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"I'm sure many of you have been wondering where the EU NS community has gone and in our opinion it seems that there is now a big divide between 'Pubbers' and 'Clanners'. So this is a gaming network that will feature Leagues, Cups, Tournaments, Special Events, Interviews etc. to rejoin the NS community in the EU. Please visit and sign up onto our forums and get onto our mIRC channel ( #nsgn ) (guide of how to get on in the forums- if you dont already know). Lets make this a sucess and hopefully revive the EU NS community and clan scene."
sherpa on 25 November 05 00:22



Gb UnK-


25 November 2005, 00:26


Gb UnK-

irc chan is #nsgn if you would like to idle and support us

25 November 2005, 01:06


Ch email

hello what is a pubbers is this some kind of bald beer duder ? http://www.officeodyssey.com/images/pubber.gif

25 November 2005, 11:33


Ch email

ps bob says hi

25 November 2005, 11:34


Gb mu

fyi the average skill of NS players is down 300%

26 November 2005, 04:21


Se C11H17NO3


26 November 2005, 14:56


Fr SuiX

Page *** doesn't exist.

27 November 2005, 15:20


Ch email

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Gb UnK-

:/ website is under construction hold with it please :)

27 November 2005, 20:36

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