ENSL Plugin 1.1.6 Released


I'm releasing v. 1.1.6 of ENSL Plugin. It was meant to have more features (such as match reporting and delwp) but as some necessary bugfixes had to be made for other servers, I'm releasing it now.

>>> Version 1.1.6
- 0000019: [Features] /whois to lookup player info quickly
- 0000007: [Features] A command (/admin) to request an admin (no ircbot yet)
- 0000011: [Features] Global Bans
- 0000013: [Features] Shoutcast HLTV request
- 0000014: [Features] A command to force a team for player
- 0000021: [Changes] Internal Code Changes
- 0000004: [Changes] HLTV stop delay 90s
- 0000001: [Bugs] Teamjoin not blocked when walking to team
- 0000002: [Bugs] Users may get old information from previous players
- 0000003: [Bugs] HLTV bugs
- 0000018: [Bugs] amx_enslmove problems

Server opreators, please download here. This is only for servers, not for ns clients.

You can see report and give feedback in the bugtracker.

ENSL Staff
jiriki on 12 April 09 01:28



Blank Yogi

GJ jiriki!

Is this already supposed to be used in the tie-breaker match, which is going to be played in 7 hours?
(Just to avoid misunderstandings in case one team makes a big deal about that part of the rules)

12 April 2009, 01:41


Blank jiriki | old people

Technically yes, but we can do an exception here if the server administrator cannot be reached since the plugin does not have any immediate gameplay-affecting changes. But first round should be played on server with 1.1.6 to make HLTV transition easier.

12 April 2009, 02:30


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

thanks jiriki!

12 April 2009, 15:54

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