More Week 2 Predictions

It’s hard work being a creative genius.
Sometimes I just can’t seem to find my motivation.

Admirable’s Division 1 Predictions

Then I think about all your little smiling faces gazing up at me in adoration, waiting for your hot load of prediction goodness…
Watch the eyes, here comes the money shot!

Fold vs Los Negros

Two new teams trying to establish a claim for the title, but with both coming from defeats last week is it already too late? It’s going take some big results for either to be contenders this season. Each knows they need a victory here to stay in the race…

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that on paper Fold have the edge here. The roster contains a wealth of experience in the top tier of European NS, for instance, zharp was easily one of the best Marines around at his peak, and this exactly the problem. Whilst individual skills might be a little rusty, the main obstacle here is the missing teamwork and co-ordination that comes from playing together. Activity levels are killing any potential that lies within this team. These guys barely manage to play three PCWs in a week, whilst teams like Team Russia or The Sproggalots might play three PCWs in an evening. Last week’s trampling from Flatline-Ns made it clear that there is a long way to go; even it was all genZ’s fault! German collusion aside, Fold still can produce the goods and hopefully won’t live up to their name before the season is out.

There have been a few changes over at Casa del Negros since last week. The roster has been tightened up and the result seems to be a more refined and, most importantly, more active. My fellow (v)o_O(V) and exuberant Frenchman, GuiZ, is a noteworthy addition to the squad. Combined with his countryman, bojan, they make a statement that there is potential in French NS outside of Insane. Los Negros put up a good fight against ?LOLSTEAMROLL? last week with some good individual efforts but they were ultimately let down by poor resource control as Marine and almost no RT Chewing as Alien. As long as they can recognise these errors and improve upon it I can see this team going from strength to strength. Watch out! Doogie might get good again! :D

Impact players:
meh! : Admirable (Ireland’s #2 NS Player), Boss Pizza (Fade), genZ (Master Of Disaster)
is white : GuiZ (Hot Baguette), NyCeR (Marine), doogie (Marine)

Fold 2 - 2 Los Negros

Adz’ Final Thought: This could go either way to be honest, but I’m just going to sit on the fence!


Oh la la! Eleven frogs and a steamroller? That’s a recipe for disaster. I won’t tell those Animal Rights hippies if you don’t!

Les grandes baguettes have returned to the ENSL to stake their claim. Stand up and take notice! Admittedly, there are a few rough edges on this team. With many players returning from a semi-active state it might take a few weeks to stoke up the fires on the Insane Train, but there is a legacy of teamwork and co-ordination and a strategic depth to be harnessed. With a little practise and dedication Insane could mount a real challenge for the title. However, what they have shown so far has been a little hit-and-miss. I have seen them outplay the current title holders one day; only to get four nil’d by a mix team the next. The results of PCWs are neither here nor there, but they are an indication of the inconsistency that is present in this team. The result of this match will depend entirely on how Mike, Nirgal and ray perform on the day.

The now “racism-free” LOLSTEAMROLL seemed to be half asleep in their first game of the season. Bad covering, lone rushing and a general lack of teamwork was concealed by some good strategic plays which I would attribute to Finnish mastermind, Peacham. I am expecting big things from the Finnishes this season, and I fully expect they will have given themselves a good shaking since last week. My spies have reported increased activity from Tane and NsN recently which means shit is going to die out there; these two can aim! The accuracy of Peach’s medpacks and Tane’s bullets is a deadly combination, and we all know how aggressive those French lifeforms can be. I’m expecting a higher body count than the combined Rambo Trilogy. It’s worth mentioning the addition of zaCk to the roster, although I haven’t seen him playing, I’ll be watching!

Insane : Mike (Comm\Lerk), Nirgal (Fade), ray (Marine\Lerk)
?LOLSTEAMROLL? : Peacham (Mastermind), Tane (Marine\Fade), NsN (Pew pew!)

Insane 1 - 3 LOL STEAMROLL

Adz’ Final Thought: LOLSTEAMROLL still have a few kinks to iron out but I think they should better the currently inconsistent Insane.

Flatline-Ns vs The Sproggalots

I was a bit surprised to see this fixture to be honest. I mean the big two are duking it out already and the season has barely begun. That jiriki couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery!

Flatline-Ns have started things off on the right foot again in Season 9. They dispatched the disorganised Fold in a very convincing manner. Ruthless efficiency and a top notch skill set. I didn’t watch the demos of the game since I was on the receiving end of the beating, but I have to admit that I was a little sceptical to see the unproven scratchie in the Comm Chair, but he seemed to have everything under control and the result speaks for itself. In the few times I’ve seen them play since I have come away with an impression of a side gunning for dominance again in 2008. Although I have heard Morvie voicing concerns about the small size of their current active roster, I think they are on to a winner here. The German War Machine rolls on!

Those regless Russians really gave The Sproggalots a run for their money last week. I spent a good hour watching the HLTV demos and it seemed like an intense resource battle, but new guy Klawz kept his cool in the Comm Chair and squeezed out a victory for the Sproggans. There was some sloppy play in the field and mistakes were made; although I can attribute some of that to the Moscow based server, there were definitely a few underperformers. I was impressed with Tweadle who is finding his form now that he has been unshackled from the Comm Chair and successfully completed his D.I.Y. mouse repairs. I wouldn’t listen to everything Maverick says! At the end of the day these guys knows what is required of them, and with a bit of focus and preparation they can take this.

Impact players:
~flatline-ns` : phil (Skulk), HiVeFiSh (Tempestuous Tank), M (Marine)
sprogga ~ : Tweadle (Ninja!), enigmatic (Marine), GreeN (Fade)

Flatline-Ns 3 - 1 The Sproggalots

Adz’ Final Thought: Admirable God of Drama says “Prove me wrong Sproggalots!”

That should be about it for another week.

I’d just like to finish with a quote from Mike Tyson because he is a crazy motherfucker.

"Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It's like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can't control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. If you can control your fear, it makes you more alert, like a deer coming across the lawn."

Potato out.
Admirable on 02 February 08 20:47



Blank jiriki | old people

Nice consistent work again Admirable! :)

Your colourful language always makes me either laugh or smile.

2 February 2008, 23:25


Blank Tweadle

shit predictions, well written :D

2 February 2008, 23:46


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

"Admirable (Ireland’s #2 NS Player)"

I lol'd

3 February 2008, 00:51


Blank GuiZ

Let's get your predictions down now, ns'journalist.

3 February 2008, 01:17


Blank Merrick

Im in the predictions for being a dick to tweadle, nice...

i already apologised for calling tweadle shit :P...i think i did anyway...

3 February 2008, 02:50


Blank kurze | Velvet Coat Squad

nice predz

3 February 2008, 08:46


Blank howdeh | minions

nice Ad!

3 February 2008, 13:35


Blank skipjack | miau

"Mike Tyson"? sounds like Rocky tbh ^^

3 February 2008, 14:53


Blank GuiZ


3 February 2008, 15:27


Blank CraZyIvan

"That jiriki couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery!" LOL. <3 the predz.

3 February 2008, 16:40


Blank Hider

"Your shout abilities has been revoked. Contact a Head Admin."


3 February 2008, 18:45


Blank Nirgal

"I’m expecting a higher body count than the combined Rambo Trilogy"

3 February 2008, 20:03


Blank Iots | el'pheer

pizza will fail horribly as fade

and when has doogie been good, ever?

3 February 2008, 21:24


Blank Hammond | coolclan

most likely

3 February 2008, 22:41

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