Week 1 Predictions


There were some last minute change but now divisions are final. Our e-Hero Admirable made some predictions already! Here they come:

Admirable's 1st Division Predictions

Flatline-Ns vs. saunamen

This is a great fixture to kick off this new league format. Here we have the two remaining teams from a ‘classic’ era of Premier Division European NS playing off of rivalries spanning several years (which is a long time in online gaming), so you know there will be drama. However neither team has been very active recently, but I am certain that’s all about to change.

Change is very evident in the saunamen line-up from with a flood of familiar faces from the now defunct DU.eu and a sprinkling of old-school players returning to activity. Tane’s decision to quit had weakened the Finns considerably in my eyes, but acquiring Scale will go some way to bolstering both marine and alien rounds. The main danger for saunamen will be inactive players, the very fact they have a 14-man squad suggests they are not expecting all players to be active. I suspect that this large squad and lack of practise in this first week might dilute the Suomalainen teamwork, and individual performances may not be enough to crack those efficient Germans.

Flatline proved that they are still contenders even without much practise by winning the 8th Night Cup in September. These guys (and gal!) have been playing together for a long time and it really shows in their game, they just click together. As individuals they are not to be underestimated either, HiVeFiSH is probably one of the best all-round players in NS and Morvie’s shotgun has too many notches too count. The return of skipjack also works well for the Deutschlanders as he is easily the most active player in the line-up at the moment (even more than Cosi!) and he also gives them a solid alternative to phil for lerk.

Impact players:

Flatline-Ns: HiVeFiSH (Everything), M (Shotgun/Fade), skipjack (Activity)
saunamen: Scale (Marine/Lerk), Peacham (Commando), Citrus (Fade)

Flatline-Ns 3 - 1 saunamen

Adz’ Final Thought: Flatline’s Vorsprung durch Technik should edge this one unless saunamen get some serious practise in.

Snowrollers vs. CRAB BATTLE!!!

I had written a hilariously scathing prediction for T2K but I guess it will be lost forever now thanks to jiriki doing more u-turns than a learner driver. However these Snowrollers are a different kettle of fish. Their roster is lined with quality players from last season’s Divisions 2 and 3 and one rusty pro, namely tjab0. Unfortunately like many players in the squad his activity level is casting a shadow of doubt on their ability to perform. If they get some practise in I could see them taking an Alien Round through Action_IHOP7’s crazy lerking and Taurus, rabbit or tjab0 being worthy Fades. I’ve no clue as to who will be commanding so I’m guess they might not aquire any Marine Rounds. Prove me wrong…

I’ve heard from a deep-throat on the inside that the newly formed CRAB BATTLE!!! are not to be under-estimated despite their casual stylings. Comprising of a big chunk of Keen Edge, a few randoms and one French Pro, their PCW results have been a bit hit and miss so far but the squad is still being finalised. The roster is of a good quality but many of the players lack consistency. A few ‘influential’ people have made positive noises about Zared’s marine game and Arj’s individual style of commanding is a real asset to this team of upstarts. If it all goes tits up, Nirgal’s fading will still be able to carry the Alien rounds!

Impact players:
sR: tjab0 (Marine), Action_IHOP (Lerk), [VH2] Danny (Regless)
CRAB BATTLE!!!: Nirgal (Fade/Marine), Arj (Mad Professor of NS), Zared (Marine)

Snowrollers 1 - 3 CRAB BATTLE!!!

Adz’ Final Thought: If Caps-Lock is auto pilot for cool, y’all better wear something warm!

Quaxy vs. The Sproggalots

Here we have two teams who I said last season had a point to prove, and as if by magic they both won their divisions (best predictor ever?).

Quaxy contain some of the most improved players in the ENSL and definitely deserve their spot in Division 1. They recently received a shot in the arm with the arrival\return of zh, rapsu, Mulk, Naati and Kuitmo from tK-ns and DU.eu. To be honest I’m not quite sure how the Marine Rounds will work out for them as it is my understanding that zh isn’t going to command. However I can see them taking a round as Alien as they seem to have some good co-ordination and an excellent lerk in Naati.

The Sproggalots have easily been the most active clan in Europe for the last few months, and guess what, it shows. These guys are in with a real shot for the title this season, with the current inactivity from their main competitors. No player in their roster stands out as particularly weak since they made a few pre-season cuts and additions. James had come to take over the reigns as Commander due to the loss of aZa\Mike and Tweadle’s intermittent connection problems, and although he lacks some experience he is learning very fast and should be able to claim at least one round. I for one will be watching Willa. His skulking has kept a smile on my face since he appeared from nowhere as a merc for Keen Edge last season; International Man of Mystery!

Impact players:
Quaxy: Naati (Lerk/Marine), Kuitmo (Fade/Marine), zh (Strategist)
Sprogga: Sheep (Marine\Lerk), Willa (Anything but lerk), Mt (Emo Haircut), GibbZ (completely pro adminh4x)

Quaxy 1 - 3 The Sproggalots

Adz’ Final Thought: Sprogga may just drop a Marine Round with the commander changes.

That’s all for this week e-Sports fans, OLIOLIOLIOOO!

jiriki's bottomliner: Schedule your matches in time, rawr

GibbZ' 2nd Division Predictions

Flamers vs. Two Team Squad

A bunch of angry flaming germanians vs the dreaded experience of TWO TEAM SQUAD - the longest living clan known to man today. While the germanian team has a few skilled individuals like gobot and Slayer. The hungarians (TTS) rely more on experience and teamwork ranging along way back.

The Flamers has been formed from a range of germanian ns players which mix together frequently. With some old faces which I recognise (hey acidicX!) and with some new keen talent, which I will be looking forward to watching, they show a hearty roster at the start of the season boasting the likes of "gobot" as their carry player in my eyes. I have'nt seen them practice yet and this could hinder them dearly to the overwhelming power of TWO TEAM SQUAD and the hungarians rates.

To start with this clan I will say; I opened up the roster and went, "Geesuz Christ". While they boast having the biggest roster and being the only hungarian team ever to join ENSL, they have never been constantly active and have always had a changing pattern of players. However some old names still stick today with the likes of, Voodo, the clans glorious commander whipping up the weirdest tactics (the new Arj maybe?), Soldier, a capable all-round player, and last but not least, Gonzo, in my eyes the teams most solid marine and most active player. They have much experience together and I think this is what will aid them in their game this week against the more inactive Flamers.
Impact players:

Flamers: gobot (Everything)
Two Team Squad: Voodo (Commander), Gonzo (Marine)
Flamers 1 - 3 Two Team Squad

GibbZ’ Final Thought: I want to see some real flame by Flamers.

Time 2 Kill vs. Unit51

The biggest rivalry in division 2 to date is being played off as the first match. Many of you may not know but alot of drama has evolved round these two clans. Time 2 Kill was formed by MAAAD and Chibi` after leaving Unit51 and stealing many of its key players. This left Unit not only demoralised but hungry. Hungry for revenge. While T2k has kept active, Unit took greatly to this hit and has been dampened. Hopefully the return of wannabe brummy r3try will save the day. But Unit can only hope.

Time 2 Kill has a very small roster but yet it boasts the most retardest national setup I have ever seen. This is what happens when you take a Spantard, a frog and a bit of ice and mix it with some yank. The concoction is clearly MAAAD. However this team means business, with Chibi taking the role as flash lerk and rightly so boasting much experience with french clans before, and with mi amigo, MAAAD (aka =skk1=) taking full throttle position in the chair medding with his resupply instinct and his incredible, to say the least, zero delay reactions. If that was not enough, they have star marine p3anub on the field to abuse his american reg and hopefully adding some yank style flame. This is truely a clan to watch if they survive more then a week!

Unit51 however after the depression of october 2007, in losing many of their key players, have rebounded out of nowhere picking up C-mies, I am guessing as a future commander. However due to inactivity this team has played hardly at all only to be seen playing mixes. The team should not be underrated however as it contains three startling players. Three players who have battled to the top and have represented their national country of, TEAM IRELAND. That's right, Exodus, Prefix and Darklard, all members of team ireland, are ready. Ready for revenge. Ready for justice. Not only this but with Prefix owning a new computer (no excuse for being bad), and with these three having much experience together, they can have tight teamwork and should perform. Still though, I think most of the force driving this clan to any form of victory will be ret`, aka r3t4rd, who has played up and down in his activity over his NS career yet has always stayed at a consistent mid-skilled level with a decent enough fade to carry this team through thick and thin. He has alot of experience and is a nice guy which means this could soak through into the new players to competetive in the team (hi scandinavians!).

Impact players:
T2k: Chibi` (lerk/Marine), P3anut (Attitude)
.#Unit51.: ret` (Fade/Marine), Prefix (ret`s meatshield)
Time 2 Kill 2 - 2 Unit51

GibbZ’ Final Thought: Depending on Unit's roster this will be a draw or a win to Time 2 Kill.

Kiez vs. Totalidy

Here we have an oldskool team come out of inactivity, against a newskool team which have picked up a few older and wiser individuals, which my guess is because they needed a clan for ENSL and Td offered them the place. Two teams that in honesty I know little about going head to head. I will be keen to watch this one as it may surprise many of us out there.

Kiez has been around ages, yet only as a mildy competetive clan. I remember them from the early days of my pubnub clan -[ttg]- where they came on my server and asked for a "pcw", and to my shock, we got rinsed. My first pcw, my first lost, but how times have changed. However the experience doesn't rise tall with Kiez as many of the players have just been inactive from that long time ago with only a few really playing seriously. They still however portray a large roster filled with a few players which known to many have improve greatly over the coming seasons. With the likes of Saebel the crazy austrian and Handschuh, who has been improving alot in recent days, they will in my opinion put up a strong fight. New recruit SaperioN takes to the chair as a commander for this team and so far his efforts and experience have rubbed off nicely on the team as they have prospered in many recent scrims. However, will his commanding combined with the skills of the stronger field players be enough to counter the terrifying and mighty lump`? - Ofcourse! :D

Totalidy is a new clan on the block with alot of new players to competetive NS, yet are common faces on our public servers. They contain a mixture of french, finnish, dainish and whats this? engrish! Quite so, in recent days they have recruited two experienced players, lump` (tominatoR`) and Stewy. While lump` has played in premiere clans such as BoonSquad and Semper Fi, I feel he has found a real home here in Totalidy where the players are more suited to his skill. Stewy however, back from inactivity, has gotten straight back into clanning and I think if he gets back to his old standards, he's heading right for carry mode! However not to be overlooked are the likes of, Necros and Area51, two pubbers who in my opinion show a lot of talent and future potential. Not taking anything away at all, I see hope in all the other players aswell as they seem keen and eager to really perform. I wish them luck and only advise them not to let lump` lerk whatever he may say.

Impact players:
Kiez: SaperioN (Commander), Handschuh (Marine, Skulk)
Totalidy: Stewy (All-rounder), NecRos (Marine), tominatoR` ('nuff said)
Kiez 2-2 Td

GibbZ’ Final Thought: Once again its hard to tell what the real outcome may be due to the fact Td has a very varied roster. Although I predict a draw, I feel kiez may take a 3-1 victory and if pushed enough 4-0.

And that's all from me folks!
jiriki on 18 October 07 00:33



Blank scratchie

oh my god i was about to say the same thing!
nice preds, i laughed :)

18 October 2007, 02:35


Blank GibbZ | 9L

yea good preds =)
except i dont think Mt deserves impact :<

18 October 2007, 02:45


Blank Tweadle

AWESOME predictions. We love Ad!

18 October 2007, 02:48


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.


haha lol.

18 October 2007, 02:51


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

oh and get working on div two ad tbh.

18 October 2007, 02:51


Blank P3anut

i killed unit

18 October 2007, 03:32


Blank Alatriste

Apo impact player!!!!
And predicts... i think flat vs sauna 2-2 and Quaxy - Sprogga 2-2

And Admirable, we arent an hilarious clan, i remember you Crab Battle get´s owned in several rounds by Kiez and they are one of the low teams in div1.
You must try to be more humble, you are a recent created clan like us and your lack of experience can be paid

18 October 2007, 03:47


Blank Admirable | coolclan

MAAD I said my prediction I had written was hilarious(ly scathing), not your clan.

Also I had another paragraph before that which jiriki seems to have edited out (probably for swearing) which read:

"This is a first for me to be predicting a match in which I’m also playing so you may wish to take it with a pinch of salt, but what the fuck you gonna do bitches? :D"

Please remember that predictions are supposed to be a bit of fun!

Also I don't think you give Kiez enough credit, they had great teamwork, where we had none. But I don't need to justify the results of every PCW that we play!

18 October 2007, 05:41


Blank enigmatic | 9L


18 October 2007, 05:44


Blank Fana | Archaea

Laller, I can't believe you people haven't discovered who Willa is/was. It's so obvious!?

Good job predicting, let's hope you manage to keep it going until the end (which will be a first since season 1).

18 October 2007, 06:08


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Willa is Fana!

18 October 2007, 06:32


Blank Fana | Archaea


Although I bet he wishes he was me.


you know,

I've got that suave cool dude thing going on

that all the chicks love.


18 October 2007, 06:39


Blank Tweadle

I know, can you believe it? Willa is a girl :/

Some more superduper predictions! We love Gibbz!

18 October 2007, 07:10


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad


18 October 2007, 08:05


Blank marmotte

Blackevil (reg hacks)

k ? oO

18 October 2007, 13:16


Blank scratchie

its wltrs little sister?

18 October 2007, 13:23


Blank Nde | Saunamen

btw swedish mens are girls too

18 October 2007, 14:30


Blank Alatriste

aelva :F

18 October 2007, 14:56


Blank Arj | Ant

I scooped Willa from pub 2 seasons ago, he was in a spanish clan at that time *wink wink*

18 October 2007, 15:05


Blank Meyfarth

skk1, if kiez have beated crab several rounds, it may be because we were trialing about 3 ppl at the time?

Good pred btw, let's see if you are a pro more like M\\ke was :D

18 October 2007, 15:26


Blank skipjack | miau

did he call me "active"?

18 October 2007, 15:29


Blank Iots | el'pheer

aelva joke was funny, other stuff not so much

18 October 2007, 16:51


Blank JetJagusaurus


18 October 2007, 17:18


Blank Tjul

and What about Daddy Cool?

18 October 2007, 17:22


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Most of my preds will be wrong most likely as I have only really seen Kiez and NS-F play! For now atleast :p

18 October 2007, 17:23


Blank Blackevil | Two Team Squad

Thx for removing (reg hack) title.

18 October 2007, 17:32


Blank Admirable | coolclan

LOL! Great predictions George, you're such a bitch! ;)

18 October 2007, 17:47


Blank SoLa | Kaamos

Ots is Crap... I mean Crab

18 October 2007, 18:07


Blank scratchie

"While lump` has played in premiere clans such as BoonSquad and Semper Fi, I feel he has found a real home here in Totalidy where the players are more suited to his skill." haha!

18 October 2007, 18:39


Blank Arj | Ant

lump is still one of the best comms in ns tbh :), only problem is noone can stand him :P

18 October 2007, 18:41


Blank macpersil

Quote "Arj (Mad Professor of NS)"


18 October 2007, 19:07


Blank lagga | 9L


18 October 2007, 19:39


Blank atman

don't think he ever played a game with us..:(

18 October 2007, 22:11


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

god mad i hate you.

18 October 2007, 22:52


Blank Arj | Ant

you are right lagga.. got owned by action :<

19 October 2007, 01:50


Blank P3anut


19 October 2007, 02:00


Blank Inco


19 October 2007, 04:25


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.


19 October 2007, 05:01


Blank Action_IHOP7

Taurus, I'm not so keen about pcw's becuase you guys force me to comm, if Lerks were supposed to comm we'd be born with hands ;)

Btw, predictions fail! :D

19 October 2007, 17:28


Blank lump

More suited to my skill.. Oi! I'm fairly sure I've taught you a few things over the years zamma boy!

19 October 2007, 19:12


Blank GibbZ | 9L

<3 lump im just glad your playing baby =) i was getting worried seeing boobs flop :D

you know its all banter baby

19 October 2007, 19:34


Blank lump

i wont be playing at this rate, everything is dieing on me

20 October 2007, 04:06


Blank Alatriste


MAAAD 25 - ILUs0s 7


20 October 2007, 22:48


Blank enigmatic | 9L

wow... u can kill skulks with a hmg

21 October 2007, 01:17


Blank Citrus

Scl in saunamen? :O

23 October 2007, 12:32


Blank tjab0 | el'pheer

i impact lol :P

23 October 2007, 13:58


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

"While lump` has played in premiere clans such as BoonSquad and Semper Fi, I feel he has found a real home here in Totalidy where the players are more suited to his skill."


27 October 2007, 01:25

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