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Hello there,

Quite a few people have been asking me "When is the Night Cup?" and "Is the Night Cup this weekend?", so I am going to make it as clear as possible...

The Natural Selection Night Cup 12 (NSNC12) is scheduled to run this weekend; 19th & 20th July 2008.

However if the minimum required number of teams (8) have not signed up, NSNC12 will be postponed until there are enough teams.

Sign-ups close tomorrow; Friday 18th July 2008.

Love you!

Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update! Update!

We now have 9 teams signed up, so NSNC12 will be happening this weekend.
Sign-ups will close today, Friday 18th July 2008 at 20:00 CET.
The brackets will be announced shortly after.

Please make sure all your players and their steamids are listed in the sign-up thread or they may not be eligible.

Still love you!
Admirable on 17 July 08 22:43



Gp Cobi


17 July 2008, 22:50


Fi vallanhaamu | Anonym Anti Anti A.

i think you have to wait for that 8 teams quite a while

17 July 2008, 22:51


De mentalist

i love you too james

17 July 2008, 23:25


Ie Admirable | coolclan

Well, Zakj, from what I've heard Flatline-Ns are definately a maybe ;)

17 July 2008, 23:55


Sl GibbZ | 9L

Already signed up adz

18 July 2008, 00:07


Ie qin

Horrible ugly font, I thought someone got banned ;\

18 July 2008, 00:51


Ag smokealot

so when was the nightcup?

18 July 2008, 03:46


Eu AltFrthz

Can't play in the Nightcup my diary is clogged with WoW and Runescape appointments. 6/8.

18 July 2008, 06:16


Fi Iots | el'pheer


18 July 2008, 07:54


De gobot | Stray Dogs

love you too

18 July 2008, 21:34

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