Important NSNC12 update


Firstly, config.ns have been dropped as they were very probably unlikely to field a team.

The cup was looking pretty sad with my original structure and as I had said previously we wanted NSNC12 to be a double elimination competition (i.e. a cup with a loser bracket) but I was unsure of the technical side.

So I had a little fiddle with the brackets page and I think I've cracked it. There will now be a loser bracket!

This means the schedules have changed.

All teams now have their first match at 18:00 CET today (Saturday 19th July).

I will try to contact all the leaders now, but please spread the word and organise your fixtures in good time.

Admirable on 19 July 08 17:12



Blank bp

how dare you! your face must die!


20 July 2008, 12:20


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

Yea fuck you very much for changing it ON SATURDAY so that we had to be here at 5, when I thought I had until 7 to get home...

21 July 2008, 19:20

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