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Hey guys,

Just a quick reminder to warn you that you have three days to sign up your teams for ENSL s10. Remember that the sooner you can sign up your team with full rosters the easier it is for the admins to declare divisions and set the schedule! Sign ups close this Wednesday - 16th April.

As of all the ENSL season however any players that sign up during the first week period can play in the first week! So do not be too worried if your having trouble contacting your players they still have a while to join your roster!

Also take note of the post below and the hungarian scam.
One last point: ENSL is still seeking predictors and referees! - If you think your up for the task lay either jiriki, admirable or me (GibbZ) a message on IRC.

GibbZ out
GibbZ on 13 April 08 08:12



Blank Johs

Oh no, it is ManBearPig!

13 April 2008, 14:01


Blank Admirable | coolclan

*Admin High Five*

13 April 2008, 17:44


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

gibbz wanted to make an important post !

13 April 2008, 23:11


Blank GreeN | cisequaltothree

gobot wanted to make an unimportant one !

14 April 2008, 00:39


Blank macpersil

Sprogga wanted to be important!

16 April 2008, 03:39


Blank kurze | Velvet Coat Squad

thumb up 2 ensl staff

16 April 2008, 14:36

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