ENSL Update

Hey guys,

First off, I would like to thank all teams who have played their matches. Well done. All teams who have not played their matches please get in touch with me and jiriki soon so we can schedule them.

Next week is ENSL week 2 with maps: Tanith and Veil

All teams schedule early so we have no problems!

On another hand I would like to give a really large round of applause to AntiLego and Velvet. Two teams who have shown great sportsmanship today with AntiLego waiting 30 minutes for Blitzkrieg to get a team on, and velvet allowing for a reschedule after two of the Russians players lagged out (Lerk and fade :x). Teams like you keep this scene going!

Also I would like to say all Division Predictors have been chosen.

GibbZ on 04 June 07 00:46



Blank 7IIV

Yes, thanks to velvet, sory :(

4 June 2007, 02:39


Blank mentalist

gg antilego!

4 June 2007, 04:13


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

ty antilego for waiting :)

4 June 2007, 04:30


Blank Tweadle

well played both teams

4 June 2007, 05:24


Blank Admirable | coolclan

We may not win the league, but we have won your hearts!

4 June 2007, 05:30


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.


4 June 2007, 12:46


Blank GuiZ

dont worry Admi, you will get more tonight ;)

4 June 2007, 13:50


Blank Meyfarth

I hope AntiLego will have some points for their fairplay.

Admi and Guiz? Hmm ... It's so hot !

4 June 2007, 15:19


Blank TuRGoN

LEGO is in talkings with Quaxy to arrange our match, this evening i have to talk with Nova from Quaxy to schedule the match so dont worry about it, as soon as we get an agreed date ill tell u :)

4 June 2007, 15:48


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

I would've enforced a default and then insulted you in broken english

4 June 2007, 18:10


Blank lump

sportsmanship award to velvet plz

4 June 2007, 19:01

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