Signups for Nations and Nightcup

Hey everybody!

Signups for the Nations Cup 2009 and the 15th Night Cup are open!

- Click here for instructions how to sign up for Nations Cup
- Click here for instructions how to sign up for the Night Cup

Signups will close on 23rd April!

In the Night Cup, we will include ns_ayumi_e_b5, server admins, please install it!

For Nations Cup
- Only one team per nation
- Two maps will be played with tie breaker if needed
- It will be a bracket system, every step will be one week

For Night Cup:
- One NS map will be played, the first tie breaker will be an NS map, and than if it is still a tie, a combat tie-breaker to save time
- Bracket system also, with possible looser brackets

ENSL Staff
Voodo on 13 April 09 05:34



Blank naduli | Exertus

<insert random stupid comment that starts the conversation>

13 April 2009, 08:48


Blank Bacillus | Quaxy

<insert random counter-insult>

13 April 2009, 08:58


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

that was totally uncalled for

13 April 2009, 08:59


Blank Miglecz++

the new ayumi is great!

13 April 2009, 09:54


Blank naduli | Exertus

Pro instructions, we have to be either in national team or in night cup

13 April 2009, 10:05


Blank naduli | Exertus

maybe remove that national team doesn't need to be registered as a team

13 April 2009, 10:06


Blank jiriki | old people

Yes you are right, I made new instructions.

Also NSNC page has been updated now.

13 April 2009, 10:52


Blank Nephotep | New Team

vudu a tts indul magyar national teamként?

15 April 2009, 09:57


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

valoszinuleg igen

15 April 2009, 17:17

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