ENSL Plugin 1.1.3 Released & Week 2 Predictions!

ENSL Plugin Version 1.1.3


As some bugs have been found from the plugin and we decided to make it voluntary for the last week, I'm now releasing a fixed version. I kept the feature changes to minimum to avoid creating any new bugs. Anyway, thanks for the feedback guys. Please install the plugin on your servers. This week's games require it!

Download ENSL_SrvPkg-v1.1.3.zip

NOTE: It is only for server hosters, clients don't require it.


  • Added command: /mercs shows opponents' current mercenaries.
  • Added command: /check check your own rates & variables. It warns for incorrect values.
  • New restrictions:

    rate: 10000 - 25000 cl_cmdrate: 50 - 150 cl_updaterate: 40 - 150 fps_max 50 - 300.

    Changing any of these during official results in kick.
  • ensl_checkrates 3 works now
  • Inability to ready due incorrect team headcount -bug has now been fixed.
  • Possible lagspike on playerjoin -bug has been fixed.
  • Plugin is now less verbose, many messages have been cleaned up.
  • Ratechecking has been tweaked and it doesn't spam you anymore.
  • Referees can now enforce ensl nicks.
  • /mercsok approves only the current mercs.
  • Spamlimiting prints only one message.
  • setinfo enslicon value for default icon is -1 instead of 0.

You might wonder why the version is 1.1.3 and not 1.1.2. The reason is that I released a partly fixed version which was installed on some servers and used in one official. To avoid any confusion, I'm now increasing the version number too.

Yours, jiriki

Bacillus' Div 2 Predictions

Group A

Noname - NS~F

NS Force opened the season with a nasty defeat, but their performance wasn't all that bad. Their skulkwork was a little bit scattered here and there, but most of all they were overpowered by the likes of Freight_train. The nameless on the other hand are yet to be tested by the Europeans, since Orchid gave them a forfeit. I'd call this a stantard alien tie 2-2, but I'm confident that NS~F will punish any bigger mistakes on Noname's alien rounds and make it a 3-1 if given the opportunity.

Biggest impacts
NS~F:Jiriki (all-around, experience), Pessimist(marine)
Noname:The ability to pull off consistent rounds under heavy lag.

My pred: The drama-free 2-2

bP - Orchid.ns

This week the bP face Orchid. A week ago the Germans surprised me with their performance. Both their alien and marine rounds were impressive for a new team and with a little bit more of practise they might end up relatively high in the division. Orchid on the other hand forfeited their first match, so their shape is still to be seen. The match is a close call, but I think the bP have a good opportunity to take their first ensl match. The biggest questing is whether bP can find effective tactics for their marine rounds. I'll predict 3-1 for bP, taking both rounds in Tanith and alien in Lucid.

Biggest impacts:
bP:Rainbow (sg), The marine tactics
Orchid:The activity

bP 3 - 1 Orchid

Vital - DOM

The match of the week in lower divisions, no doubt. Pre-season looked bad for Dom since they had a small lineup with little activity, but now they're reinforced with some top notch Americans, FREIGHT_TRAIN for example. I'd say its up to Bigbanana to find counters to carryfades and good marine aim. Domicide on the other hand has to overcome the ping disadvantage. The relatively laggy game might cause a lot of dead lifeforms and inconsistent play overall, but its going to be one of the top matches of the division this season anyway.

Biggest impacts:
Vital:Bigbanana (commander), Howdeh (all around), Android (all around)
DOM :FREIGHT_TRAIN (all around dominator), Noxolan (all around)

Dom 3 - 1 Vital.

Group B

TTS - {x707x}

One of the interesting matchups this week. TTS opened the season with a draw against Quaxy, while the 707 didn't manage to win any rounds against ^rawR. TTS had some nice teamwork, but seem to be lacking the dominant lifeforms and top individuals. 707 on the other hand was a bit unlucky having some crucial connection issues that might have decided a round at least. They played relatively good, although they still react a bit slow as a team here and there. Also, the marine rounds seem to be missing a bit of aggression, allowing the enemies to have more than enough lifeforms as the round goes on. Another close call, but I'd say tts is going to take this one home with their more aggressive play.

Biggest impacts:
The commanders and their tactics. TTS' lifeform play. The effect of lag.

TTS 3 - 1 {x707x}

^rawR - Avalanche

Two very different teams facing here. The old Finns vs the relatively new team of rawR. High skill individuals such as Scale and Citrus against one of the most well rounded teams in the div. The big factors are Scale's performance and how rawR plays without d4_sh3m4l3/Berglund as their solid marine and fade. I think its an alien draw in Lucid, leaving Tanith as the deciding map.

Biggest impacts:

^rawR: The fading replacement, Doctor (comm), Shotgun Ed (sg)
Avalanche: Scale, Citrus

^rawR 3 - 1 Avalanche

jiriki on 04 May 08 19:37



Blank frG | TROLLS

Good work, installing the plugin as we speak :)

Keep it up jiriki!

4 May 2008, 19:40


Blank CraZyIvan

gj jiriki and bac :D

4 May 2008, 20:19


Blank howdeh | minions

Counter-Attacks: Check.
Life forms: Check.
BigBanana: We lose...
howdeh: Marine aim.

4 May 2008, 20:56


Blank Johs

Peanut: Mexican.

4 May 2008, 21:00


Blank Admirable | coolclan

Really nice work Bacillus.

Jiriki you suck, Macpersil for Head Admin and Plug-in codererer.

4 May 2008, 21:26


Blank jiriki | old people

Watch it ulster boy.

4 May 2008, 21:28


Blank howdeh | minions

nice preds Bacillus :< 3-1 to us :D

5 May 2008, 01:39


Blank atman

does this mean i cant script 20 fps when firing my lmg anymore :<

5 May 2008, 01:48


Blank Hammond | coolclan

relatively good predictions

5 May 2008, 02:41


Blank howdeh | minions

yeah no more no-regging swedes.

5 May 2008, 18:51


Blank Arj | Ant

looking good bacillus

6 May 2008, 11:59


Blank Android | Snowrollers

Yeah nice to see that u had faith in us bac :(
(gj on preds ;)

6 May 2008, 15:41

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