Cups and stuff

Some more info about the nation cup and nightcup

signups ends: Friday 24th
matches: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th, starting 18:00 CET
more info: no looser brackets, 1 map per stage, co_ tiebreaker , ns_anumi_e_b5 will be played

Nation Cup:
signups ends: Sunday 26th
matches: next five weeks (27th April - 31st May)
more info: 1 match per week, a cup without looser bracket, 2 maps per stage , ns_ tiebreaker

Don't forget to signup on our forums.

Keep in mind that some of this stuff can still change, but basicly before cups start not during it.

oh and by the way! be ready for div1 and div2 finals this sunday evening!

Elvisq on 16 April 09 09:19


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