3.1 Release

***UPDATE: As of Monday, all clans will HAVE to play on 3.1***

Turns out sleeping with that German developer did do some good.

NS3.1 is being released tonight (Friday 11th November) at 9pm GMT / 10pm CET.

A changelog can be found here: Click!.

Although 3.1 took a long time coming, remember that there is no massive re-work of the game (as happened for 2.0).

How this affects the league:

As of Monday, you will be required to play on 3.1. Until then, you can play on 3.0 if BOTH clans agree to (otherwise you can play on 3.1). Just remember, those of us with 3.1 won't be able to spectate your 3.0 games!

General stuff:

- 3.1 comes as a 25Mb patch from 3.0, as well as a full install.
- Despite having randomised pellets, the SG has become the uber gun of ownage that it was in 2.0. Incredibly satisfying to use.
- Hand grenades means that no longer can skulks hide inside an RT!
- ns_altair is now an awesome map.
- Work has already begun on 3.2 =0
- Marine ninja run has been disabled =(
- No longer have to hold +duck to skulk bhop!
- Yes, +duck is still in the game- you don't have to use "ducktoggle".
sherpa on 11 November 05 16:59



Blank TaH

Marine ninja run has been disabled =(


12 November 2005, 02:23


Blank weezer


12 November 2005, 03:27


Blank Fana | Archaea

Shit they removed silent running -- now I'll never come back to NS. cheeZ and me fucking invented that. :(

12 November 2005, 04:15


Blank Nirgal


Silent bh is still possible, Nothing changed about it.

12 November 2005, 10:56


Blank frost

"- Work has already begun on 3.2 =0"

If your going to through that into the air, you should also have told people that due to occurences, best left untold, 3.2 may never happen.

12 November 2005, 15:09


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree


AFAIK the dev problem has been fixed; and 3.2 has been in the pipe-line for ages. According to Flayra's original schedule- 3.2 should have been released by now.

Granted, I don't know much about it other than those graphical additions.

12 November 2005, 16:25


Blank C11H17NO3

will veil and ecl get updated :>?

12 November 2005, 22:22


Blank vara

ben is not an oficial mapper, so the decison of leaving out new ec and veil revision was concious, LOL?

13 November 2005, 02:53


Blank Mike

I think ben did the actual veil/eclipse

13 November 2005, 03:40


Blank ben

err what

13 November 2005, 04:49


Blank weezer


13 November 2005, 05:03


Blank crt

3.1 sux. quitns ftw

13 November 2005, 23:46


Blank Iots | el'pheer

altair is still shit, tho the other maps changes are nice, now i can have weeks of breaks from ns and not die as a fade(that much). ITS SWEET!!

14 November 2005, 05:48


Blank Nirgal

/me loves ns_shiva.

14 November 2005, 09:33


Blank Mike

but you are noob

15 November 2005, 00:28


Blank frost

Fixed the CAL plugin to work on 3.1 yet?

And AMX randomly causes stupid amounts of CPU use on 3.1 too.

18 November 2005, 21:56

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