Rule modification

6.4 Plugins and HLTV

Every match has to be played on a server which has the CAL plugin. If you can't find a server with it, the match will be rescheduled. If you play your match on a server without the plugin, you will take a double forfeit.

Save your CAL screenshots. At any time, and for any reason, an admin or referee may ask to see them.

Due to its relative uselessness and the technical issues it can bring, Cheating-Death is not enforced nor encouraged. If, before a match, both teams want to play with CD enforced, they are allowed to. But if one team refuses, the match will be played without.

A HLTV must be set, regardless of the presence of a referee.

6.6 List of forbidden/authorized "exploits":

Updated regularly as they are discovered or abused. Using a forbidden exploit can be subject to default loss or player suspension.

•Type 1: Blocking Vents: The NS team believes that blocking a ground level vent from the outside or building within a vent is exploitive and are investigating measures to remove it from the game.

•Type 2: Blocking Corridors, Hallways, Doors: This includes dropping marine structures in locations to block doorways. We consider this to be a valid strategy, and if the marine team has the resources to accomplish this, then that's their decision.

•Type 3: Blocking Enemies: This generally consists of dropping a structure on or directly beside a retreating foe and preventing their progress. We believe this to also be an exploit and are investigating measures to remove it from the game.
Based on official devteam announcement

Note: CC's are only allowed to be used with the purpose of relocating.

Every maps bug are forbidden.
Mike on 17 October 05 23:15


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