Week 5 Predictions

Week 5 Maps

ns_veil - see week 4 predictions.

ns_nothing - aka "Space Station Nothing - Sub Sector 77". Nothing was one of the original maps released with NS 1.00. It's an absolutely huge map that favours the alien team unless the marines change their tactics. Example- it takes roughly 1-2 mins for a marine to run from MS to Viaduct; not only does this eliminate the chance of building a sneaky PG by the hive without being seen, but chances are any squad that gets sent there will be continually harrassed by lerks, fades and skulks- most marine teams die before they reach their objective.

As such, large marine teams moving together, and a plethora of welders are the way to go. Early phase gates are essential. I suggest locking down a hive (cargo preferably, as it holds 2 RTs), thus reducing the area that the marines have to cover; then mining a PG in generator (to give u generator and miasma RTs). At this point, you can either accept that the aliens will get 2 hives up and set-up camp, whoring res for a tech rush; or you can send squads of marines to the second hive, in an attempt to knock it out. Just remember that a lerk alone can cause serious damage to an unprepared squad that has to run half-way across a large map.

Alien teams with poor team-work get off lightly on this map. The sheer size of the map means that it's hard for marines to defend their RTs- one or two dedicated skulks eating RTs for the whole round pays dividends. Even if you lose an RT at the start, there's still a good chance you can win: use your lerk to scout your hive locations, and tell your fade(s) where the marines are. If you find you have nothing to do- go for a base rush. Again, the size of the map is the reasoning here- chances are the commander will have to use a distress beacon, buying your team time. As soon as the second hive goes up, it's a walk in the park to finish off the marines, unless they have dug into fortified positions around the map.

Week 5 Predictions

The Premiership is a week behind everyone. Come back in a week for Prem predictions.

Select Lower League Predictions

Avalanche [5th: +1/-11] - fbh [4th: +2/-2] (Division 1)

The only Divison 1 match scheduled for week 5 sees another Finnish clan, Avalanche, face off against a small German squad.

Avalanche currently like bottom of the table, and will be hoping to avoid four defeats in a row.

fbh have had the misfortune of only playing one match so far, thanks to other clans dropping out. Led by saba and Ykarus, fbh will be looking to bp for some "well efficient" marine aim and skulking.

Prediction 4-0 to fbh. They may be little-known, but fbh have the potential to compete with 1 or 2 of the clans in the league above them.

own? [2nd: +11/-5] - DiE ! [3rd: +9/-3] (Division 2)

UnK's Euro clan "own?" go into this match second in the table. Currently undefeated (despite only winning 55% of their rounds) , a victory will increase the gap behind them, and will see them go top- albeit temporarily- as TTS aren't scheduled to play this week.

French clan DiE have an enviable 100% record so far (in terms of victories)- and are only behind opponents own? on account of matches played. Three 3-1 victories means they are beatable, but they are certainly in a strong position.

Prediction 3-1 to DiE. Basing this on DiE having beaten TeaMf 3-1, a team who drew against own?. But then again, my last own? match prediction was wrong!

[FRP] [1st: +12/-0] - [BoS] [2nd: +10/-2] (Division 3)

It's first against second in Division 3's most anticipated match so far.

[FRP] look unbeatable in this league, it has to be said, with players such as Pizza and lompo (inactive?) in their team. I assume from their team comment that they also have RedDog (ENSL Division 1-equivalent winners in ENSL1) players in the squad.

[BoS] are an all-Polish squad with 3 wins out of 3 so far, having only dropped 2 rounds. They look strong, but they are up against it.

Prediction 4-0 to [FRP], all but securing promotion for next year.

Other News

- Almost 9 out of 10 of you have said you would like to join a Christmas league (look at the poll at the bottom right of this site). I've got an idea for an NS league with a unique flavour, but I'd need help to thrash out the details. At least 3 people to help admin the league would be great. Speak English, be level-headed, PM me (sherpa) on IRC.

- I have found colours!
sherpa on 08 November 05 17:33



Blank weezer

there's one player on the frp roster who played with reddog in ensl1 (Cursed)

8 November 2005, 17:43


Blank dema

send -=)fbh(=- bp to west skylight for some nice cover . G_G

8 November 2005, 18:15


Blank Hammond | coolclan

Stop mentioning me, I've been only playing official matches and those rare pcw's for quite a while now :p

8 November 2005, 19:26


Blank cream

hehe we will just have to prove sherpa's preditions wrong

8 November 2005, 20:09


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree


you are my... 7th favourite Finn of all time.

8 November 2005, 20:31


Blank tomes

aaa we're gonna die:(

8 November 2005, 23:32


Blank weezer

"hehe we will just have to prove sherpa's preditions wrong"

wouldnt that be "try and prove", no? in any case, gl. remember that playing pcw's helps.

9 November 2005, 01:22


Blank cream

pfft the we dont have to try to prove him wrong :P

pcws dont really help tbh , unless their on ns_siege007

9 November 2005, 02:17


Blank UnK-

sherpa ur clanist against us i swear!! u ever gonna predict us to win?! :|

9 November 2005, 03:03


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

"Prediction 3-1 to DiE. Basing this on DiE having beaten TeaMf 3-1, a team who drew against own?. But then again, my last own? match prediction was wrong!!

9 November 2005, 03:53


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Sherpa - we had no comm?

I COMMED :D (+ we sg rushed :

9 November 2005, 10:49


Blank narimer | Saunamen

Maybe mr. Sherpa counts on that u might comm again Zma?

9 November 2005, 11:15


Blank GibbZ | 9L

oh god no!!!!!!!!

10 November 2005, 02:25


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Sharp speaks truth.

10 November 2005, 04:56


Blank Sharpi

i always do ;C

21 November 2005, 03:15

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