Week 2 Summary, Week 3 Predictions

Week 2 Summary

...Whisper it quietly, but rumour is spreading that there is no longer a clear-cut favourite in the Premier league. This week saw some great games across the leagues; but as usual the Premiership will be our focus.

No set "match of the week" in the end- saunamen/bte, rage.ns/storm and Insane/EoD were all great matches to watch. Giving a report on just one would be unfair on the other two matches- I suggest you scour this site and IRC to find demos. As expected, Levitacus dispatched el'pheer with consummate ease.

Player of the Week - wltrs (rage.ns). We already knew wltrs was a class act, but he dragged rage.ns kicking and screaming into a highly competitive match against storm. Almost single-handedly, for 5 minutes he held off a siege/SG rush on SatCom.

Team of the Week - Evolve or Die. The Spaniards gave Insane a run for their money- almost coming away with two rounds. Indeed- our fickle spectators predicted EoD to be "the best team in Europe". Whilst I won't go that far- they have improved and are contenders for a mid-to-high finish.

Moment of the Week - ray k and Cortex. You couldn't do this if you tried. Whilst defending Biodome against an EoD onslaught, ray k as lerk brought one of the lifts up... Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Insane's sole-remaining Fade, Cortex, made an ill-fated decision to blink up the rapidly closing lift. The result? Worldspawn kill. Ouch!

Week 3 Predictions

ns_origin... Go see last week's predictions for info! Yes I'm lazy. To sum up: aliens win, lifts bring pain to Fades.

ns_lost A sexy map that I enjoy playing on. History lesson (pay attention, class!): introduced as a 2.0 map; lost was a 12-month job by Greedo386. Currently at v2.0 (who remembers v1 with the exploitable-weldable RT near MS?), lost is a nicely balanced map that allows multiple strategies. Temperature control (central RT) is a crucial point on the map. If the marines take it, Equilibrium is as good as theirs, and it's a great foot-hold on Cargo. As for the hives, I fear giving my opinion on what I feel are the good/bad ones, but what the hell: Cargo is positioned a good distance away from the MS, and the RT outside it has a handy vent for easy defense... but that's about as good as it gets. The sheer size of the room means JPs have a field day here, and a PG/siege spot on the north-west ramp usually reaps dividends. Equilibrum is just a damn weird hive. Marines can reach it in no time flat, and it's anyone's guess whether the HL Gods will decide to let the weldable siege-lift work. On the other hand, the layout of the room favours Lerks and Fades- it's flat enough to make celerity movement easy, and the change of height half-way across the room allows the Kharaa to get out of danger quickly. Alpha is a fairly nasty hive- whilst I've seen many SG rushes fail, I rarely see a siege fail. Defending when the marines are in the weldable corridor is hellish, and the Southern side is too open- marines can see the Kharaa come at them from a great range.

saunamen - storm (Match of the Week)

To be blunt: saunamen are doing better than I expected, with the reverse being true for storm. Still, I'm not sure that saunamen can win this one. storm can if they play well, although I think a draw is most likely- despite the form book favouring storm.

Prediction 2-2. saunamen to frustrate storm.

[EoD] - Levitacus

Levitacus will be looking forwards to this one. They will be hoping to use their demolition of el'pheer as a stepping stone to improved performances. EoD, on the other hand, will feel hard done by to only take one point away from Insane last week, and will want a better result this time. Although it's no secret that I'm a bit of a Levi fan-boy, I expect EoD to edge this one.

Prediction 3-1 to EoD. The Spaniards to take another victory against Finnish opposition.

bte - Insane

A loss and a draw for bte, so far- and I feel they may have to wait another week for a chance of first victory. The Germans are a top clan- no doubt- but Insane are sitting pretty, perched at the top of the table. A position they deserve.

Prediction 3-1 to Insane. Another victory here may well confirm Insane as the favourites for the title.

Select lower league prediction

Evil | - own? (Division 2)

The non-UK amongst you may not be well versed with these clans, but a quick check of their rosters should show familiar names. Whilst I can't help but feel that the addition of "Premiership mercs" to the squads has killed the once-billed "UK derby" feeling, this will nevertheless be a good game to watch outside of the Premiership. Evil now have a plethora of European players, and with "tah" they have a new aimbot-marine. Rumours abound of an ex-rage player joining their ranks, too. omgwtfns don't rely on one player, but they have three or four great marine players, and a solid, if unspectacular, alien round.

Prediction 3-1 to Evil.

Other News

- el'pheer and miau have gone inactive from the leagues. I'm hoping these will be the only casualties. If it makes any difference- I'd be surprised if we were still playing 3.0 by this time next week...

- Please don't all cram your matches into the weekend. We don't have enough servers to supply you with- this creates a nasty back-log of matches (this post was delayed until the EoD/Insane match was finished)

- the CAL plug-in that generates screenshots on clients does not affect your gaming. All screenshots are generated once the server sees that you have 0hp.

- Here you go Fana. Waste sucks. Bring it.
sherpa on 27 October 05 02:51



Blank cream

PENIS - tbh omgwtf vs evil score will be , 0-4 to evil - says UnK^

27 October 2005, 03:27


Blank UnK-

haha lies :) Nah good predictions but we will look forward to trying to prove you wrong :D

27 October 2005, 03:52


Blank JetJagusaurus

(who remembers v1 with the exploitable-weldable RT near MS?)

That was a pro reloc spot.

27 October 2005, 11:43


Blank narimer | Saunamen

Ye , too bad that fades just could shoot acid rocket's into there aswell.

27 October 2005, 11:57


Blank TaH

olololol i won t be able to play in the first week !

and in 4 of the 7 screenshots the plugin did in the last war, i still got


27 October 2005, 17:12


Blank TaH

and tbh Hickz,Fana,Ben and morphz will join evil,too! rofl!

27 October 2005, 17:17


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

taH if you check the screenshot it should (hopefully!) show you falling to the ground.

A couple of mine from last year show me with 12hp even though I'm facing sideways on the ground. I think the hp is just the client lag, as far as the server is concerned, you have been qpnt.

27 October 2005, 18:45


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Hmm that is strange!

Anyone got got screenies of CAL shots whilst still alive?

(Err... aren't CAL plug-in screenies supposed to show a CAL logo and you SteamID+IP in the background?)

27 October 2005, 20:34


Blank Mike

they are fake sherpa. a screen from cal plug in looks like this : http://hebus.aza.free.fr/ns_tanith.jpg

27 October 2005, 21:46


Blank TaH

its not a fake! i have to do other things instead of pushing F5 the hole game! i know that there is no cal logo in the background but the screenshot was taken by the plugin!

27 October 2005, 22:25


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Evil German.

27 October 2005, 23:19


Blank Mike

If you are not dead, don't have cal logo etc, it isn't a cal screenshots..

28 October 2005, 00:03


Blank ben

Yeh, you got a lot of dying to do

28 October 2005, 02:04


Blank frost

How can you like lost sherpa? You need some medicine son.

28 October 2005, 02:26


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree


It's one of those maps that has the "X-factor", imo. It just sits well with me!

Just wait till we get to metal. I'll pan that map.

28 October 2005, 02:30


Blank mu

lag does strange things to cal plugin

28 October 2005, 03:08


Blank frost

Atleast metal plays nicely ;)

28 October 2005, 03:26


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

True! But it's boring to look at and the French always dominate me on it!

28 October 2005, 04:15


Blank frG | TROLLS

Tah, this screenshot is not made by the Cal Plugin, however you might have some modifications running that alter the way of screenshots, messing up the screenshots from the cal plugin.

28 October 2005, 18:11


Blank TaH

you all could say what you want,cause i know that the screenshots were taken by the plugin! i send all of them to bobby 5mins after the match! 4 without the cal-logo 3 with the logo! perhaps the plugin thinks a normal player would die 99.999% in this situation but i m too L33T and survive but it takes the screenshot :>!

28 October 2005, 20:36


Blank aA

you hacks! :>

28 October 2005, 20:46


Blank Mike

oh ! that's why you die.. apologies.

28 October 2005, 21:06


Blank TaH

i ve never said that , mike!

i just say it doesnt work perfect!

and tbh Tah will never die!

28 October 2005, 22:02


Blank Avex

especially not as skulk!!1

28 October 2005, 22:07


Blank E

mtec also gone inactiv ... forgot us in the news -.-

29 October 2005, 01:32


Blank ben


29 October 2005, 04:00


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

btw, if we are at screenshots, i have a problem, and some of you may know the answer for it. so. if i press f5 (screenshot/snapshot) my NS (and every hl mod) freeze for like 5 sec. does anyone know, why is this? (i also freeze if the plugin makes the screenshot, but since im dead than, it doesent metters, but its annoying)

29 October 2005, 13:22


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

i updated my catalyst , and it was ok for 5 min, after it it started again :/

29 October 2005, 13:24


Blank frost

Make sure your chipset drivers are up to date. The pause is probably down to the transfer between the AGP/PCI, RAM and IDE bus' not being at its highest performance.

Its the cause of most performance issues on newer hardware.

29 October 2005, 22:21

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