Week 5 Predictions, 2nd Division

Hey again guys, firstly I’d like to apologise for not publishing any week 4 predictions, reason being, it was my birthday last Monday, then I ended up going to see my relatives (I had no say…) all week, I had loads of stuff to do when I came back, it was impossible to find time to do things, not to mention my sister hogging the computer!

Well, here are the week 5 predictions, I hope you enjoy this last week, maps are ns_origin and ns_orbital. Good luck to all teams.

Howdeh’s Week 5 Predictions

Division 2 : Group A

VIGOR* - wtf.=>

Ouch, a late-coming team vs and inactive team, whether this will be played, I don’t know. I’m sorry once again, but I still haven’t been able to watch VIGOR*, I haven’t seen them even try schedule or play any practise wars, so I cannot talk about this team.

Having played with most of the players in wtf.=> in previous seasons, and playing with ChiBi` in a team, this team, I can talk about! Having two games and forfeiting one, this team doesn’t have a chance of going into the play-offs, however, they could make this a last week victory, and at least go up one or two places in the group. Wtf.=> most likely will have this game in the bag, especially with their aggressive lerks and fades, and they’re nice marine line-up, I’d recommend watching this game, because if you’ve doubted this team from the start of the season, I think they can show a lot more effort and teamwork this week, providing it’s the last week.

For this game I’d predict a VIGOR* 0-4 wtf.=>, mainly because wtf.=> have experience, and can actually work as a team, they just need to prove it.

Impact Players:
Wtf.=>: w00 (Marine), ChiBi (Lerk), khelben (Fade?)

Quaxy - sR |

Woah cool, Finnish versus Swedish! Quaxy and sR | both have teamwork, a nice skill level of players, and know how to tear their enemy apart, this time, they’re both going to have to battle it out in the last week! Quaxy haven’t really proved their real skill this season, in my opinion, mainly because they’re drawing way too much, and everybody knows that they can win, especially with their experienced players, such as Talis. They’re team has no problem in skill level, its all about the teamwork and motivation. This team will be able to pull out some points in this game, providing they show what they are made of.

Snow Rollers seem to be doing great this season, having won all their games, and only losing two rounds, (one win being a forfeit – however, this wouldn’t bring them down even if they played) this team knows what they’re doing, and how they’re going to do it. This team has many good players, such as tjab0 and Taurus (atman now?), this team has a good chance of winning this game, providing they don’t make the careless mistakes they sometimes do (they always realise what they have done wrong.), and make it a good victory to secure they’re position in the play-offs.

For this game I’d predict a Quaxy Gayming 1-3 Snow Rollers, providing Snow Rollers pull out everything, however, Quaxy could do the same, and make it a draw, or maybe even a win!

Impact Players:
Quaxy Gayming: Talis (Marine), MULK (Skulk), rapsu (Fade)
Snow Rollers: atman (Fade), Action_IHOP7 (Lerk), JustMe (Commander)


The mighty experienced YO-clan-clan against the Americans of the division, well, both teams are doing well, and both teams still have some games to play, so the points from this game may not be the final ones! Starting with NS~F, having only lost one game, they can still pull themselves up to second or top to get into the play-offs, if it works how I think it does! Having played this team a few times, they definitely have what it takes to win this game, considering the fact that they have -=WalkingTargets=- master-mind. I’m going to watch this game, and hope the best for this team.

NATURALFISHERS, I have not seen much as of yet, though I know they’re not to be underestimated, rumours say they have sometimes have some godlike marine rounds, and have proved to win alien rounds! This team will do well in points, not that they aren’t already, having 2 forfeits, I don’t think the points would change, other than getting the one for participating. I look forward to this game!

For this game I’d predict a NS~F 3-1 NATURALFISHERS, though if NATURALFISHERS show us one of their good marine rounds, they might be able to get some extra points!

Impact Players:
NS~F: -=WalkingTarget=- (All Round…Again), Yeti (Lerk), Sifright (Fade)
NATURALFISHERS: Isamil (Lerk), Kamakazeeee (WHO WAS THIS? Skulk)

Division 2 : Group B

v3.ns - [Kiez]

This game should be exciting to watch, the American carry machines versus the German tanks of the division! V3 Have been performing quite well these past weeks, some results came to a shock, have been some rows, but it was all fair, and can’t be changed! With the two Irish players leaving, these might be in a critical position, especially when losing their Lerk, however, they have a substitute! This team should do well, providing most of their Americans play. I look forward to watch amplifiers tactic on marine side, will it be straight for the nodes, or will it be a shotgun?! Let’s wait and see!

Well, with the loss of Handschuh, Kiez seem to be underperforming, however, its only by a little bit, it seems they don’t really depend on their regless fade/skulk, with Cobi now fading, they may or may not still have the upper hand, with Saebel being not really active, I think this will turn into a disaster. I just hope they can keep up, and stay around for the play-offs. With R@mbo|MS in the chair, and Cheesy being very aggressive with his Lerk, they should do well both sides. Show me you can do it!

For this game Id’ predict a V3 2-2 Kiez, however, both teams know they can prove me wrong, again, the team who exceeds the most pressure and holds their anger will pull through.

Impact Players:
Veni Vidi Vici: I HATE GAYLIENS (Marine, Fade), Steve (Lerk), Amplifier (Commander)
[Kiez]: Cobi (Fade), Cheesy (Lerk), R@mbo|MS (Commander)

^rawR? - Fallen`

Another match I’m just looking forward to watch…or play! Both teams have progressed a lot this season, having added new members to each of their roster, they’re both ready to rock and roll, let’s go! ^rawR? Seem to be playing very well this season, providing its their first season, with tomato teaching all he knows through his rage, and Doctor in the chair pushing his marines to victory, this should be great to watch. I look forward to see they’re tactics on both sides, especially on orbital.

Well, with the loss of Smoke and ChiBi` this season, Fallen Angels haven’t seemed to fall, but get better with the addition of Beefi, and good old pubber Runnie, who has been trained to Angel standards! Having try weird tactics these past few days, they feel they have improved massively since the defeat of v3, and are ready to push even further. With ContagiouS in the chair, and a new Fade in the roster, they will do well both sides.

For this match I’d predict a ^rawR? 3-1 Fallen Angels, providing the Angels play a good marine round, and make the least mistakes possible! However, just like how ^rawR? Upset v3, they may do the same to the Angels!

Impact Players:
^rawR?: tomato (Lerk), Doctor (Commander), sephywoth (Marine), Heretic (Fade)
Fallen Angels: ContagiouS (Commander, Gorge), Trigu (Lerk), wicker, beefi (Fade, Marine)

^|TTS|^ - lif //

TTS seem to be doing well this season also, even with the losses they still play, and always see the fun side of playing, there’s no whining in their games, and I like them for this. They have been around for an awfully long time, and still enjoy playing in this League. TTS are by far the strangest clan in the ways of the tactics, every game they surprise everybody in the HLTV with a crazy tactic, which surprisingly succeeds. I look forward to this game, who is going to command by the way? I heard you had 4 Commanders!

Lif // are the same as TTS, they still play, even with the losses, they may not have been around for as long, but they still show the sportsmanship every team expects from each other. This team HAS progressed, with Aryans really annoying Lerk, and their fades. This game should be able to get both teams points.

For this game I’d predict a ^|TTS|^ 3-1 lif //, however, the Latvians can pull another round, and they know they can. Good luck both teams.

Impact Players:
^|TTS|^: Voodoo (Commander), NSSlayer (Marine), SoLDieR (Fade)
Latvian International Force: Aryan (Lerk), Surrounder (Fade)

I’d like to wish all teams good luck in the games needed to be played, Group A need to play a few games. This season has been great to play in, and I’d like to thank all teams for making it fun, and staying active this season.
jiriki on 24 February 08 18:03



Blank howdeh | minions

^rawR? 2-2 Fallen Angels... Either i miss-typed or someone has had a mess around!

24 February 2008, 18:28


Blank khelben

nice preds howdeh,as ever.

24 February 2008, 19:01


Blank lump

no you were right first time :P j/k

24 February 2008, 19:24


Blank Tjul

me ouf com ?! :s xD

24 February 2008, 20:31


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

wow fu predictions :p
I will fastfade for kiez not cobi :p
I think v3 will improve with the loss of the Irish dudes not the other way round...

24 February 2008, 20:51


Blank howdeh | minions


24 February 2008, 21:37


Blank Iots | el'pheer

is your sister hot?

24 February 2008, 22:32


Blank rapsu | Quaxy


25 February 2008, 09:26


Blank orb

How old is your sister ?

25 February 2008, 20:49


Blank howdeh | minions


25 February 2008, 21:04


Blank khelben

mikä meininki blondi?

25 February 2008, 21:12


Blank hitokiri

lol 3-1

25 February 2008, 23:51


Blank GuiZ

Sweet home Alabama.

26 February 2008, 12:18


Blank Tweadle

I love the "however, team x could steal points if...". Show some faith in your own predictions!

26 February 2008, 15:46


Blank howdeh | minions

Trying to make them feel good by telling them that they can!

26 February 2008, 21:14


Blank Admirable | coolclan

Amen brother!

27 February 2008, 02:46


Blank lump

manipulation by the media?! you might as well be terrorists!

27 February 2008, 05:51

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