Week 2 Predictions


While Ad is still recovering of enjoying too much Jameson from his mug last weekend, sudden Div2 Predictor Ben "howdeh" Howden emerges!

Howdeh's Division 2 Predictions

Righty ho, first week is over. Surprise wins, draws, and loses, and some haven’t been played!

We’re all set for a fresh week, all the mysteries of the Latvians has been cleared up, the Portuguese know what they’re up against, and some teams are going to have a tougher week! Let’s go!

Division 2 : Group A

VIGOR* .vs. Quaxy Gayming

Ah, the Portuguese clan of the ENSL against a Finnish team. Seeing how NS~F pounded VIGOR*, I can’t really see big improvements…But who knows?

Watching Quaxy playing some PCW’s, and watching a small part of their official yesterday, I’ve seen very nice teamwork, they seem to be recovering from their players coming back from the army, to play the ENSL (Bac). Quaxy have a very strong line-up, this includes Rasputin, they’re main fade, who seems to be rather effective once up, and is great at turning around games, also a strong Lerk. There is a lot of teamwork, they seem to be up to good scratch, however, last nights official was a shock, I now know what Natural Fishers are made up of. I’ve a lot of faith in this team this season.

I have only ever seen VIGOR* play once, and that was whilst spectating an official. They seem to lack the individual skill, however they’re teamwork is great, and they are a very sport team. I cannot predict how good they will do in this match, but I hope to see a surprise from them!

Impact players:
Quaxy Gayming: Rasputin (Fade), Talis (Marine), MoZa (Lerk), Mulk (Skulk)

For this match, I’d predict a Quaxy Gayming 4-0 VIGOR*

Snow Rollers .vs. Natural Fishers

Soooo, here we go, the Swedish versus the Americans. I was not around for last season, but by the sounds of it, the Swedish did very well. I have only seem Natural Fishers play once, and it was a shock. Snow Rollers really seem to active right now, hitting hard on those PCW’s, and atleast drawing most of them, with the help of tjab0, Zared, and JustMe, they really seem to have some great marine rounds. Their alien rounds are good all round, decent Fades and a decent Lerk, and nicely planned Skulk ambushing.

Natural Fishers seem to have some teamwork, they’re scouting is great on alien rounds, they have some very nice skulks, and a decent fade. I’d expect at least a round from these guys, and I hope to learn a lot more about this team for future predictions.

For this match I’d predict Snow Rollers 3-1 Natural Fishers, but who knows, Natural Fishers might pull in another round or two…Lets wait and see!

Impact players:
SnowRollers: tjab0, Zared (Marine), Action_IHOP7 (Lerk), Danny (Fade)
Natural Fishers: sorca (Fade), Kamakaze (Skulk) < Who was this player?

NS~Force .vs. Totalidy

NS-Force seems to be full of very experienced players, and have got off to a very good start this week, beating VIGOR* 4-0, I expect these guys to have a good place in their group. They’re marine rounds seem to be rather strong, especially with WalkingTarget on the field, I hope to see this improve even further, as for their alien rounds, ambushes seem organised, and they’re fades and lerk seem to keep the impact coming.

I have actually never seen Totalidy play, however looking at they’re roster, Pilopo seems like the only one I’ve heard of. I cannot predict very good results from these as of yet!

For this match I’d predict NS~Force 4-0 Totalidy – However, Totalidy may pull a round.

Impact players:
NS~Force: -=WalkingTarget=-, Maxx! (Marine)
Totalidy: Pilopo (Marine)

Division 2 : Group B

Veni Vidi Vici .vs. ^rawR?

Great first start off for both these teams, going to start with V3, as they had high hopes from last week, but TTS proved us all wrong! V3 has a strong lineup, after recruiting 3 well known Americans, and recruiting a nice carry player. They’re commander (amplifier) is what we’d expect from most (I’ve played with him!) and he really does have a good impact in this team. Underwhelmed, P3anut and James have very nice marine skills, which will really bring some pressure onto ^rawR?. They’re alien rounds are also great, having James as a Fade who can really hit hard on the marine side. Sometimes they get all worked up, they sometimes need to calm down, and scout more, this will be the key to help them win both alien and marine sides.

Next we’re onto ^rawR?, I feel these guys have improved a lot since they first started, especially since tomato` has joined them, and given them more experience. And having Pitman360 [L-F] join their squad, and Doctor commanding them, they’re marine rounds have improved! This team was in for a shock in week 1, drawing with a team nobody had seen before, I just hope they’re a lot more careful this time round, especially since they know who they’re up against, I wish these guys the best of luck!

For this match I’d predict Veni Vidi Vici 3-1 ^rawR?, however, I would not be surprised if ^rawR? Pulled in more rounds. I wish both teams good luck, I for one will be watching this game!

Impact players:
Veni Vidi Vici: James (Fade, Marine) Amplifier (Commander) P3anut, Underwhelmed, Steve (Marine)
^rawR?: tomato (Lerk), Pitman360 [L-F], sephywoth (Marine), Doctor (Commander)

Latvian International Force .vs. Fallen Angels

I personally have never seen the Latvians play, however, I do know they put ^rawR? In for a good shock, and so will Fallen` be.

Fallen Angels have really been progressing these past few weeks, keeping our roster to a tight 6 or 7 players, learning who each other is, and learning every bodies different roles. Fallen Angels have a well planned Alien round, sometimes some tactics are very odd, sometimes working, sometimes not, I would say if they used normal tactics, their alien round is solid. Their marine rounds seem to be a bit pear shaped sometimes. They seem to have the game going for them, and then make silly mistakes to lose, sometimes they are very strong, and give no mercy. I do have high hopes for this team this season.

For this match I would predict Latvian International Force 0-4 Fallen Angels, however, I am up for a big shock, and hope to be proved wrong by these Latvians!

Impact players:
Latvian International Force: Walker, krank (Fade)
Fallen Angels: Trigu (Lerk), ContagiouS (Commander), wicker (Fade), pathy (Marine)

Two Team Squad .vs. Kiez

I have seen TTS play many teams, they have very strange strategies, however they do work, and it is very surprising when it actually works! They have many good players, they’re commander is also very confident with the tactics set, and they seem to have a lot of pressure on their marine rounds, especially since there are shotguns around the whole map! I also have A LOT of faith in this team this season, and I am looking forward to what tactic they decide to lay down on Kiez this week, good luck!

When I come to Kiez, I think I underestimate this team, especially since SaperioN has gone, who was a great impact to their squad, they have recruited few new members since, and are practising all the time. With Handshuh, Saebel, premium and Cheesy, their alien rounds are very strong. With the loss of their commander, I feel their marine round has gotten worse, however, they seem to be improving every time, with Handschuh’s shot gunning and Saebels nice lmging, their marine rounds seem to be half solid, but need to perfect it with more pressure!

For this match I would predict Two Team Squad 2-2 Kiez because they both have strong rounds on each side, however, I know they will win one or the other. I would not be surprised if Kiez took a round from TTS...So guys! Show me you can do it!

Impact players:
Two Team Squad: SoLDieR (Fade), CyberBoy (Marine), BlackEvil (Lerk, Commander)
Kiez: Handschuh (Marine, Fade), Cheesy (Lerk), der_husky (Marine)

Thanks a lot for reading, and good luck with the games guys!
jiriki on 28 January 08 21:32



Blank howdeh | minions

Few grammar/spelling mistakes...hope doesn't make them bad!

28 January 2008, 22:07


Blank pathy

thx for preds howdeh

28 January 2008, 22:19


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

säbels nice lmging! :O as long as he has enough beer, maybe mh

28 January 2008, 23:21


Blank howdeh | minions

lol, he owns me every pcw :<

28 January 2008, 23:29


Blank Admirable | coolclan

Good work Howd3h^ !

28 January 2008, 23:50


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad


29 January 2008, 00:20


Blank Kenguru

Go Go Quaxy

29 January 2008, 01:48


Blank Arj | Ant

nice one howdeh :)

29 January 2008, 11:24


Blank bHack

For this match I would predict Latvian International Force 0-4 Fallen Angels...

newah! =)))

30 January 2008, 00:06


Blank Sharpi

gorges come on shield

30 January 2008, 00:50


Blank Hammond | coolclan

raa raa rasputin

1 February 2008, 15:51


Blank jiriki | old people


2 February 2008, 17:07


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pitsuliiiii ja jirikiiiiikariii

3 February 2008, 10:01

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