Next ENSL season , NSNC , ...

This is the first news so far, lets start with the beginning.

Most of the admins left after last ensl's season. That's why M\\ke, the only "survivor", asked 3 new people to join him : lump, frG and myself. I guess it's not usefull to present ourselves. We're also recruiting some referees, pm M\\ke or FreeZe` on #ensl @ quakenet.

During the last month, 2 Ns nights cups were organized by lump and his staff, these 2 one-night competitions were won by saunamen and tn. Even if only 8 teams were picked up each time and despite of many problems around the rules/organisation, it was quite a succes, with very good matchs ( as insane / tn , 2nd nsnc final ). It kept the competitive scene alive , waiting for next ensl season.

Last ( and most important ) point now, the second ensl's season will start soon, the signups starting next friday ( 23/09 ). We probably wont keep the first's season ranks to make the new groups, because all the teams has changed during summer's holidays. Moreover, officials forums are still down, that's why we wont start anything before having more news about 3.1, and whatever ...

We dont know yet what to do about shoutcasts and / or previsions ( who are missing people ), if someone want do to something about it, dont hesitate !

Thanks for paying attention.
FreeZe on 15 September 05 03:33



Blank PoMMe

Hmm FreeZe you hot stuff.

15 September 2005, 19:26


Blank FreeZe

Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'

I need some hot stuff baby tonight

I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'


15 September 2005, 19:45


Blank Fana | Archaea

Larger divisions this time please.

15 September 2005, 21:02


Blank aA

sounds nice :)

16 September 2005, 04:23


Blank Nephotep | New Team

hope this season wont have so much problems as the last one :)

and i hope the clans which signs up stays in and plays until the end...too many divisions died because of inactive clans

17 September 2005, 15:08


Blank csm

yes, larger divisions :(

17 September 2005, 19:16


Blank vara

gl admins ^^

19 September 2005, 21:58


Blank lump

larger divisions means more dodgy maps that nobody likes as this league is firm on having 2map wars. Yes there is always the thought of cycling maps for 8 team divisions or something but it's prefered that new maps are used.

larger divisions means more chance of problems mid seasons which cause failure. Teams always die, its part of EU, a lot of the divisions struggled with only 6 per division so with a lager number such as 8, it could have an even larger effect.

larger divisions means a lot of reorganising in terms of team list. Admins do this stuff for free, plenty to deal with already :S

Also it will depend greatly on the amount of teams which sign up as to the division sizes.

Just my thoughts on larger divs anyway, might happen.

20 September 2005, 02:43


Blank CoveR

Teams are dieing all the time within ns thats because all the big clans just oblierate the new clan totally destroying there confidence to continue. Also how many time have you been on a server with a so called "pro" and he has just acted like a Bast to everyone in sight. Why would people want to get into this kind of competition when all that happens is they get abused and hammered on for not welding,res whoring,dropping wrong chambers... Thats all part of learning the game. Instead of abusing these people why dont we embrace all the new players show them the ropes. If every active clan took in a n00b then we would have like 20+ new players every time it was done. Most things take time to learn but they aint gonna bother when there been flamed.

22 September 2005, 14:20


Blank Fana | Archaea

What the hell does that post have to do with anything. People are and will be tards. Some act like elitist pricks, some are elitist pricks, and some are just misunderstood. If new players are discouraged so easily, I doubt they'd play the game very long regardless.

Two divisions, like CAL, would be cool in my opinion. Everyone doesn't have to play everyone. The best teams will still win in the end.

22 September 2005, 21:30


Blank jiriki | old people

Kept competetive scene alive?

More like gave it first aid and now its braindead. But thumbs up. _b

24 September 2005, 22:54


Blank B1 | iMAGINE

rofl jiriki

25 September 2005, 15:52

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