World War III: The Battle of Europe

By b1

Okay, this idea first came to me back when playing in clanbase for open cup 2004, but I just recently a couple of days ago started to develop this.

To put it in a short context: This is a gather league. There are going to be 2 Teams battling for the conquest of Europe. Western All-Stars and Eastern All-Stars. Anyone is free to sign up for this league! After enough people have signed up, there is going to be a voting held. Where you can vote for the person you want to represent your country, in your All-Star Team! (However you may not vote for yourself). Three people from each country will be placed in the roster. The Team Leaders from each country will pick the roster for every match. There will be up to 9 countries to fight over. (You can find a map on the website for explanation). This means 1 match each week, wednesdays @ 19.oo cet! The duration of this league can be from 5 weeks up to 9 weeks, all depending on the result from matches.

This is just a short explanation, as good as I can :).
All information about this league and other things can be found here.

World War III: The Battle of Europe
IRC Channel: #world-war.ns
Mike on 06 October 05 19:34


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