3rd Week Predictions

Jiriki's Division 1 Predictions

Sup Dudes,

This weeks' maps are ns_tanith and ns_lost. Tanith is a very flexible enabling tactics of all kinds. It favours a skilled commander on both sides, but as always in ns, teamwork and individual determine most of the result. However tanith favours unexpected rushes like chamber rush shown by flatline or base/pg rushes. Marines can usually cap 5 nodes if hive isn't waste but aliens are given many nodes too on fusion side, especially in an enlegthened game, in which they enable easy onoses if marines don't take them out quickly enough. Waste makes res defending a lot harder for aliens in the beginning but in an enlengthened game, it provides an easy access to marine nodes. OC spams at growing hives have worked quite well when there have been atleast fade and lerk defending it.

Lost however is a map which does not give any free nodes, for marines atleast. PG's and placing of them (eg. Triangle and Temp.) play an important role in lost but having a alpha is a half-loss for aliens. Lost doesn't really favour tech tactics, assuming aliens have a constant node pressure. The early game is most of the time all that matters, and only creative use of unexpected tactics can raise a team from a bad situation.

Nine Legends - Reflect

Impact players:
Nine Legends: Fana, pantsu
Reflect: SplinterSteve, Deimos

Well Nine Legends is the 2nd winner favourite of ENSL and should perform up to their reputation. Sherpa should be doing his solid comming, Scale lerking, pantsu fading and Sublime just increasing the good mood. Its really hard to name any "Impact Players" because just anyone in their team is capable of performing very well on top level. Each players' performance on that particular match day can vary and guessing it now is just a lottery. Then the last game against LTDM teached me some things about Reflect. Firstly, they lacked the practice and skill required to win eclipse but still showed a very strong orbital. However now they lack the home advantage of orbital and facing such devastating team as Nine Legends, I don't see them getting rounds. However I wish Reflect good luck; watching a tight match is certainly more fun than watching a walkover.

Nine Legends 4 - 0 Reflect

saunamen - Flatline

Impact players:
saunamen: Peach (Comm), zharp (sg), Tane (marine)
Flatline: Morvie, phil

Flatline is the 3rd Winner favourite and have given a very tough opposition to any team, even though in the end losing to top teams like saunamen and Nine Legends. Their long experience together has increased teamwork and gameplay to a high level however their performance varies from time to time (like in NSNC). Saunamen are the probable champions of Sixth Season and no doubt they will play very well. Saunamen just like NL is a team full of Impact Players. Citrus or Inva should be fading, zharp or Peach lerking, Peach comming and Tane just owning. Others are all very capable marines and skulks. Assuming flatline play like they used to play in NSNC, seing them winning one round should be certain however I think Peach's commanding and general difference in skill will result in same score as in NSNC. I don't have any strong bets on tactics but in tanith I would assume quite conservative alien rounds by both teams and HA's (+jps) by flatline as usual. Lost is more open, maybe a pg in triangle and conservative alien rounds, perhaps accompanied by some well placed ocs.

saunamen 3 - 1 Flatline

Emergency Room - FRP

Impact players:
Emergency Room: beefi, ShadowLife, Zamma
FRP: SoLa (fade/marine), Risme

FRP is a group of Finnish friends who have pcw'ed actively to compete in Premiere division, having still lots to work before they can fight evenly for the ENSL championship. While their other matches have been quite quick and cruel, this might turn out to be a very exciting one. In the match Risme should be lerking, Sola fading and Sharpi commanding; all knowing what they are doing. ER has a colourful roster which could yield a team capable of winning - or losing - this game. I won't start listing all the names, I'm sure I would bet some peoples' role or activity wrong so a list of Impact players should be enough. Any of them might turn out to own whole Team FRP if it happens to be a good day for them. I will predict it will be 2-2, however depending on teams' marine rounds it could be 3-1 either way.

Emergency Room 2 - 2 FRP

Maxx's Division 2 Predictions

Almost in the blink of an eye we have arrived at the last week of the group stage! With kg battling it out with team Russia for first place and Velvet taking on mPr in the hopes of making the playoff from the runner up spot. No “special” maps this time around either. We have the slightly funky but well known ns_lost and one of the most player favored maps ns_tanith. Things can still go almost either way so it’s sure to be a nail-biter finish. Now calm down, drink some tea and enjoy today’s predictions:

Team Russia (2-0-0) vs Kutas Gaming (1-1-0)

Impact players:
Team Russia: Blade(marine) sone(marine)
Kutas Gaming: SlayerX(fade) germ(fade/marine)

Though only one point separates these two teams, right now it’s the Russians who have the upper hand. All they need is a tie to finish first and even now have a guaranteed spot in the final playoffs. Anything below a tie however will see kg replace them at the top. Kutas Gaming start from a slightly less beneficial position. Though a win will give them top spot and a tie will still see them make the playoffs (even if Velvet wins 4:0 against mPr) anything less could mean being knocked out of the competition.

Though the statistics suggest that team Russia is the favorite in this match, its worth mentioning that the Velvet who played against kg last week was much stronger than the one team ru faced. With that in mind and even though the safe vote would be 2:2 I’ll vote 3:1 for Kutas Gaming as I only expect to see them lose their marine round on lost.

Team Russia 1:3 Kutas Gaming

Velvet Coat Squad (0-1-1) vs mPr-crew (0-0-2)

Impact Players:
Velvet Coat Squad: Admirable(commander) m0nk3h(fade)
mPr-crew: Vlad Dracul(commander) bp(marine)

This is a make or break match for Velvet, to qualify they must beat mPr 4:0 and hope that kg loses outright to team Russia. There are two other possible combinations but none of them would guarantee Velvet the qualifying spot just yet, instead they would get a chance to play kg once again for the runner up position. None of these combinations assume anything less than 3:1 Velvets way however (in-fact most require a 4:0) so there is little margin for error. mPr on the other hand have faced some very tough opponents during their debut in this division and can leave the competition with their head held high. mPr have gained a lot of experience this season and I hope to see them back again for s7. If you have to go, go out with style (Though he might not be playing so just do it with a Bang to be safe), don’t lose your confidence and try to prove my prediction wrong mPr, I expect to see some close rounds!

Velvet aren’t out of the competition yet and it’s crucial that they perform well here. Seeing them play against kg last week suggests a 4:0 win their way though a lot will depend on their lineup.

Velvet Coat Squad 4:0 mPr-crew

That’s all for now, see you in the palyoffs!

C's Division 3 Predictions

Last weeks games in this group were rather unfortunate. Tvshop vs m4g wasn't even played and the pubberteam .zero got totally owned in the unexplored ns_orbital_cal with their lerk lost in the map and the skulks desperately trying to find an rt to chew at (and as we could see, finding none). I hope that week 3 results won't be dictated by inactivity or the maps played.

[.zero] vs =M4G=

Having had to forfeit one and lose another of their two previous games M4G has played an awfull season so far. In my opinion, the season isn't getting any better for them this week. Eventough M4G has no chance of getting to the playoffs, I hope they pull themselves together and play their last game of the season 6 with a good spirit and sportsmanship.

[Tvshop] vs ^|TTS|^

TTS has played a good season so far recieving two wins with 3-1 final scores and I think the winstreak won't end on week 3. What can I say? If you'd tell me to name the top div 3 teams, Tvshop just wouldn't be one of them eventough they are on the 2nd place in group A. The team is just too inactive, too inexpirienced and too incoherant. True, TTS is a big team with a lot of variation in their rosters, but still, I just can't see Tvshop beating TTS. 2 good players just isn't enough Not challenged by any of the group A teams the TTS goes to the playoffs finishing 1st in their group, winning their last game 4-0.
jiriki on 02 March 07 20:00



Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

nice :)

2 March 2007, 20:13


Blank KeePeR | Two Team Squad


2 March 2007, 20:50


Blank Fana | Archaea

Good job. I wonder if flatline will even play their remaining matches though. :<

2 March 2007, 22:07


Blank aA

flatline beat sauna in 5th nsnc, so imo active flatline would be a tough opponent but since they are very inactive i see them winning that one round.

2 March 2007, 22:34


Blank GibbZ | 9L

very inactive?!

they played 4/5 days last week =/

2 March 2007, 22:53


Blank Maxx

yep, we are the ones that needed to reschedual last weeks match, flatline was ready to play

2 March 2007, 23:17


Blank Fana | Archaea

From what I remember, Saunamen played with 5 players because Citrus kept lagging out the first round, and forfeited the second. So I'm not sure if the NSNC5 comparison works very well.

3 March 2007, 01:29


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

Increasing the good mood!? Is that it?

3 March 2007, 20:28


Blank SplinterSteve | TROLLS


4 March 2007, 07:58

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