Week 6 Predictions

Late again!

My heart bleeds for you poor bastards with nothing to read for a week, if you like you can print this out and dry your fucking eyes!

jiriki's notice: There are lots of games unplayed, please play them. Yes, that means actually contacting the opposite team - today!. Also, Destination Unknown can be replaced by any team with 6 players, if DU cannot yield players next weekend or play their previous matches.

Admirable’s Division 1 Predictions

A man walks into a bar…


Destination Unknown vs. CRAB BATTLE!!!

If you had asked me to make a prediction for this fixture at the beginning of the season I would have thought the Finspans would massacre the ramshackle crabs. This week, I can’t see it.

Yet again it looks like it’s going to be Destination Inactive for the European Natural Selection League. Although, I would not be so pious as to condemn a team for taking a leave of absence, I must point out that there are only two weeks left in the season. Now is the time for action from the trumpet wielding, sexy marching girls or they may leave themselves too big of a mountain to climb in the end of season playoffs. Even in this dormant form DU.eu have enough quality in their roster and experience playing together to win this fixture if it were to be played this weekend, but they should be looking ahead to the games they must replay and the finals.

CRAB BATTLE!!! have had a flurry of activity this week and seem to have created a shape resembling something like a competitive team. Another Germanian enters the fold as well this week after lurking in the shadows of the competitive scene for a while; the mighty bp makes his return to the ‘top level’. There is a good atmosphere in the team at the minute and after a few slow weeks things are looking a little livelier. The French influence is increasing; with GuiZ proving to be an excellent addition to the team helping to rouse the sleeping crabs. There is still plenty of room for improvement but watch out for those massive claws!

Impact players:
DU.eu - : Apo (Batman), VODGA (Robin), zh (Fatman)
CRAB BATTLE!!! : GuiZ (Scatman), bp (ITSATRAP), FluKe (Viking Power)

Destination Unknown 3 - 1 CRAB BATTLE!!!

Adz’ Final Thought: Might not be played this week, but will be entertaining when the time comes!

saunamen vs. The Sproggalots

Saunamen have an impressive heritage of European NS and they are coming up against the pretenders to the throne, The Sproggalots. This has the potential to be a good game.

Whilst I have not seen saunamen play recently I have spotted their players pubbing around and mixing it up with the Finnish set. I’m sure they still have some demons from the draw with Quaxy that they would like to put to rest. So I’m expecting them to make a concerted effort in this game and show these young whippersnappers a thing or two. Whatever their intentions the relaxed semi-active nature of this current incarnation of the Finnish giants does not prove conducive to playing well, as we have seen so far this season. They probably won’t be able to win this one, but there is a strong case for a draw if Citrus, NsN and Peacham are in the starting six.

The beautiful drama of life that unfolds out here daily at the ENSL has thrown up some interesting plot twists this week. The Sproggalots have started haemorrhaging players as they struggle to find opponents for PCWs. With DU.eu taking a little break this leaves only Flatline-Ns and mix teams who are willing to play them. The lack of action has been too much for the trigger happy GreeN and the winged Sheep who have decided to part ways. It’s not the first time this has happened though for the tempestuous Dave “Sheep” Parker and may yet be resolved if GreeN’s Assassins Creed Pro Gaming career falls through. All drama aside though Sprogga still have a quality line-up with MT finding time out from his mascara and self-harm to play some NS; the tone is still upbeat at Sprogga HQ.

Impact players:
saunamen - : Peacham (General), NsN (Movie Star), Citrus (Tankki)
sprogga ~ : Willa (YO Regular), Tweadle (Kid’s got smarts!), MovingTarget (WalkingTarget Fan)

saunamen 1 - 3 The Sproggalots

Adz’ Final Thought: As long as The Sproggalots stay focused they can clinch victory from the sweaty Suomalainen.

Quaxy Gayming vs. Team Russia

For me this is the most exciting fixture this week. Two well matched teams facing off in a bloody fight to the death… I think I have a semi.

Despite the fact that I had predicted it I was dissatisfied to see Quaxy lose to Flatline-Ns so badly. The schizophrenic Finns seem to play well one week and terrible the next. I understand it seems a monumental task to defeat the German War Machine but the Karhuryhmä bearly put up a fight, even Pedo Bear has claws! Anyway, this is water under the bridge, Quaxy Gayming has a great opportunity to take five points and put the pressure on saunamen for that fourth playoff spot. With a bit of luck Talis, Kuitmo and Vartija will be on their ‘A’ Games this week and we will see some Nova magic. Will we see Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

My Russian comrades had an interesting game last week! They got caught napping by the gutsy Snowrollers who rose my challenge producing the first Shotgun Rush of ENSL Season 8. In fairness Team Russia read the situation well and tried to counter with SC\OC, but were let down by some poor placement. The Russians showed their true calibre in the first map, wiping the floor with the Swedes. Macpersil set the tempo with some excellent twitch Shotgun and demented Lerkng, and will no doubt feature in the action versus Quaxy. Sone’s hatred of the Turkish people is also a force to be reckoned with as it fuels his every movement like a Kebab Of Rage! You’ve been warned!

Impact players:
Quaxy - : Vartija (Actionman!), Talis (Military Training), Kuitmo (Lerk Down! xD)
.ru : Macpersil (Carry), Sone (Turk-Hater), Smokealot (Best Player in NS?)

Quaxy Gayming 2 - 2 Team Russia

Adz’ Final Thought: This could really go either way, but I’ll just sit on the fence for now ;)

Flatline-Ns vs. Snowrollers

My bad folks!
This game got played already and I know they did it just to spite me. Bastards!
I was so going to predict Snowrollers 4 - 0 Flatline-Ns…

Earlier predictions for next week I promise or my name’s not Fana! 

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"if you like you can print this out and dry your fucking eyes!"
haha well said, good laughs, nice pred.

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Good work, predict-o-machine!

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