knife vs. <3 HLTVs

Below are the two HLTV's IPs you will need to enjoy the knife vs. <3 ENSL Season 1 Great Finale !

• (Provided by zaiko)
• (Provided by NS-Fr)

Remember this match is due tonight at 21:00 CEST (less than 4 hours from now). This is an event you don't want to miss !

[EDIT] GG to <3 who win 3-1 against knife. Demo available here or there
PoMMe on 12 July 05 21:09



Blank CLS

GG :d

13 July 2005, 03:44


Blank Calgar

21:00 ? ..

couldnt see the match ..i fall asleep after watching 5ppl playing combat for 1hour

13 July 2005, 10:12


Blank Disqo

Best match evar!

13 July 2005, 16:08


Blank PoMMe

Indeed, good job everyone. And good luck to the remaining staff for Season 2 ;o)

*Disappears in the shadows*

13 July 2005, 17:59


Blank surprise

meh wants the new season, make it now !!!!111

16 July 2005, 16:16

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