Division Table Change and Predictions

Hola Amigos,

Firstly changes were made to the divisions tables during this day, but luckily nobody had scheduled any matches.

1st change: DU and Americans swapped
2nd change: FRP and DU swapped
3rd change: PD added to div3
4th change: VCS to div2
5th change: FRP moved to div1

Final table can be seen here, predictions are below.

FRP vs Reflect

Impact players:
FRP: SoLa, Walzi, Citrus, NsN
Reflect: Deimos, Annihilator, Duo

So one of the oldest (if not the oldest) clans, FRP, is back in the business and with even more stronger roster than last time. They have their faithful player, SoLa, who showed his excellent skills in el'pheer vs Nine Legends back then any many other official matches later on. Citrus, former Saunamen (and Team Finland) member is now playing for FRP and is maybe one of the best Fades in Europe at the moment. Walzi, former Epic and a top finnish player is back alive since maybe.. well long time. NsN, a former Saunamen member, is a good div1 marine, even if he's not the best he still shows good performance at times. Sharpi is their >>Leader<< and is most likely doing his fine commmanding. Their colourful (in terms of skill) roster hows lots of promise but depending on amount of practice, luck and lineup the performance in their matches vary wildly. And the Reflect; they are a constant clan with some faithful players and new additions from Team USA. I won't start betting their members' performance more than that the roster is full of div1 players, maybe not the best div1 players but div1 players nevertheless. If Annihilator is playing for them, he should be increasing their odds of - not only survival - but also chances of being in the final. Rosterwise FRP had weaker lineup last season but now with their newest recruits this might turn out to be a close match depending on which players are going to play for them.

FRP 2 - 2 Reflect

Insane - Flatline

Impact players
Insane: tutu, ray (lerk), Mike
Flatline: Morvie, phil, HiVeFiSh

Insane is back, though maybe not as strong as they used to be but back anyway which is positive. Namely they lack Flashnaabz and animz. Insane showed a lot of promise in Nations Cup as Team France and I hope we can see the same in ENSL. They have a mixture of div1/div2 players but I reckon they also have strong teamwork to compensate that. Tutu should be fading, ray lerking and Mike commanding. While I consider Mike a prem commander, I remember him still doing an awful many mistakes in the last match against Germany in NC. In that match I also observed them lacking good tactical alien moves, even though they had the adequate skill. Flatline on the other hand have their solid roster and solid teamwork. It's debatable if their player individual skill is at NL- or SM-level, but as a team they are very strong and their long history has made many of their medicore players prem quality, which makes it hard to name any impact players. Morvie's a good player all-around, phil should be either lerking or fading and HiVeFiSh fading. Saep or L4ugh should be commanding, both of which command very well. Basically this is Germany vs France and neither of teams are not going to give up easily (takes me back to the Germany vs France nation game which lasted atleast 15 rounds), but I think Flatline's strong lineup and teamwork will end the game in their favour. Flatline has the ability to make a comeback from unfavourable odds and playing it long, usually taking it up to ha's or jp's.

Insane 1 - 3 Flatline

Destination Unknown - Domining

Impact players
DU: Tane, Hopeanuoli, Scale
Domining: Steve, Arc, elfkiller

Destination Unknown is a fresh Finnish clan, founded by Scale bringing some old faces back to ns. Namely these guys are Deca from TeamF, sand from el'pheer and VODGA from Fek'Lyrs. Apparently Scale also attracted the old URD/Levi guys since Hopsu and Tane joined it too. Former three are definitely Prem quality, and also VODGA used to be one of the top Finnish players but the next match is going to show what he is today. Zh is a good medicore player, with prem performance at times, capable of doing about everything. Domining on the other hand is a group of American Prem players plus James from the UK. Rumours tell Makaveli might also be joining them. Both of the teams are new and have not had to chance to practice their game a lot, which is why I predict an even game though DU might be able to win it.

Destination Unknown 2-2 Domining
jiriki on 24 May 07 21:37



Blank aA

tits or gtfo

25 May 2007, 00:26


Blank tutu-

Flatline 3 - 1 France, FRANCE?! Are you Insane?! Because we are.

25 May 2007, 01:14


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

What a joke

25 May 2007, 01:21


Blank Tweadle


25 May 2007, 02:08


Blank Fana | Archaea

I'm sure he meant Germany>France, tutu.

25 May 2007, 02:42


Blank NsN

Lol, 8DOM8 in Div1 and FRP in Div2 should change places. I think that 8dom8 is not going to play any matches in this season.

25 May 2007, 15:23


Blank Meyfarth

Who can say it ? Wait and see if they play or not !

Anyway, i think FRP in 2nd Div is a better choice, just personal opinion :)

25 May 2007, 16:06


Blank jiriki | old people

Well wow divisions and all shit upgraded maybe for the millionth time.

25 May 2007, 16:18


Blank hobbypG

phil is useless now since lerk has been changed :P

25 May 2007, 16:46


Blank aA

gang bang

25 May 2007, 18:21


Blank Mike

why hobbyp ? script doesn't work anymore ?

25 May 2007, 20:42


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

He's a nub then, lerk is still a piece of piss

25 May 2007, 20:57


Blank SplinterSteve | TROLLS

america 8dom8

30 May 2007, 10:06


Blank SplinterSteve | TROLLS

also we are a lot better than reflect and we stole annihilator with some strategic crisco placement eh eh eh

30 May 2007, 10:07


Blank zhadow

im still best newcomer lerk last season! hi zamma plz migrate ur loladin to my realm

30 May 2007, 11:14

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