Mop up week results + Tie breaker week incoming

Good evening everyone!

Well, lets start with the good news, shall we?

First of all, I would like to thanks to everyone for playing every match(apart from the Team Russia vs Saunamen match)!

Regarding the Team Russia - Saunamen match:
Team Russia didn't show up on the default time (Sunday 8 PM CET). Saunamen did not claim their forfeit right, but allowed Team Russia to get the match played until Wednesday evening! If the match does not get played until Thursday morning, Saunamen recives the forfeit(which makes no sense whatsoever in the point table compared to the current situation).

This means Team Russia still has the chance to get into the finals, by beating Saunamen 4-0.

Go for it lads, this is your last chance!

We will also have a bronze match at Division one(not needed if you guys don't want to play it, just a wild idea), between the 3rd and the 4th team.

Finalists for Division 1 will be announced at Thursday.

This week is the Tie breaker week, due to Division 2 situations, we have a Tie between DS.Kor and Kingclub (BM takes first place, by beating DS.Kor 3-1).

Tie breaker maps are as usual, maps from the first week till the last week, and then all over again.

Server(s) for this tie breaker can be chosen by the teams. In case of not being able to agree in a server, the one map here, one map there rule comes alive.

The winner of this Tie breaker will take the second place, and go to the finals versus BM.

Finalists for Division 2 will be announced right after the tie breaker.

Finals will be played the week starting with 13th, due to Division 2's tie breaker, and gardeners leaving for LAN.

For finals:

Both team chooses their maps, at least two days before the finals(Bacillus wants to do some sweet predictions as i understood).

If finals and/or bronze match comes to a tie, a tie breaker is in order.

ENSL Staff
Voodo on 06 April 09 04:13



Blank naduli | Exertus

Why play a bronze match when there could've been semi-finals?

6 April 2009, 10:05


Blank Tweadle

So the league isn't rendered totally pointless

6 April 2009, 11:36


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

semi finals would take another week elynn, we cant afford that

6 April 2009, 13:16


Blank Miglecz++

it is Summer Time now, why is CET mentioned? CEST maybe??

6 April 2009, 15:02


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

yea basicly CEST

6 April 2009, 15:25


Blank naduli | Exertus

Yeah they would definetly take another week like mop up week and we can't afford that? Yeah right...

6 April 2009, 15:27


Blank naduli | Exertus

Semi Finals would've only taken one extra match

6 April 2009, 15:28


Blank Yogi

Let's have quarter finals, add a dummy team to div1 and call it nightcup..

6 April 2009, 16:30


Blank Oetel

Make it a suggestion for s13 somewhere in the forums :) Personally I like knock-out stages a lot more than group stages, can't have enough winner/loser brackets imo. Oh well

7 April 2009, 05:26


Blank AliceTaylor

well, server rules fucking unbalanced. we play euro server with americans last time. the result was 2-2 we have over 300 pings all and americans have over 100 pings in euro server. this is awful.

7 April 2009, 06:56


Blank Talis | Quaxy

playing on a american server with 150ping isnt that bad, you just have to adapt

this league is helping other scenes to stay alive, isnt that the purpose?

7 April 2009, 09:16


Blank Talis | Quaxy

and by "scene" I mostly mean teams

7 April 2009, 09:22


Blank AliceTaylor

I know, so we suggested to play american server but they didn't agree with that. :( that is why we played in euro server. (well, some secret reasons also forced it)

7 April 2009, 12:54


Blank Bungle

don't delete my comments :/

and we don't want to play on American servers... Like, for real, we do not want to play on American servers. If admins force us to it will be the death of many teams, when the gooks could just go play in the American league instead?

7 April 2009, 19:55


Blank jiriki | old people

"well, server rules fucking unbalanced. we play euro server with americans last time. the result was 2-2 we have over 300 pings all and americans have over 100 pings in euro server. this is awful."

I agree, but sadly most EU teams just don't have the balls to play with even pings. That's why we have the current rules.

I think something could be done for non-EU teams but the problem is how do you define a "non-EU" team. Like if non-EU teams couldn't enforce EU servers, then teams could recruit some EU players just to call themselves EU-team, also some countries, like Russia which are partly EU and partly Asia are problematic.

Big thanks and congratulations to everyone, all matches played!

7 April 2009, 23:59


Blank lump

back when I was an admin, we had the rule that "you play on the server with the lowest and most equal latency for both teams out of those available".. I thought it was a nice simple and effective solution, goddamn koreans adding complications :P

8 April 2009, 02:48


Blank Oetel

When you were running a league the world was a better place. No wait. It wasn't.

8 April 2009, 02:58


Blank atman

it was!

8 April 2009, 04:48


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

whats this *world* you are talking about? o.O

8 April 2009, 09:21


Blank Mz

I think Alice is referring to the fact that americans refused to play in a server that is located in their own soil, but instead forced koreans to play in EU server, possibly to gain ping advantage?

8 April 2009, 10:12


Blank lump

Yes it was oetel, the current admins have caused the global recession and terrorism!

8 April 2009, 16:22

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