ENSL Plugin 1.1.5 + Server Stuff


I'm happy to announce the release of a 1.1.5 version of ENSL Plugin. This is server-side package only and can be downloaded from here. I hope all match server admins install it. If you run into any problems, don't be afraid to contact me.

  1. New Icons
  2. A whole bunch of of bugixes, including:
    1. Player name enforcing
    2. ENSL Data Fetch
    3. Fixed a bug leaving unclosed sockets
    4. Numerous other bugifixes

  3. Help commands (amx_enslhelp amx_enslcvars) added
  4. Gag and server move commands added for referees
  5. Numerous code optimizations
  6. HLTV request/move support with demo recording and uploading
  7. Added a method to fetch general info from ENSL DB
  8. Changed combattime back to 15mins
  9. Compiled with a year newer ENSL (1.8.1)
  10. Includes AMXX 1.8.1
  11. Player information printed after the game
  12. Specs can send message to game by prefixing their message with dot

Planned Features
  1. Menus for ref commands
  2. A command (/delwp) to remove waypoint
  3. A command (/admin) to request an admin
  4. Match "report" to ENSL DB, including
    1. Game score & time
    2. Player information (frags, deaths, lifeforms etc.)
    3. Miscaellaenous events
    4. Ref reports from in-game

  5. Global ban support
  6. Something else, go suggest!

In other news, please be advised of our server situation:

ENSL #1 - http://ensl.zanith.nl - By: Clanhost.nl
DNS: s1.ensl.org

ENSL #2 - http://ensl.zanith.nl - By: Serverloft.de
DNS: s2.ensl.org

ENSL #3 - http://ensl.zanith.nl - By: Serverloft.de
DNS: s3.ensl.org

ENSL #4 - http://ensl.zanith.nl - By: Clanhost.nl
DNS: s4.ensl.org

ENSL #5 - http://ensl.zanith.nl - By: www.zanith.nl
DNS: s5.ensl.org

Thanks frG!

Also, as Admirable's vent has removed, we are hosting following voicecom servers:

Ventrilo 2.1 @ ensl.org:3784
Mumble 1.1.6 @ ensl.org:64738

Contact staff for channels. Alternatively you can get a channel from Macpersil's vent.

ENSL Staff
jiriki on 13 February 09 21:19



Blank IsoK | Anonym Anti Anti A.

I want my superman icon!

14 February 2009, 08:33


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

jiriki, you left out the random team join thingy, and good fing morning everyone

14 February 2009, 10:44


Blank Danny | Patphat

Good stuff, keep it up!

14 February 2009, 12:39


Blank Nde | Saunamen

Ois varmaan hyvä korjata tuo f4 bugi

14 February 2009, 18:28


Blank Nde | Saunamen

Näyttäs plugini kaatavan pelin jossain vaihees

14 February 2009, 20:13


Blank jiriki | old people

Nade, joo korjaan sen F4-bugin.

Mutta tosta kaatumisesta:
- millo se tapahtu?
- tapahtuko jotain sitä ennen? (esim. pelaaja joinas)
- mikä servu?

Kaatumisen voi aiheuttaa 20000000 asiaa, tarvii vähän spesifisempää infoa.

1.1.3 ei tainnu aiheuttaa melkeinpä yhtään kaatumista, joten tietty noi uudet featuret on voinu aiheuttaa, mikä rajaa vähän vaihtoehtoja. Toine on sit noi optimoinnit ja bugifixit on voinu tehä, mut niitä on niin monta etten muista ees minne kaikkiallle niitä tein.

14 February 2009, 20:59


Blank Admirable | coolclan


15 February 2009, 01:50


Blank jiriki | old people

F4F1-bug wasn't happening because of the plugin but because of old AMXX. Make sure you are running the newest AMXX.

15 February 2009, 14:51

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