Mumble 1.2 Upcoming


Mumble's bleeding next version (1.2) is going to have all kinds of nice features such as

  • Channel passwords
  • User comments
  • Better codec (CELT) and codec rates up to 128k
  • Temporary channels
  • More user-friendly menus
  • Overlay (shows who are talking) which is an old feature
  • Skins, an old feature too
  • I can also implement channel creation over the website
  • In the future, it might have video streaming. Now think if your NS looked like this!

In the current situation, a person who wants to play NS competitively will need to install like two packages of Ventrilo, maybe mumble and TS. Also versions need to changed between servers which breaks passwords. Having played some other multiplayer games, all these extra gimmicks may well be enough to put off new players.

In my opinion, anything we could do to have less steps to start playing competitively, should be encouraged. So it might be a good idea to unify all NS-related voicecom servers. A free program would be a lot better than a commercial one. Also Vent 2.1 is not developed anymore, which means, that people who have some audio problems (I know atleast some) with it, cannot expect to get a fix. It still works well but the current version maze is counter-productive, besides single voice come server would help people to find players for a mix or clan more easily.

The bleeding edge mumble (download) is currently installed on our server at

What do you think about the idea?

jiriki on 12 September 09 13:29



Blank Admirable | coolclan

Great program.

Great pic!

12 September 2009, 13:39


Blank M

I use mumble alot, but we still use 1.1.8

How stable is the new server ? Does it crash alot ?

Can you still connect with older client versions?

Does it have an autoupdate feature?

Isnt the unstable version updated every few days ?

12 September 2009, 18:35


Blank jiriki | old people

Okay maybe I have to correct myself, I don't think we should move to the bleeding edge version yet. But when 1.2 comes out, a big switch could be good.

I really haven't tested the new Mumble that much but by the looks of the features, its good. And audio voice quality was good too.

The 1.2 server is not reverse-compatible but 1.2 client has compatibility 1.8 client.

12 September 2009, 20:17


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Cutting edge!

13 September 2009, 19:23


Blank Fana | Archaea

Mumble is great, but bear in mind that some of us have ISP enforced restrictions on ports. I can only connect to voicecomm software on port 3784 (which is the default vent port) for instance.

13 September 2009, 20:52


Blank jiriki | old people

Well I could set up pot forwarding from port 3784, since if we switch to it, there's no need to keep ventrilo in it.

13 September 2009, 21:37


Blank Herrsheimer

Open source software is always better than propietary ones.

Nice to see ENSL will use Mumble!

13 September 2009, 22:44


Blank mentalist

seems to be a nice program, but there is one huge downside: IT DOESN'T SUPPORT WIN2000 FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

14 September 2009, 16:03


Blank frG | TROLLS

Sounds good, any eta on 1.2 ?

User comments ftw.

14 September 2009, 18:20


Blank Danny | Patphat

saba windows 2000 is 10 years old. Try XP, Vista or 7.

14 September 2009, 19:45


Blank mentalist

win2000 > *

15 September 2009, 07:43


Blank Arj | Ant

Good initiative

15 September 2009, 11:26


Blank RAWR

saba down! what a noob ...

15 September 2009, 15:22


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

I really hope saba is joking

15 September 2009, 18:39


Blank mentalist

win2000 is stable, safe, uses little resources and has evertything i need. i've been changing between xp and 2000 multiple times, but always went back to 2000. haven't tried vista and 7 yet, but i feel they'd need to much resources on my crappy old system.

it's just that i barely play games nowadays (other than ns), so i'm gonna buy a new pc when ns2 comes out and might install a diffrent os then ;)

so no, I'm not joking.



15 September 2009, 19:29


Blank frG | TROLLS

windows 2003 is just the thing for you then, even more stable.

Or what about windows 2008 ? (even more stable)

16 September 2009, 03:45


Blank jiriki | old people

I asked them, there's no ETA for 1.2 but they said they are not interested in supporting 1.8 forever.

We've used the cutting edge version in a few matches now. It works fine, and audio quality is great but there're occasional clicking sounds before someone transmits or distortion while talking. I don't know if the latter two are present in 1.8 or if it is caused by Speex noise cancellation mechanism.

Starting it up is easy, but settings menu and channel password interface has clearly been designed by an engineer. The wizards take care much of the stuff, but if you are new to mumble and want to - say disable the annoying sppech-to-talk messages - it takes a moment to find it.

I will probably do ENSL version of mumble with a custom skin, and pre-defined settings. So only thing people need to do is go through the audio wizard. Its rather easy, I just need to combine a registry file with the installer.

16 September 2009, 11:09


Blank Bacillus | Quaxy

I really like how low the delay is. Helps a lot while comming and yelling targets for example.

17 September 2009, 19:46


Blank IsoK | Anonym Anti Anti A.

Mumble shit

18 September 2009, 18:19


Blank lump

lol saba the caveman. UG UG UGH

20 September 2009, 08:18


Blank Dari

but, people have problems with vent, and there will be with mumble too.. oh noes!

23 November 2009, 22:37


Blank bend0rrr | NewStyleD Return

wh00t my phone supports multiple callers, why not do things that way ?

honestly, just test it out ts3 or mumble ftw

25 December 2009, 21:44

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