ENSL Season Six has Started!

Yes, what we have all been waiting for is now here and has started. ENSL Season Six has started from now on. Sign ups are closed. The divisions have been chosen, and now it's up to you guys!

This season we are using a new group method and we shall see how this turns out. Hopefully leading to faster seasons so we can get less delay time between seasons and also less clans will die in the mean time.

Right, this season we also welcome some new Referee's willing to spectate your games to ensure a fair and fun league. Also we have some new predictors: Tweadle and Ben for Premiere Division, Maxx and Rolex (scratchie) for the 2nd division, and for the 3rd division we have C-mies and Entropi.

To schedule your games you need to check your agenda and submit a challenge time. Don't forget to do this before friday!

Goodluck to all teams this season. Have fun and remember to stay active!

All players in the roster can play for the first week of ENSL, which means join delay does not apply; a player only has to be in the list.

EDIT: Correction to maplist, which had veil and eclipse incorrectly.

EDIT: The exploit section of the rules has been updated.

ENSL team
GibbZ on 12 February 07 02:42



Blank zhadow


12 February 2007, 12:02


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

It takes 7 days for a member to officially join a team. The status can be checked on the team page. The new member cannot participate in any matches during those 7 days. Note: this does not apply to the first week; during the first week any player registered on the team may play.

from ensl rules...

12 February 2007, 13:30


Blank ZiGGY

will there be caek? D:

12 February 2007, 15:21


Blank Iots | el'pheer

no caek for fat ppl, sry ziggy

12 February 2007, 17:00


Blank 2one

HLTV for all matches?

12 February 2007, 20:12


Blank jiriki | old people


Some matches may have something different.

12 February 2007, 20:13


Blank Hammond | coolclan

no street language in the predictions please :)))

12 February 2007, 23:35


Blank ZiGGY

OMG FU OTS BAN! *eats all the caek*

13 February 2007, 02:16


Blank d-

=V and ER need more members.

13 February 2007, 14:43


Blank ZiGGY

dux needs more friends :O

13 February 2007, 19:41

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