Promises, promises, promises

Fear not! The ENSL is not dead...

Here's a few of the things we've been promising you:

  1. The match report from the Division 1 Finals

    The Sproggalots vs nineLegends in words!
    It's quite long... I got a bit carried away.

  2. Announcing the Division 2 Winners

    Congratulations to Vital!


    Regrettably, Vital have won by forfeit as NS-Force were unable to field a team and no replacement could be found.

    However, I fully believe Vital earned this title having shown their caliber throughout the season and I look forward to seeing them in Division 1 next season.

    Thanks again to all the teams, leaders and players in Division 2 for keeping the European NS alive and helping to bring new players to our beautiful game!

  3. Natural Selection Night Cup XII

    Need a fix of competitive NS over the summer?

    Then you should check out NS Night Cup 12 Sign-ups. You can register your team by creating a new topic here following these instructions.

    We intend to run NSNC12 on the weekend of 19th-20th July, in accordance with our amazing poll.
    So sign-ups will close on Friday 18th July, unless there are less than 8 teams.

I understand the Night Cup website needs to be updated and is currently displaying garbage...

But am rocking on down to Oxegen Festival for a few days and just figured I'd give you plenty of time to sign up first.

The mighty jiriki showed me his secret PHP kung-fu before he became a meat shield vital cog in the Finnish War Machine, so I will fix it when I return on Monday... or Tuesday depending on how wasted I get ;)

ENSL Staff
Admirable on 10 July 08 04:59



Blank Starchy | Anonym Anti Anti A.


10 July 2008, 05:51


Blank kranky | minions

i won !!!

10 July 2008, 07:32


Blank Arj | Ant

Nice post Ad <3

10 July 2008, 15:18


Blank Hammond | coolclan

your shit festival is RUINING my clan
I hate you, Steven

10 July 2008, 17:33

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