Division 3 Predictions - C-mies and Entropi

Here are the predictions for ensl week 1 for the 3rd division:

With the most active teams Europe has to offer and with many teams being good candidates to reach the playoffs, this is truely going to be a division to follow closely. Many questions are going to be answered this week. Is the Spanish farmteam going to surprise us all, Are the new teams going to be a challange for the oldschool TTS team?. Nothing is decided yet!

Maps: ns_veil / ns_origin_beta7

By: Entropi

Group A

Mad4Gaming vs Two Team Squad

M4G started off as a clan in ansl season 1 under the name of ek. So they have been around for some time now, but they have never really been able to improve much as a team because of low activity. M4G moved even further into inactivity after some of their players decided to leave the clan and join NrS. Since then M4G have gotten Retry and with his experience, they have found the carrybag they need to start winning those alien rounds, compared to the other M4G fades. I am not too sure about their marine rounds though. According to what I have heard, Retry is trying to teach 1 of the M4G members how to command, but M4G dont have any real commander yet. Another player that TTS have to watch out for is D$H. He got a decent aim, but his fading is good but needs to improve. If this match had been played a week ago then TTS would probably have won it 4-0, but with the new reinforcements Prefix have found for the team, I think that M4G stand a very good chance of winning the alien rounds..

I first saw TTS some seasons ago in ensl, but I think they have been around even before that. They seem to be really good at taking a break as a clan and then come back and get active again right away. TTS is black for sure, I often see them looking for a pcw, so that is a sign that everything is running smoothly. Unlike M4G, TTS commander situation is good. they have 2 commanders, Voodo and Blackevil, in my opinion Voodo is the best of the 2 with his experience, which Blackevil simple doesnt have, according to what I have seen in their pcws. But no matter who of the 2 are sitting in the chair, I have seen a lot of rounds they should have won but didnt because of bad decisions. TTS have some okay aimers though, so there is still hope for TTS marine rounds. What this team would need would first of all be to get their old player named Lord James back into action. He was a great marine and an okay fade. But unfortunatly for TTS he is not going to be able to play this season. This match is probably going to be a 2-2 alien tie, because I dont see any of the teams having a strong enough marine round.

Two Team Squad 2-2 Mad4Gaming

By: Entropi

tvshoppi vs .Zero VH2

These two teams have a few things in common. Firstly they are both made of people who know eachothers from something else than playing competetive ns, this is why both teams have really skilled players, (for div3) and on the other hand some people who can only dream of reaching the skill level of there team mates. Secoundly both of the teams lack a decent commander as far as I know. The lack of decent commander will be what ultimately desides the outcome of this match. I interviewed the clans and they are both really confident on winning this week, but I think neither is going to. I predict the good players will carry their teams during the alien round, but they will not be able to do so on their marine round without a decent comm. So the final results will be 2 - 2 with both of the teams wining their alienrounds.

tvshoppi 2-2 .Zero VH2

By: C

Group B

Strength Of Silence vs LaTiendaEnCasa

I have only been able to see sOs play 1 pcw so far, because of the low player limit on some of the private servers they have been playing on. But from what I have seen, they seem to be very weak on origin, but when they change map to veil, it is like seing a whole different team, they play much better, both with teamwork and the tactics. The sOs team only have 2 proper experienced members, so this is probably caused by the lack of pcw experience on origin. GuiZ and ChiBi will have to be the leaders of this team in the match, because all the others are too unexperienced, but I am just not sure if they are used to or ready for this task. But in the end there is only 1 thing to say about sOs... Yes you guessed it, LOL at chibis lerking! :P.. ChiBi is the most suicidal lerk I have ever seen. It looks like he havent noticed the lerk nerf, or else he just dont care. His lerk is a magnet to all heavy weapons and there is nothing he likes more than a frontal attack on a sger! This is the only serious problem in sOs lien round I could point out though. The sOs team is probably going to win veil without any problems, but they are really going to have to watch out in the origin rounds where they are weak.

I have only played a couple of times against this new spanish farmteam. They are actually more active then I expected them to be and this will help them a lot in ensl. They get good help from their "trainers". You can see that their alien round wich is quite decent for a farmteam. But their "trainers" have forgotten about 1 thing. They havent had anybody to teach the spanish farmteams commander how to command and the team in general need more practise as marine. This fact will indeed make it very hard for them, if not impossible in their marine rounds. Most new teams have this problem and in most cases it require a lot of practise for the commander and his team to get used to work as a real team. The only player I know in their lineup is MeDi and he have, as far as i know never played in other then lowskilled spanish clans. So they still have a long way to go if they want to have any chance of getting to the playoffs. But because of sOs weak play on origin, I think the spaniards will be able to get at least n origin alien round out of this matchup.

Strength Of Silence 3-1 LaTiendaEnCasa

By: Entropi
GibbZ on 15 February 07 23:12



Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

Soooo 4-0... to us =D

16 February 2007, 01:56


Blank Jacklyn

Lol BB... Good prediction, I think it is highly accurate.

But... "TTS is black for sure" LOL TYPOS FTW

gj BB, wel all still love you though :)

16 February 2007, 02:00


Blank Gr3THUN

<3 TTS <3 Hungary, that's all what we need!

16 February 2007, 02:52


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

Oldschool TTS, thats nice :D
many of us plays since 1.04 (TTS founded in 2002)

16 February 2007, 10:54


Blank scratchie

haha well done both
"black for sure" XDXD

16 February 2007, 13:10


Blank Marshal

I will just warp in the battle :)

("EvE online: Warping to stargate ... Warp drive active ..")

It is very hard to play with my current net problems as marine. But the Alien is not so bad with lag :)

16 February 2007, 13:38


Blank Talis | Quaxy

Aint it in the rules that you should have a constant ping below 150, to be able to play in the match?

16 February 2007, 18:17


Blank Talis | Quaxy

"If suddenly during the match, a player gets high ping and/or is warping to a point it is a problem to the opposite team (up to the referee if there is a referee, or to the opposite team if there is no referee) they have to fix the problem within 2 minutes and the team should start to find a substitute at the same time (please note there is no pause). If the problem isn't fixed within the 2 minutes, then the player has to leave and be replaced by the substitute, or no replaced at all if no substitute has been found. We are not responsible for connection problems; as long as it is on your side, no one is forced to care."

16 February 2007, 18:20


Blank Marshal

Then it seems i can't play :(

16 February 2007, 19:19


Blank Tjul

lol only chibi and Guiz experienced loul OK !!! only able to play the week-end ... you'll see !!!

16 February 2007, 19:27


Blank rapsu | Quaxy


16 February 2007, 21:17


Blank SheamZ

Chibi is the best lerk xD

17 February 2007, 16:22

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