZ | 9L

yea well thats how ive been running my life.

So far nothing but obeisity and lonelyness :<

...its worth it honest.

20 December 2006, 21:16


Blank weezer

well obviously there isnt a day when someone didnt have something else to attend to. but nonetheless its not really that smart to schedule for friday or saturday, let alone the new year :s sometime on the week before the big day, maybe wednesday or thursday, would be fine.

i'd also like to add that finns should get to decide when to play since we have to stay up the longest

21 December 2006, 13:21


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

Thursday !

22 December 2006, 18:45


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

I work until 19:00cet on weekdays so not too early please D:

22 December 2006, 21:03


Blank ben

your face is too early

24 December 2006, 00:11


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

well played, sir!

24 December 2006, 14:31

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