Week 1 predictions, the 2nd coming!

Bacillus' Div 1 Predictions:

Snowrollers - Flatline-NS

The Swedes of SR have fought their way up to the top of the European NS during the last few seasons. However, they haven't still proven to be equal to the two remaining giants, Flatline and Gangbang. This week is going to be their chance. The German powerhouse Flatline has gone through some more inactivity and roster changes. They've been slowly losing most of their original top lineup. While the new lineup still has a lot of skill and potential, it's most likely difficult to get the skulkwork and marine coordination to the level where it has been. I think it's up to Phil and Morvie to make the difference in the matches. As long as Morvie's shotgun works wonders and Phil's insane movement skills keep the alien rounds going, Flatline shouldn't be in trouble. Nevertheless, one failed sg push or flashed lerk and the team might be a lot more vulnerable than it used to be with the old skulk and marine play.

This week's match is going to be interesting. SR needs to find answers against the deadly FL shotgun pushes and lifeform play. I'd say SR has a chance if they get an early marine advantage and keep the momentum going and lifeform count low. On alien rounds they need some nice early skulkwork to keep their nodes up against the deadly SG of Morvie. Flatline on the other hand needs to keep their game going steadily and simply overpower the Swedes. The match is going to be interesting also because of the great individual skill in both teams. As mentioned, Phil and Morvie are definitely European top, but SR has also got huge individual potential. Atman and Bergy are both capable of doing huge damage if given the chance.

The varying activity makes teams a little inconsistend here and there, but I'd say FL still has this one under their control. My prediction is 3-1 for FL, taking both rounds on eclipse.

Impact players:
Flatline : Phil, Morvie, Saperion (comm)
Snowrollers: Atman, Berglund

NS-Ru - Gangbang

This is going to be interesting. By looking at their lineup, I'd say Team Russia shouldn't be on the Div 1. They've got some experienced players on the lineup, but definitely not 6 players that have proven themselves in the prem div before. On the other hand the Russians have been unpredictable before and I wouldn't be surprised to see them taking their game to the prem level. Their biggest problem is probably going to be the lack of total wtfpwn player. Macpersil and Snake are definitely on a big role, but I don't know if they can shred other teams to pieces, like the key players in other teams. Their opponent isn't going to be an easy one either. The Finnish top team has been around since the early days of ENSL. Nowadays known as Gangbang, they are still a formiddable opponent for any team left in the ENSL. Their teamwork is most likely top notch, because of the long common clan history of most of the players. When it comes to individual skills, Peach is arguably the best comm left in NS and Tane's aim is still almost inhuman. I'd say their lifeform play lacks the absolute top specialist, but Tane and Vartija can both deal nicely with the fading and we can expect to see Nade, NsN or Kuitmo lerking.

The match itself is in my eyes going to be a little uneven. Gangbang has got the solid lineup and routine, while Ru is still probably figuring out with their more international lineup. I'd call it an upset if Ru takes more than one round from this game. Nevertheless, eclipse is a tricky map once you lose the momentum even for a second.

My pred is 3-1 for Gangbang, losing the alien on eclipse.

Impact players
Gangbang : Tane, Peach
Team Russia : Macpersil, Snake
Voodo on 07 November 08 16:15



Blank Vision | Quaxy


7 November 2008, 16:17


Blank naduli | Exertus

good job, a lot better than some of the div2 ones

7 November 2008, 16:17


Blank rapsu | Quaxy

NEVER GONA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONA RAPSU YOU DOWN NEVER GONA.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YGN09hTdqM&feature=related

7 November 2008, 16:22


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

lol rapsu

7 November 2008, 16:27


Blank Bacillus | Quaxy

I'll try to write some more in depht preds next week after I've got some sleep and hopefully even seen some of the teams playing a pcw or the first ensl match.

7 November 2008, 17:38


Blank atman

good preds nonetheless

7 November 2008, 20:37


Blank rapsu | Quaxy

bacillus is my preds hero. vuhuuuuuu

8 November 2008, 03:22


Blank Afasia

rapsu shut the fuck up maybe?

8 November 2008, 07:44


Blank macpersil

idd rapsu he said mp and snake are not good enuff so STFU RAPSU GO AWAY FUU!

8 November 2008, 12:24


Blank rapsu | Quaxy

You cant silence the voice of the voicless!!!1111

8 November 2008, 13:11


Blank Afasia

XD every town needs it nutcase! :)

8 November 2008, 14:05


Blank GibbZ | 9L

enigmatic` will impact for sR.

8 November 2008, 15:58


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

me thinks so to :>

8 November 2008, 16:40


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers


12 November 2008, 14:40


Blank Arj | Ant

Good preds thanks

20 November 2008, 04:55

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