2nd Week Predictions

Hello folks,

Since our enlisted predictors did not post any predictions I decided to do the easiest preds for this week. This does not mean I will trouble you every week - we are still looking for a real predictor for Premiere Division. Contact Zamma if you are interested.

Jiriki's Division 1 Predictions

Maps for this week are ns_eclipse and ns_orbital_cal. Eclipse is a map in which the given hive matters a lot, maint being very bad. Aggression is high, no easy nodes are available and recapping has to be done instantly. Orbital however is a lot less known map; some know it relatively well and some not at all. Individual knowledge and experience of this map will affect the team perfomance considerably. To those who are stil new to this map, ability to adapt to a new map will be useful now. I would say that orbital will show more unexpected tactics than other maps.

la trama del macho - Reflect

Impact players:
LTDM: Pizza (fade), Tripas
Reflect: SplinterSteve

Last week Nine Legends terminated LTDM quite effectively, though they had troubles due Pizza's fading mainly. After Jaivol the commander quiting their team I don't really see them winning marine rounds but one capable fade and some practice can bring alien victories easily. Then Reflect is the last team remaining from America's top teams, though still being a few miles behind epic teams like Terror and Exigent thus not being a serious concern to sm or nL. I don't know how active Reflect is over the pond but ltdm has been losing to many teams and I would say Reflect could roll it with a bit of practice. However I will predict an even game (would be first of its kind during this season btw.) but after a won alien round either of the teams might try something off-the-wall such as a reloc or shotgun rush and it might result in 3-1 either way.

LTDM 2 - 2 Reflect

saunamen - FRP

Impact players:
saunamen: Peach (Comm), zharp (sg), Tane (marine)
FRP: SoLa (fade/marine), Risme

Saunamen was the winner of sixth NSNC and is also the winner favourite of ENSL S6. Their lineup is pretty much Team Finland with strengths on all necessary areas. Tane's solid marine performance will be something to watch out for and on a good day zharp's shotgun can pretty much kill all encountered low-level lifeforms. Citrus, Invasion and Fera are all more than capable of fading on top Europe level. Peach is pretty much the best commander in EU atm. He is very creative with his tactics and for example a reloc is not out of question. FRP on the other hand is still taking their first serious steps to premiere play. Sharpi will be most likely commanding, Risme lerking and Sola fading. Sola, having a very sunny personality, has experience of fading against top level teams and is most likely to carry his team. FRP have gotten an even score against saunamen in pcw(s) but league games tend to be a lot more cruel which means most likely - due difference in individual skill - a loss to FRP. The question is whether it is 3-1 or 4-0. Saunamen has definitely the skill to take 4-0 but ns is well unpredictable, especially when the new map orbital is being played.

saunamen 4 - 0 FRP

Flatline - Emergency Room

Impact players:
Flatline: Morvie, phil
ER: tutu, ShadowLife

In last game against FRP Flatline really showed some coordination and solid performance when the game got very long. It seemed everyone of them knew exactly where to be when 2-hive aliens were pushing them from everywhere. I don't know if it was due L@ugh's commanding skills or individual map reading and tactical skills but they know very well how to win an enlengthened game. In marine round they will be using ha's most likely and wait until they have supreme arsenal to end the game. Emergency Room on the other hand has a huge roster, having a very colourful roster. While they got some very good players, the lack of experience with a solid roster is probably the main reason I predict their loss.

Flatline 3 - 1 Emergency Room


Tweadle's Division 1 Predictions

La Trama Del Macho vs Reflect

Impact Players
La tram del macho: NyCeR (skulk), Tripas (marine)
Reflect: chuckers (all-round)

This week we see Reflect play for the first time this season, facing a dishevelled la trama del macho after suffering a heavy 0-4 loss against Nine Legends. Though putting up resistance, they never quite found their groove and after losing Jaivol and Doogie, their team isn’t looking quite as strong as it did in the nightcup. Reflect on the other hand, haven’t played in yonks and are looking really quite dire. La trama del macho should put their defeat behind them as there’s all to play for. This match is really the only one either clan will have been worried about, determining whether or not they make the play-offs. In all honesty, I can’t see Reflect putting up much of a fight on foreign turf and I’d be surprised if they even take a round against the Spaniards who are still a force to be reckoned with. The lack of a seasoned commander might make a difference, but only marginal. In truth, jailvol was never spectacular and it was tight teamwork that made their marine rounds. I predict a 4-0 whitewash, with the Spaniards dominating all four rounds. If that prediction isn’t insulting enough to get the Americans to play, then they deserve to lose on the grounds that their e-egos aren’t big enough for a premier division clan anyway.

La trama del macho 4 : 0 Reflect

Saunamen vs Finnish Rangers Pöllorna

Impact Players
Saunamen: Peach (comm), zharp (marine/lerk), Tane (marine/fade)
FRP: SoLa (marine/fade)

An average performance from Finnish Rangers Pöllorna doesn’t beg much of a debate as to the score here. Playing the mighty Saunamen is a mean feat and the fact that they’re both Finnish clans also suggests that if there were any players that could cut it in Saunamen from FRP, they’d probably not be there anyway. FRP have had a fairly rough start to this season and should keep up spirits in preparation for their game against ER, where they’re most likely to steal rounds. They certainly won’t be expecting much from this game.

Saunamen 4 : 0 Finnish Rangers Pöllorna

Flatline-Ns vs Emergency Room

Impact Players
Flatline: phil (skulk/fade), Morvie (marine/fade)
ER: Zamma (fade), shadowlife (marine/lerk)

This is the most evenly balanced match this week and it should be a fun one to watch. Flatline showed some signs of regaining their form last week but are clearly not quite there as they, otherwise, would have dominated a team like FRP. Emergency Room will be a tougher challenge I feel, where they’ll be playing an active team with more raw skill. Too often in the FRP vs Flatline match were the Finnish withered down by good skulking. ER should be able to handle this a bit more and give the Germans a bit more trouble in their alien rounds. That being said, I don’t think we’ll see any marine round wins against such strong alien rounds on either side. This match is a very important one, points-wise, for both teams as both are likely contenders for the play-off spot so expect a good match from both teams – definitely one to watch.

Flatline 2 : 2 Emergency Room


Scratchie's Division 2 Predictions

The first match has finished and so is the first forfeit. I hope Anagram shows up next time but I fear the worst. iRate vs Quaxy had a suprising outcome, marine wins and 1 alien baserush in the favour of iRate. Quaxy dissapointed me in their alien teamwork, skulks were feeding with 0-16 scores and they didnt defend any resnode proper. iRate au contraire had super teamwork, they worked their way around the offensive Quaxy marines and from there on they attack together or baserush. This screenshot shows how they teamworked.[Insert both SS here] Worship youre creators and you will win! Their 2nd alien round had weak lifeforms and Quaxy showed their marine aim was good enaugh.
zh knived Riff lerk

==E - Quaxy

Impact players:
Pitchfork: Skulkinator?(fade), Taurus(lerk), T0uko(aim)
Quaxy: zh(allround), N@DE

Pitchfork had a forfeit which makes them leaders of this group after week 1, but they're still hungry for a win. Their experience and teamwork will be fatal for Quaxy. The commander of Pitchfork is clever enaugh to win it against Quaxy. If Quaxy does not improve their teamwork, we can expect a 2 hive lockdown again. Eclipse and Orbital have a lot of distance between their hives and both have 3 ways leading out of marine start. You need a good organisation to defend youre nodes proper, that means you have to be back to youre own alienresnodes on time. Pitchfork has more experience in this, so their players will adapt much better to new circumstances. Although Orbital will be tough. I predict that Pitchfork will win both rounds on orbital. Quaxy has more chance on Eclipse but I dont think they can make it to the end.

Pitchfork 4 - 0 Quaxy

iRate - Anagram

Impact players:
iRate: Aleksi, Entropi
Anagram: ?

iRate dropped C:/ out of the clan and got a new recruit named doogie. The doogster will be a nice addition to the clan. iRate played well vs Quaxy but that doesnt say much for now. They were not tested at all,
so its the question if they can keep up that work. Atleast their Leader and Co-Leader showed they can make a working team in a short time. If their lifeforms toughen up, they are one of my favourites for winning the 2nd Division. I cant tell much about Anagram ..again. I dont know where to find ansl demos and they didnt play their first ENSL match yet. But I have heard they will play this match though. But will this team stand a chance vs iRate? Im about sure they wont win this, if iRate plays well I see them making 4-0. I hope they get some practice on orbital because the americans know the map much better.

iRate 4 - 0 Anagram

I will be on holidays next week, so I wont be able to write predictions based on the 2nd matches. If someone would like make them next week, it would be a great help.

Rumours: C:/ joining Quaxy.

Maxx's Division 2 Predictions

Well, week one has come and gone. Pacts ware made, alliances broken people got married and babies ware born. But enough about World of Warcraft, its time for the week 2 predictions for group A of division 2:

Kutas Gaming (1-0-0) vs Velvet Coat Squad(0-0-1)

Impact players:
Kutas Gaming: Germ(fade/marine)x-men(comm)
Velvet Coat Squad: Monk(lerk) Admirable(fade/comm)

After misreading my instructions…I mean predictions Velvet lost three rounds to team ru last week. Now they face the division leader, and as they failed to impress last week Id be willing to claim a comfortable win for the Polish “the other word for rooster” squad. That would be under normal circumstances. This week however, is far from normal sporting Orbital and Eclipse, two maps that rarely get any clan traffic when a tournament doesn’t impose it. In addition to that, word on the street has it that Admirable may be taking the chair this time which should somewhat modify Velvets marine round, will it be for the better or worse? We may find out tonight. Kutas Gaming on the other hand snatched all four points last week and currently lead the group. To ensure they keep the top spot and secure their place in the playoffs they should grab at least three points though it wont be quite as easy this time, especially since the above mentioned maps will shake things up quite a bit.

Two strong teams, two tricky maps. Only a novelty magic 8 ball would dare predict a match like this and even it would probably be wrong, but I'm going to go with 3:1 for Kutas Gaming.

Kutas Gaming 3 : 1 Velvet Coat Squad

mPr-crew(0-0-1) vs Team Russia(1-0-0)

Impact Players:
mPr-crew: bp(marine) rabbit(skulk)
Team Russia: Snake(fade) sone(marine)

I have been informed that some of the information I have given about team Russia last week was infact false, I assume that this is the reason why they went against my predictions and won the rounds I said they would lose and lost the one I said they'd win. To avoid this happening again I feel obligated to straighten some facts:
1. Team Russia is not infact formed from Russion pub players but taken from a now dead Russian NS league.
2. Team Russia is not as earlyer stated, lead by Macpersil and actually has no leader.
With that safely out of the way and my conscience cleared, lets get to the predicting:
mPr suffered a 4:0 loss to [kg] last week and it seems that this week the outcome is going to be no different. As always I hope to be surprised by the crew but faced with an opponent such as Team Russia who are getting stronger with every match, I'm afraid that the chances of that are slim and while Snake and sone will probably want to agree with me lets see if bp, rabbit and co. can show me just how wrong I am this week.

mPr-crew 0 : 4 Team Russia


Entropi's Division 3 Predictions

Sorry for these being late... I lost the file and had to copy paste this from the forums. Thanks for the preds Entropi.

Tvshoppi vs Mad4Gaming

Tvshop is a team consisting mostly of players that are new to ns. This means that they are relying very much on the few experienced player they got. For tvshop those players are: Rapsu their main lerk and especially Talis their main fade, and without doubt best marine. It would be devastating for tvshop if any of these 2 players would be missing in an ensl match. Talis is obviously the brain behind this, with his years of experience in the top Finnish clans. Compared to the short time most of these players have played, they seem to have learned the game really fast. Talis has taught them well. Even though they lost 3-1 against zero, I think they put up a really good fight. If they play just as good against M4G, as they did against zero, then I don’t see why they should have any problems winning this match. They might lose a marine round on orbital if they get really unlucky.

Since M4G's match against TTS last week, a lot of things have been going on in the clan. When they recruited Retry some time ago, they had found the kind of player they needed to start playing properly. His fading was possibly the only thing that kept TTS from getting the 4-0. But unfortunately for M4G, Retry won’t be able to play the rest of the season. This is a massive blow for M4G in all areas of their game. But it is not all bad news within the M4G camp, as Prefix has recently recruited RazorRick. He is probably going to be their new commander, which is going to solve their commander issue. RazorRick might also give the team at least a little teamwork. But even with RazorRick on the team, the chances that M4G are going to win even 1 round, seem too small. The skill and activity level of the 2 teams is simply too much in tvshop’s favour.

Tvshoppi 4-0 Mad4Gaming

Telefraged vs Strength Of Silence

From what I have seen in the few pcws I have seen Telefraged play, they don’t seem like a team that is going to have any real chance in this ensl season. That’s why I was very surprised to see that they had beaten NrS 3-1 in their first ensl match. I think I have misjudged this team and from my new point of view, I think they might have a chance of reaching the playoffs, if they keep on playing like they did against NrS. Telefraged consist almost only of new players, with 2 very experienced "leaders" JaIvOl and Heras. JaIvOl is going to be their commander and will in the alien rounds also be the 1 commanding the troops around. He is probably also going to be their lerk in all alien rounds. Heras will really have to be the 1 carrying their alien aswell as their marine rounds in the field. He is their fast fade and he is probably also going to be the 1 getting the shotgun early game, if JaIvOl chose to drop any. Telefraged have recently added 3 new players to their roster including vhf. This will hopefully mean more activity and an even stronger lineup than the 1 they had against NrS. But even so, this is going to be a very hard match for them.

Sos since day 1 of the league have always been my favorites to win Group B. Their 4-0 victory against 12 Monkeys has made me even more sure of this. Now they are going to face a clan that in many ways is like their own. Like Telefraged, Sos is built up with a lot of inexperienced members and very few players with any clanhistory behind them at all. I wrote quite a lot about the experienced players in Sos last time, especially chibis lerking! So this time I think I will focus a bit more on the Sos commander and marine round, because I think this is where Sos might suffer some problems. Tjul is the sos commander. I don’t know much about him, but I don’t think he has commed in any other clans really, so he will be relying very much on the advice and feedback he gets from Chibi and Guiz. Even a single commander mistake can be fatal for a team, especially on the marine round on orbital, which is a map not many euro clans know all too well. The latest ensl match between Velvet and Kutas Gaming showed this all too well. None of the commanders had played orbital enough and this resulted in many serious mistakes. The sos players seem to be a class higher than Telefraged's and I think this will give them the advantage in this match.

Strength Of Silence 3-1 Telefraged

12 Monkeys vs Not Really Sure

12 Monkeys had a really good week leading up to their first ensl match. They were putting up a good fight against almost any team they played a pcw against and for some time I actually thought they could get far this season, but something must have gone totally wrong along the way. When they finally faced SOS in their first ensl match, they didn’t stand a chance at all in any of their 4 rounds and I am worried that this match is going to be the same thing all over again for the Spaniards. I’m not saying it is going to be completely impossible for 12 Monkeys to win a round. If NrS don’t know Orbital well enough, then 12 Monkeys might have a chance of stealing a round from them.

I really don’t know what the NrS team is able to accomplish yet. When I looked at their lineup, they had a lot of okay players and with SpaceJesus in the chair, their marine round should be at least decent. Then again, they did lose to Telefraged after all. But even if NrS is having some problems, I really expect them to win this one 4-0 against a very weak opponent.

Not Really Sure 4-0 12 Monkeys

That’s all folks!
jiriki on 24 February 07 23:16



Blank Invasion

Since when Fera has been our European top level fade? He never even fades for christ sake :D

24 February 2007, 23:55


Blank Peacham | Saunamen

sola really is a dick

24 February 2007, 23:57


Blank Jacklyn

gj Jiriki :)

25 February 2007, 00:08


Blank Invasion

psst. I'm selling pictures of 'Peach on his underwear'. /msg Inva and we can discuss the price.

25 February 2007, 00:18


Blank GibbZ | 9L

ahah tutu as impact player :D

25 February 2007, 01:21


Blank SoLa | Kaamos

peach really is a läskiperse

25 February 2007, 01:38


Blank Maxx

Thanks for the preds Jiriki, I still think that Zamma could post what he has though, infact with the addition of your predictions which pretty much fill in for Ben he should actually have them all now if Im not mistaken.

25 February 2007, 02:05


Blank Fana | Archaea

Good job guys, I think you're being a bit harsh on FRP considering their past scores against Sauna in the NSNC for example, though. I'm not saying it won't be a 4-0, but past results indicate that it's not the most likely score.

As far as jaivol and LTDM are concerned, I think you're all putting a little too much emphasis on him quiting the team. We (nL) never lost an alien round to LTDM before or after he left the team. Honestly, I'm not even sure how hurt they were by him leaving. I have too many bad memories if him screwing up rounds because of mediocre, or even bad, tactical decisions (I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gone "wtf are these people dumb?" on seeing assorted Spanish teams commanded by jaivol rushing hives with an armory and no PG). No bad feelings against jaivol though, I'm sure the players who have played with him (I haven't!) have a different opinion than me on his commanding qualities. Still, like I said. Too much emphasis on one element.

As for the Reflect vs. LTDM game, I think LTDM will win 3-1. Yay.

25 February 2007, 03:09


Blank Fana | Archaea

Actually Tweadle seems to get it. Good job, this should teach me to read more carefully next time (I only read jiriki's preds). My comment is still valid though!

25 February 2007, 03:14


Blank Iots | el'pheer

Two sunniest players in the scene; SoLa & Fera.

You go girls!

25 February 2007, 07:36


Blank Johs

Division 3 predictions can be found here


25 February 2007, 10:00


Blank Hammond | coolclan

didn't really do anything as the fade :p

25 February 2007, 11:04


Blank pimppy

beibifeis timo B<

25 February 2007, 14:08


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Nice read.

Some nasty yank bashing though. I reckon ltdm/reflect will be impossible to predict, Americans are good marines bad aliens, ltdm good aliens bad marines; so it could be any score IMO.

Match of the week = Flatline/ER. Flatline have started a 1.04 hive lockdown tactic which you can easily counter with good skulk teamwork, but at least their marine round puts up resistance now. ER are like levitacus in that they can play really well or really poorly. Hopefully Zamma will be more assured after losing his premiership virginity made his fade a bit wobbly vs saunamen.

And yay for 2 ltdm players twinking a lower league Spanish team. It's like Beckham joining LA Galaxy to pwn some noobs and get worshipped by a bunch of nobodies.


25 February 2007, 14:28


Blank Johs

Yeah JaIvOl is allowed to join a div 3 team, but Doogie is not allowed to join a div 2 team. THAT MAKES SENSE!

25 February 2007, 15:18


Blank GibbZ | 9L

"premiership virginity"

rofl :D

25 February 2007, 16:50


Blank zhadow

lol sherpa :D:D

25 February 2007, 16:59


Blank jiriki | old people

"Good job guys, I think you're being a bit harsh on FRP considering their past scores against Sauna in the NSNC for example, though. I'm not saying it won't be a 4-0, but past results indicate that it's not the most likely score."
Well Insert managed to take one round in NSNC against saunamen and our lineup was 5 FRP members + me if I recall it right and I have heard FRP taking some 2-2 and 3-1 against sauna in pcws, so I don't consider them bad but like they used to get many - many even games against flatline but ended up getting owned 3-1 in ENSL. I wish all luck to FRP but I fear the best lineup of saunamen is way too powerful.

"As far as jaivol and LTDM are concerned, I think you're all putting a little too much emphasis on him quiting the team."
Okay well I must admit I don't know Jaivol's commanding that well but when I saw C3PO commanding the last game versus nL, he did many crucial mistakes, and I assumed (and I tried to remember) Jaivol had been commanding a lot better. That was a bit quick reasoning but I still think their marine rounds are not going to cut it, thus 2-2.

"And yay for 2 ltdm players twinking a lower league Spanish team. It's like Beckham joining LA Galaxy to pwn some noobs and get worshipped by a bunch of nobodies."
It's a farm team which hasn't even won 4-0. We are considering limiting to only 1 prem player on field for their team though.

Thanks for the feedback.

25 February 2007, 18:50


Blank Sharpi

failure is not an åptiån jiriki

25 February 2007, 22:07


Blank Varro | Keen Edge

Pitchfork 4 - 0 Quaxy ;D

26 February 2007, 13:27


Blank jiriki | old people

Sharpi, never did, never will!

26 February 2007, 19:14


Blank lump

haha admirable sucks! you fools

26 February 2007, 20:00


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

14 of us think our best role is commander?

i fucking hate backseat commanders with the exception of norway

26 February 2007, 20:19


Blank jiriki | old people

Commander 2nd best class, bs - according to my experience in ns (public, gathers, competitive play) commander is certainly the least known and wanted job.

Well its only 66 votes so far.

26 February 2007, 22:15


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

err the vote asks for what your best role is, not what you consider is the most needed.

which is a really weird vote ;s

26 February 2007, 22:24


Blank Fana | Archaea

It's difficult to gauge what you're good at anyway. Even a bad Fade can easily get a better score than a really good Skulk, for example.

26 February 2007, 22:27

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