End of Season 12

Greetings everyone!

Well, we lived to see it, All of the games got played, without any forfeits, finals got played in time, thank you everyone!

In more details:

The ENSL Champion is Saunamen, after winning over Internet Superheroes with 4-0! Congratulations!
Demos can be found here.

The Champion of Division Two, is Bäcon Männen, after playing 3-1 against the American Kingclub! Congratulations to them also!
Demos incoming shortly, be patient :)

Special thanks to: Every Referee who reffed at least one match, Bacillus, Maxx, Bungle, Lump, and MAAD!

And now some more good news!
Our old friend Yo-Clan did us a favor, and hosted a server in the United Kingdom, that's right, better ping for American-Korean-European matches!

Server's details: #yo-clan | www.yoclan.com [ENSL Server]
Password: jubjub
Feel free to use it, it has the latest ENSL plugin, and everything that is needed for a good pcw.

Also, stay tuned, as the Nightcup approaches this weekend, signups will close Friday, 24th! Matches will be played at 25-26th, starting 18:00 CEST! Remember to have ns_ayumi_e_b5! (Yogi might release another version by than, only bugfixes.)

ENSL Staff
Voodo on 20 April 09 02:41



Blank Talis | Quaxy

What I saw of the div1 finals was crushing, not much of a "great" match this time

20 April 2009, 08:23


Blank Oetel

That's because the saunamen were in form, and we weren't really. The last round was closer than the other 3 though.

20 April 2009, 11:17


Blank Oetel

Oh and congrats to them, for their 4-0 season ;)

20 April 2009, 11:17


Blank ret

Tbh saunamen well deseverd that , that had been playing together all week becoming stronger better as a team working together , us lol lucky to play once a week together , shows tbh. Well played :)

20 April 2009, 13:16


Blank Tweadle


20 April 2009, 13:26


Blank Arj | Ant

I think it was unrealistic to expect ISh to beat Saunamen. They did have a fantastic season tbh

20 April 2009, 17:34


Blank Arj | Ant

forgot to say congrats to Sauna :P
Time for flatline to come back and bring problems for Sauna next season? :)

20 April 2009, 17:35


Blank tjo

What's this new ayumi map thing? Anyone have screenies of changes? I cant check it out for myself because my account was hacked

20 April 2009, 18:48


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

you don't need account to visit the forums don't you?

20 April 2009, 18:57


Blank Yogi

Although I've offered it, I'm not that comfortable releasing another beta that close to the nightcup in case something is screwed up.
There aren't any gamebreaking bugs, since the healing on top of Hamasaki works (dunno what those frenchies did there :p), so I'd rather wait till after the nightcup, which gives more insight on the overall balance.

20 April 2009, 20:05


Blank Yogi


..also interesting for everyone else, who didn't check yet, because the overview shows the siege ranges for the hives, in case you are too lazy to find the proper siege spots yourself ;)

20 April 2009, 20:10


Blank Yogi

wow..comments gg
Screw that url :D

Well check out the general discussion forum, cba to spam comments now until I get the proper url posted.

20 April 2009, 20:13


Blank GibbZ | 9L

I completely disagree Arj. I don't think you've seen any of the players in ish perform at all.

We have some of the better marines in our team for this season including enigmatic and Handschuh. Our fades on form I would say are top level aswell. While our lerk game is probably our weakest with enigmatic, a less experienced lerk, lerking throughout the season, we still had sheep for the finals, although it was a pity he had only recently come back to NS and so wasn't really shining like he used to. Skulkwise the team is fine with the only real weaklinks being me and maybe Oetel. However Oetel makes that up with being a pretty awesome perma gorge, second best to zharp atleast :(.

The fact is saunamen have been playing ages together and have a very refined gameplan. Parasites, scouting and calling are all put together well, and although skillwise I wouldn't rate there players that much higher then us (if at all). They still shine through with much better teamplay and, as I have stated, a great gameplan.

Being a new team, we lacked teamplay and because we had so many inexperienced players (ones with skill/potential however) it was hard to fix any mistakes in the activity we had.

I do however not blame my team at all for the loss. But instead I blame myself completely. My clanleading this season was dreadful. I wasn't active enough to keep constant games going, and I didn't have the motivation to keep moral up. Instead it was more a case of getting a game when Hadndschuh or enigmatic whined at me, or when I really wanted to play a bit of NS.

Losing Tweadle was also a big hit as he was the core activity and in my eyes motivator. While I just wanted to play and then go out and get drunk, Tweadle was always the one getting worked up and angry over mistakes constantly trying to improve things and constantly looking out for potential players and creating roster changes, both of which I had no time for.

It was still however a really fun season in my opinion, and the length of it definately made it better. I hope next season there will be more competition however and maybe something to help motivate people.

Still Arj, once again you're making comments on stuff you don't know anything about. :S I know why you do it, however, I shalln't speak of it here.


Congrats to finns! They definatly deserved it. Well all except kuitmo. ;) clanhopper

20 April 2009, 20:53


Blank frG | TROLLS

There it is, was waiting for such a post.

Unlucky, once again.

20 April 2009, 22:05


Blank Bungle

lol frG, think we see a post like that when sprogga lost to nL? "Oh yeah we was inactive sooo...." lol

20 April 2009, 22:18


Blank Tane | Vanquish

Good game and thanks for good fight. I knew that our biggest enemy was ourselves and luckily we could play our best game in finals. Our origin alien round was almost perfect, everything went as planned.
And Gibbz you were wrong! I didnt get a single medpack!

20 April 2009, 22:44


Blank Keel

:D good news!

21 April 2009, 00:49


Blank GibbZ | 9L

You did at powercore Tane. I saw the flash. On metal however you didn't. That taken!

The post wasn't whine at all if that's how you percieve it.

Actually I never wanted to make a deal out of anything. It's more my reaction to Arj. He's an idiot and I like sorting idiots out by giving hard facts. I gave my reasoning and I take nothing away from the finns.

But please Tane, no lies, it wasn't a good fight at all.

Actually for the last 4-5 seasons, there have been no good finals. It's been rather sad. Either one team is much more practiced then the other or there is too big a skill gap. It's been rather disapointing infact.

21 April 2009, 02:57


Blank jiriki | old people

Well Flatline is back so more competition, yay.

But to be honest, real cure to that is a lot more teams and that is unexpected until NS2 release.

21 April 2009, 03:45


Blank frG | TROLLS

Gibbz, noone said that it was a whine post? You just have to comment on everything, so i was waiting for a post like that. If you thought i was flaming/trolling/whatever, you're wrong.

Anyway, I personally think S10 Finals was interesting at least (ns_veil).

21 April 2009, 04:07


Blank GibbZ | 9L

"There it is, was waiting for such a post.

Unlucky, once again. "

Sounds a bit... condescending.

However. Commenting on everything... I disagree. It's mainly Arj. He irriatates me, and so, I needed to Argue back.

21 April 2009, 07:24


Blank Snake | The Team

thanks zipps for this joke about your fades. i was laughing 2 mins. or it wasn't a joke and u really think that your fades are on top level? ridiculous.

21 April 2009, 09:31


Blank Tane | Vanquish

It was ammopack, will free to analyze the demos like I have. :o

21 April 2009, 12:02


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon


21 April 2009, 16:20


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Haha sublime.
But no!

And yes Snake. We have top level fades. Just not on form. Enigmatic, myself, and even Handschuh can all fade to a high level. It's a matter of being warmed up... having the practice. No fade can go into a finals on half an hours public and do well unless his team is going to carry him.

Still Tane, not taking anything away here, it was a skill-less kill ;).

21 April 2009, 16:28


Blank naduli | Exertus

does the server have autoban if you recycle base or call someone nigger?

21 April 2009, 17:32


Blank GibbZ | 9L

I wonder if Toothy will still be sitting in spec waiting for someone to spawncamp so he can report them :(

21 April 2009, 17:55


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots

gg for the winners, special mention of BM, they performed an epic return(without their epic legends).

21 April 2009, 20:22


Blank GibbZ | 9L

It was always between them and the Americans in my opinion. They have some decent players of which a lot have div 1 experience. However the newcomers did a great job and really got to grips with the game. Especially impressed with s4's alien!

21 April 2009, 21:03


Blank Bacillus | Quaxy

Ye, big credit to the SR guys for introducing new players to the league.

21 April 2009, 23:12


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns

Noobs down...

22 April 2009, 00:49


Blank Peacham | Saunamen

No meds for tane, at least hltv demo says that

22 April 2009, 01:31


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers


22 April 2009, 04:56

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