Hi everyone,

Today the new season starts which means you can start scheduling
and playing your matches. First week will end Sunday though. There is
still a ENSL Clan Leader Steam community which is meant to have one representative per team. You might find it useful to schedule your matches.

If you have any questing or if you know that your team wont be able to participate please contact an admin immediately.


This system will be like the last season. 1st Division will have 3
weeks. 2nd division is split into two groups, each of it will last 5
weeks. After the group stage, Semi-Finals will be played between 1st of
group A and 2nd of group B and vice versa. Winners of these matches
will face each other in the Finals.

Website and Ensl Server 2

You all might have noticed that our website was crashing quite often
recently, the old server couldn't handle the workload anymore.

Fortunately the page has been moved to a faster server.
Thanks to amx he is hosting the website as well as the new Ensl2 game server.

Staff changes

Voodo and Macpersil have joined the staff to reinforce the admin team.
Cosmic and vincedotlink became new Refs.
Welcome to the team.

If you want to help out as Ref contact a admin.

So lets get this season rolling.

M on 03 November 08 20:17



Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

Admins is just a such big joke.
Look at the matches in div1. do u see the fun part?

3 November 2008, 21:15


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

1. workload crashed the server? there's 20 ns players left :e

2. cosmic as admin, hahahahahaha.



naja that's the flatliner who banned admins from ENSL finals?

remaining players better learn the phrase "ja wohl, meine fuhrer"

3 November 2008, 21:28


Blank M

1. the page is bad coded and ask jiriki if u dont belive me

2. cosmic is ref

3 November 2008, 21:30


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

2. my bad <3

3 November 2008, 22:06


Blank msq

mp gay

3 November 2008, 22:08


Blank Fana | Archaea

Don't really understand why you guys bother anymore, this is starting to look more and more like ANSL just before they finally gave up.

4 November 2008, 00:29


Blank dugi

suck my cock nigger and go play cs

4 November 2008, 02:17


Blank vallanhaamu | Anonym Anti Anti A.

exactly Fana. NS is like a corpse that has been taken out of the grave and these guys are fucking it. Just give up already, NS is dead.

4 November 2008, 11:36


Blank Hammond | coolclan

I'm a robot.

4 November 2008, 12:33


Blank qin

Macpersil as a head admin. Talk about ironic ending chapters to ENSL :D

No, SRSLY. We should just give up on these seasons. Throw a gather every now and then or hold a whole weekend for it after christmas. Let the dead lie and wounded wait for the new engine..

4 November 2008, 13:25


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

NS2 wont come for a long time, i dont know about MP, but im serious about this, i wanna make this league work.

4 November 2008, 13:42


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

we dont need more teams, we dont need more players, we need to play and thats it.

4 November 2008, 13:43


Blank naduli | Exertus

Macpersil as a (head) admin, haha what a joke

4 November 2008, 18:53


Blank d-


4 November 2008, 19:57


Blank Android | Snowrollers

The ns community is not dead. Its just "taking a break".... LOL!
No seriously, take care of this league... Is it really worth it to act like a kid for 1 week and be bored for 1 year? NO! so fucking play and HF!:P

5 November 2008, 01:36


Blank rapsu | Quaxy

Ns has been dead over 3 years and we are still playing it??????? JIIIIHHHAAAAAAAAAA STOP THE DEAD BULLSHIT ITS DEAD WHEN RAPSU SAYS SO!!!!

5 November 2008, 10:00

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