Signups still open, aswell as server donations


Firstly a big thank you to all the clan leaders keeping their teams alive, its nice to see so many teams from S7. You know who you are, and you are keeping the competitive ns alive. Also thanks goes to the new teams which have been formed, I hope we can get as many teams as possible. The signups are still open until end of this week, so there will be plenty of time to finish the lineups and recruit new players.

Secondly, we need still a bit more donations for our server so we can pay it for 6 months, so if you got some extra cash laying around, check the page. The donator list can be seen there also, and currently the greatest amount of money came from csm from Barratt Designs. Thanks to him and other donators. Also as a bit late news, there were some issues with the server sometime ago but I contacted clanhost and they reported they took away another gameserver taking too much cpu and causing problems so it should be ok now.

If you have any ideas to improve the next season, please post them here so we can discuss. The forum is also open for any other ideas to improve ENSL generally.

ENSL Staff
jiriki on 09 January 08 01:07



Blank macpersil

"page" link is broken!

9 January 2008, 02:17


Blank macpersil

Here is the right link:

9 January 2008, 02:19


Blank Admirable | coolclan

Yay csm \o/

Now try playing ns?

9 January 2008, 11:22

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