Tonight the ENSL final will finally take place, the frenchies #insane.ns are going to fight over the crazy europeans from #storm.eu

The last ENSL season opposed teams knife and lessthanthree, with a victory for the "<3" team (3-1) after an awsome match from each side. Let's hope this final would be at least as beautiful as the last which takes place 6 months ago.

Insane will certainly try to take a revenge from their close lose against storm during the season (3-1), and on the other side storm will aim the place of first european team, after a reagular season "only" so-so (2 defeats against saunamen and levitacus). That's impossible to sort a favorite for this match, both teams looked sometimes very strong and some others times making huges mistakes, moreover as all the players are engaged with their national team (the World cup of Natural Selection starts this weekend) they probably didnt train a lot recently. But dont misunderstand me, all the actors have already shown us they're probably the 12 bests in europe (the lasts actives at least..), and they might be overmotivated to win the ENSL season 2. Dont miss it !

The ip for the hltv will be : HLTV.NS-Fr.com:27020

The match will start around 21h / 9pm cet (and will probably be delayed for many minutes because of server or players, as usual in a match like this. Just be patient, the show will go on !)


The match didnt deceived anyone, after 3 CLOSES maps (tie on ns_veil and ns_tanith, tie-break on ns_origin) the storms finally beat up strongs insanes 4-2. To my mind the experience and huge self-control (!) of the storm commander b1 make the difference on 2 rounds where insane were awsomly close from victory. But they let these rounds flee and lose the match. I hope most of you enjoyed playing/watching this final, i wish you good holidays and see you for the next season in january/february.

p.s : DEMOS => ns_veil http://www.ns4all.fr/telechargement.php?id=35
ns_tanith (2nd round only) http://www.ns4all.fr/telechargement.php?id=37
ns_origin http://www.ns4all.fr/telechargement.php?id=36

note : "Telecharger" = "Download" in french

p.s² : Now it's time for the NationCup, dont forget to perform #nsworldcup and to check http://ns.beatboxation.com/forumns for informations.
FreeZe on 14 December 05 22:50



Blank lump

last round on origin was a bit mental, gg.

15 December 2005, 02:44


Blank pSyCh0

I saw the whole match, amazing Euro gameplay.

ps: btw its NS World Cup :)

15 December 2005, 03:12


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Missed origin, say veil and tanith. Amazed at storm's tactical versatility- b1 man of the match?! Though ray was fookin' hot as lerk.

I'll give appropriate brown-nosing to players and teams across the divisions after the play-offs.

Cassidy for Most Valuable Player 2005.

15 December 2005, 04:16


Blank xassidy

i agree

15 December 2005, 10:55


Blank tomes


15 December 2005, 11:04


Blank vara


16 December 2005, 19:48

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